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PBS - Chapter 2109 - Wuyue Palace

"What's going on?"

The Nine Heavens Supreme felt their scalp turning numb.

Qin Nan, Zhuang Nan, Chen Shiyan, and other peak Nine Heavens Supremes felt a cold chill running down their spines too.

"Holy crap, someone has refined his whole body?" Master Chihao could not believe his eyes.

Their bodies were projected as a world on their own after being manipulated by the terrifying existence.

In other words, if someone was trying to refine the whole body, they must refine the other body parts too on top of their soul and will.

Most importantly, they had to refine everything at the same time!

Even experts in the early stage of the Master Realm would struggle to achieve such an impressive feat, let alone peak Nine Heavens Supremes!

"Hang on, his eyes still have blood whirlpools in them, which means he wasn't fully refined by anyone, yet it has shrunk and is moving on its own?"

"It's likely that the person refining his body and his own will are still having a showdown, but the former currently has the upper hand. The latter is unwilling to accept his defeat, so he's fighting back strongly, causing his corpse to react..."

Master Chihao blurted out after arriving at the conclusion, "Kid, leave my body at once. Its consciousness is in a frenzy!"

Even though the corpse of a Master of Dao without consciousness was only a tenth of its actual strength, not to mention the dead body was a lot weaker after losing its life force, but it was still in the Master Realm!

Besides, both of them used to be in the peak Master Realm when they were alive!

How terrifying would it be once the body went berserk?

However, the warning was a little late.


The corpse of the Master of Dao let out a deafening roar and stirred a great storm from the darkness. A series of explosions took place across the rift as the ground began to crack apart.

The corpse of the Master of Dao threw an insanely quick punch at everyone.

"Crap, everyone, we must work together against it!"

The cultivators were startled.

The punch looked normal on the surface, yet the strength and will it contained were too overwhelming. It seemed to possess the will of an entire world, strong enough to crush anything into pieces.

They would most likely die if they tried to fend off the attack alone.

Their only choice was to join hands.

"Dao Pattern!"

"Power of the seven fleshes, Immortal-Murdering Sword!"

"One with the soul, the Heaven Highness Slash!"

Qin Nan, Zhuang Nan, Chen Shiyan, and the Nine Heavens Supreme executed their strongest attacks without preserving their strength.

"Damn it, you're such a piece of trash to allow a Nine Heavens Supreme refine you so quickly!"

Master Chihao cursed. He performed a hand seal. The dim statue and the two mountains that had yet to be refined immediately unleashed tremendous glows.


Shocking explosions occurred as the rift was replaced with great chaos. The ground cracked further into hundreds of pieces too.

Qin Nan's Dao Pattern was knocked back into his body. A strong repulsive force sent him flying. Blood surged within his body as great pain filled his mind. Fresh blood leaked out from his lips.

The force alone had left him with some serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Nan, Chen Shiyan, and other peak Nine Heavens Supremes were in a similar situation too. The Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage were in a worse state. Their faces turned extremely pale.

It was only a single punch from the corpse of the Master of Dao.

Furthermore, it was against so many of them.

"Xiao Nanzi, are you alright?"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were worried.

"I'm fine," Qin Nan executed the Sky-Stride Blow and headed toward one of the whirlpools.


The Nine Heavens Supremes turned into rays of light upon collecting their thoughts.


The enormous corpse of the Master of Dao unleashed a tremendous blood glow through his eyes and destroyed everything in its path.

Qin Nan managed to react in time. He was the first to enter the whirlpools.

Zhuang Nan, Chen Shiyan, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes soon flew into the whirlpools. A few Nine Heavens Supremes who were seriously injured failed to escape in time and were crushed by the formidable force.

A few moments later, Qin Nan's group of three, Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and their men, Meng Langtian, and his men flew out from the whirlpools.

They immediately realized something was not right as soon as they landed on the ground. The sky above was full of cracks of different sizes.

They could still sense a variety of auras from the two corpses of the Master Realm through the cracks.

"Damn it, that son of a b**ch has damaged many parts of my body!" Master Chihao sounded displeased, even though the body was no longer his.

"Kid, don't stop, hurry up and leave this place. That assh**** will soon catch up!"

Master Chihao yelled as a thought crossed his mind, "Wuyue Palace has appeared outside. That son of a b**ch won't chase us there!"

A terrifying aura appeared as soon as he finished the sentence.

It was obvious that the corpse of the Master Realm was trying to tear through the whirlpools.

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat. He quickly transmitted a thought to Meng Langtian while he was flying toward the exit.

Qin Nan and the others were stunned when they arrived on the outside.

Nine Heavens Supremes were flying out of Master Chihao's corpse. Some were seriously injured. Others were in great panic.

Among them were Xiang Han and the others from the Shidao Tribe. Zheng Wuyuan, Han Qiuying, Cao Ling, and other Saints and Saintesses.

Amid the darkness in front of Master Chihao's corpse was a palace over a hundred thousand zhang tall. It had five floors and was emitting a faint glow and an ancient aura.

The entrance of the palace had carvings on it—Wuyue Palace.

In front of the entrance were Holy Monk Wangjin, Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Wanqing, and other Nine Heavens Supremes. Their clothes were rugged and they were covered in blood. They were in a miserable state.

However, these authorities could not care less about their images. They were performing hand seals to attack the entrance.

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