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PBS - Chapter 2121 - Closing the Curtains

"How powerful!"

Chen Shiyan, Daoist Qianlong, and Supreme Wanqing who were fighting in the distance were startled. They stopped performing their hand seals when they were distracted.

The saber glow and the Bodhi palm crashed into one another, resulting in great chaos.

The Divine Sense shook vigorously as if it had just received a tremendous blow.

The situation lasted for more than fifty breaths before a blinding saber glow pierced through the chaos and soared into the sky.

The ancient Buddhas and warrior attendants dissipated.

Holy Monk Wangjin who was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed shuddered. Golden blood leaked out of his lips. His face turned pale as his aura weakened significantly.

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In addition to it, the staff emitting a black light under him stopped glowing. It eventually vanished too.

The Divine Sense underwent shocking changes. A strong aura of death spread toward the surroundings rapidly. The gray ocean withdrew at a shocking pace too.

He had lost the battle!

His plan was ruined too!

The battle only lasted for eight hundred and seventy-one breaths.

"Qin Nan, you..."

Holy Monk Wangjin glared at Qin Nan. His eyes were surprisingly showing a wisp of murderous intent.

A vicious aura rose in his heart.

It was not a good sign for a monk in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm to display his murderous intent.

However, Holy Monk Wangjin was a Patriarch after all. He soon calmed his murderous intent and aura.

"The reincarnation of Zhou Xiao is no ordinary person indeed. However, Qin Nan, there's still a long way ahead. Hopefully, your saber intent will retain its sharpness," Holy Monk Wangjin said coldly.

He turned into a ray of light and flew out of the Divine Sense.

He still had some trump cards available, but the Divine Sense was about to collapse. He would be stuck in it forever if he did not leave in time.

Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing stopped fighting too. They had actually benefited from the battle.

Apart from the benefits that Holy Monk Wangjin promised them, they had also learned Qin Nan's true strength.

"Qin Nan, I don't think I've lost. I can easily trap them for a thousand breaths if the fight continues on!" Chen Shiyan approached Qin Nan.

"Indeed, Cultivator Chen, thanks for your help!" Qin Nan said with a smile.

He had expended a lot of energy to execute the slash, yet he was oddly in a great mood.

"Don't sweat it, I have my reasons too! Our adventure here at the Land of the Duo is coming to an end. I won't be seeing you too soon. I hope we can fight again when the flowers of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossom!" Chen Shiyan looked into Qin Nan's eyes.

"Of course, I'm ready whenever you are!"

The two left the Divine Sense.

The people on the outside were completely unaware of the things that happened in the Divine Sense. A few moments later, the Divine Sense of the corpse was completely sealed up.

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However, it only weakened the corpse significantly instead of stopping it. The urge to kill had already merged with its limbs and its body.

Half an hour later, the enormous corpse finally fell to the ground.

The Void Master Bugs also left after losing their source of energy.

"We won!"

"HAHA, I just killed a Master Realm expert!"

"No way, I was the one that dealt the finishing blow!"

Cheers and laughters followed. A whirlpool appeared above everyone and swiftly dragged them into it.

The Land of the Duo had closed its curtains!

A few moments later, Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and Jiang Bilan appeared on a deserted mountain. It was very likely that the young man with white hair had purposely arranged it.

The whirlpool was meant to bring each of them to a random location when they left the Land of the Duo.

"Princess, Bilan, go ahead and activate the badge to visit that senior," Qin Nan smiled. "I'll wait for you here when you are almost done."

Princess Miao Miao frowned, "What about you? Zhuang Nan and the others are still hunting you. Supreme South World can track your location too. Why don't I ask him to let you stay too?"

Jiang Bilan was also staring at him with a clear intention.

"Don't you worry, it won't be easy for Zhuang Nan and the others to kill me now. Besides, that senior won't agree either. I also have something in mind," Qin Nan shook his head and said.

He was referring to the blood orb in his dantian.

As he was fighting Holy Monk Wangjin, he realized the blood orb contained immeasurable power that strengthened his saber intent significantly.

The blood orb had only accumulated the power of the lineage of a few Nine Heavens Supremes in the early stage.

What if he could collect the power of lineage of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes or the Saints and Saintesses of the renowned clans? How powerful would it be?

Princess Miao Miao twisted her lips. She was obviously not happy.

She grumbled to Qin Nan for a while before activating the badges and disappeared.

"Phew, I'll be alone for the next few months," Qin Nan let out a long sigh.

He did not enjoy being alone. He knew if he asked, Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan would stay without any hesitation, but that would be too selfish.

"Let's leave this place and see where I should go."

Qin Nan flew into the distance. A few moments later, a badge in his storage bag started glowing.

Qin Nan was startled following a quick glance.

A message from Supreme Chang Xiao?

Qin Nan heard a familiar voice when he checked it, "Qin Nan, why didn't you tell me you went to the Land of hte Duo? I shall teach you a lesson!"

"There's another thing, after Supreme Huanglei left the Land of the Duo, a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage came to us. He said he has something important to tell you. He even swore an oath to prove to us it wasn't a lie."

"If you want to meet him, just perform this hand seal. Huanglei and the others will come looking for you."

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