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PBS - Chapter 2117 - The Epic Battle

The people directed their gazes toward Qin Nan after noticing the difference of his cultivation.

"He has achieved the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm?" many were startled.

Qin Nan activated his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle and scanned the Nine Heavens Supremes.

Three Patriarchs retained their calm expressions. He was unable to tell their findings.

Supreme South World had a pale face. It seemed like things were not so smooth for him. Meanwhile, Zhuang Nan was constantly smiling. He had obviously benefited a lot.

As for Chen Shiyan, his aura had grown a lot stronger. He clearly had a breakthrough recently.

"Qin Nan, be honest with me, did you manage to venture deeper with the help of the brush?" Meng Langtian's voice appeared in his mind.

Qin Nan turned around and saw Xiang Han, Zheng Wuyuan, Han Qiuying, Cao Ling, and the others nodding at him, especially Zheng Wuyuan who was smiling calmly at him as if nothing had happened between them.

Qin Nan observed them briefly and noticed their auras were stronger too. They might have refined the Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower together in the end.

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"Yeah," Qin Nan nodded. He did not keep it a secret. He landed beside Meng Langtian.

"Damn it! Tell me, did you already know something wasn't normal about that brush? Say, aren't you being a little dishonest? You should actually call me uncle in terms of seniority. Why didn't you tell your uncle you have found something valuable..."

Meng Langtian grumbled with a twisted expression. Qin Nan's lips twisted. He completely ignored the man.

A while later, Holy Monk Wangjin stepped forward. He executed a secret art and transmitted his voice into everyone's Divine Sense, "Fellow cultivators, it's about time. Our disciples will now check if anyone is missing from the list."

"On the other hand, I've already discussed with Qianlong and Wanqing. In the upcoming battle, our enemy has the Master Void Bugs on their side, meaning that if we are to fight separately, it will only scatter our strength and result in more casualties."

"We believe it is necessary to form an alliance. We won't force you if you are unwilling, but I hope everyone can put their personal grudges aside and defeat our common enemy," Holy Monk Wangjin said.

Most of the Nine Heavens Supremes nodded in agreement after hearing his explanation.

Time gradually passed. The atmosphere on the field intensified. Everyone had a stern look on their face.

The Nine Heavens Supremes had begun to activate their Arts of Dao Seeking.

Their eyes were fixed on the entrance.

Finally, the seal on the gate broke into light dots.

The corpse of the Master of Dao let out a furious roar as if it could finally vent its frustrations after attacking the seal non-stop for three days and nights.

The Void Master Bugs surged through the entrance and invaded the field within an instant.

"Attack!" Holy Monk Wangjin commanded.

The Nine Heavens Supremes unleashed their auras and executed their moves.

The whole field shook vigorously as strong gusts of wind blew.

The Ancient Bodhi Temple, Extreme Living Gate, Ten Desires Sect, and other factions had around one to three peak Nine Heavens Supremes. These peak Nine Heavens Supremes and those in the Greater Success Stage were the first to engage the enemy. They spread out and charged at the wave of bugs.


The rest who were from other formations or were rogue cultivators followed the Nine Heavens Supremes.

One after another ancient formations were established, unleashing shocking power to crush the Void Master Bugs into pieces.

Even though they were unfamiliar with one another, they had no trouble setting up formations as Nine Heavens Supremes.

The ten formations in the middle moved closer to one another rapidly. They were clearing the path ahead like a peerless immortal sword.


Holy Monk Wangjin uttered the chant as he took the form of an ancient Buddha and engaged the corpse of the Master of Dao.

Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Wanqing, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes under their lead proceeded to execute their Dao Arts.

"Qin Nan, we didn't enjoy ourselves fully during our last battle. Should we have a little competition and see who can defeat the corpse first?" Chen Shiyan soared into the sky with an imperious aura.

"HAHA, if Brother Chen says so, how can I turn the challenge down?"

Qin Nan burst out laughing. The Divine Battle Spirit and the Dao Pattern emerged simultaneously.

Countless Dao Arts surged at the corpse of the Master of Dao like an unstoppable tide, resulting in a series of explosions. It was constantly knocked back despite its outstanding strength.

It was the plan that Holy Monk Wangjin and the others had derived. Some of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes would lead those in the Greater Success Stage to establish formations to fend off the Void Master Bugs. The rest of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes would focus on the corpse of the Master of Dao.

The corpse of the Master of Dao was enraged due to the tremendous pain it was suffering. The blood-red glow in its eyes grew stronger as the fingers on its right hand turned into ancient seals.

The sky over a few thousand li was distorted.

A terrifying force was accumulating, sending chills down the spines of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes.

"He has just recovered a part of his consciousness. We should cut his hands off to stop him from using his arts!"

Holy Monk Wangjin's eyes widened. He let out a roar and summoned a Bodhi Tree. Its branches turned into swords imbued with Bodhi force slashing at the corpse's shoulders.

Qin Nan and the others who immediately realized what was going on executed their attacks too.

The whole place was filled with endless explosions.

The corpse of the Master of Dao eventually found itself at a disadvantage. Even though its flesh was able to recover at an insane rate, its arms would be severely injured every time they recovered. It was struggling to move its fingers.

It was a lot weaker when it was unable to use its Dao Arts and Master Arts.

However, its physical strength alone was terrifying. Some of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes who failed to dodge its attacks in time were left with serious injuries.

Those who were weaker even died instantly.

"Princess, Bilan, stay on the outside, I'll attack its mind!" Qin Nan said.

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