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PBS - Chapter 2123 - The Land to the West

Qin Nan descended from the sky and landed on the top of a huge mountain.

He looked into the distance ahead with an expressionless face.

The strong wind blew at his hair and his robe.

Some time later, Qin Nan placed his attention on the red string on his wrist.

When he helped Empress Feiyue to overcome the Tribulation of Three Lifetimes, the other two artifacts were destroyed, but the red string was still on his wrist for some reason.

Since he ascended to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, Empress Feiyue had been watching him through the red string. Qin Nan would also contact her with it if he had any trouble.

"Copper mirror, where are you? I met a mysterious man in the Land of the Duo. He told me the reason why I'm both the reincarnation of Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue."

Qin Nan transmitted a message through the red string.

There was no response. Qin Nan waited patiently.

He suddenly recalled the first time he met the copper mirror and the first time he grilled fish for her.

His thoughts eventually stopped at his last meeting with the copper mirror before he entered the Dao Seeking Land.

The copper mirror suddenly showed up and helped him overcome the danger he was in with her outstanding strength. Rudao then brought him to a mysterious space. The copper mirror returned after some time, yet her face was extremely pale and her dress was covered in blood.

"Copper mirror, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, it's not my blood. It's the Ancient Taboo's."

"What price do you need to pay for using your art?"

"I've already overcome the Tribulation of Three Lifetimes once, so there won't be any Tribulation of Ten Lifetimes. It will only reduce my lifespan by a little," she said calmly before switching the topic.

She did not tell Qin Nan the truth. She was planning to bear everything herself.

Time gradually passed. There was still no response from the red string after three hours.

Empress Feiyue might be extremely cold to him and would usually ignore him, she would never remain silent when he was telling her something that was related to his past lives. Empress Feiyue would definitely ask him for more information.

The fact that she did not respond indicated she was busy making the arrangements to break through to the Ruler Realm.

She was so focused that she did not have time for other matters.

"Hehe, oh copper mirror, you wanted to bear everything yourself by not telling me the truth, but I won't let it happen this time!" Qin Nan grinned.

He had made up his mind.

He still had a trump card he had never used before, the Seal of the Divine God of Battle.

When he activated the seal, the First Immortal would return to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and kill every Master of Dao in his way.

He could only use the seal once. It would become useless after that.

But did it matter?

He would not hesitate to pay any price to help the copper mirror achieve the Ruler Realm.

"But what should I do? Should I use the seal now and let the First Immortal handle everything?" Qin Nan frowned. He soon decided against it.

It had been three months since the copper mirror used the Art of Ten Lifetimes, meaning there were nine months left.

It was too early to summon the First Immortal now.

Besides, the Divine God of Battle and the First Immortal mentioned they would only lend him a hand when he activated the seal while he was in danger.

What if he summoned the First Immortal and he was unwilling to do him the favor?

It was very likely that would happen!

"I remember someone told me that the Masters of Dao can only achieve the Ruler Realm at the end of the First Immortal Realm, the Battlefield of Aeon."

"The copper mirror must be preparing herself there."

"My best option is to leave the Dao Seeking Land and head to the Battlefield of Aeon to stay by her side!" Qin Nan murmured. He frowned again.

Everyone knew that the only way to leave the Dao Seeking Land was either spending ten years in it or achieving the Master Realm.

He obviously could not achieve either of the conditions right now.

Was there any other way?

"Leaving this place...the Battlefield of Aeon..."

Qin Nan murmured. Somehow, he felt there was a connection between the two.

"Hang on, didn't the woman mention the west of the Dao Seeking Land is in a chaotic state? There are rumors that I can reach the Battlefield of Aeon by crossing it?"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered. He immediately flew to the west without any hesitation.

He completely disregarded the fact that the place was extremely dangerous, where countless Nine Heavens Supremes had never returned after visiting it.

Five days later...

More than twenty figures were flying into the distance like swords. They were none other than Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and their men.

They kept following Qin Nan around like leeches.

Supreme South World suddenly came to a stop. He was in disbelief. Zhuang Nan came over to him and asked, "What's wrong?"

Supreme South World said, "Qin Nan is about to enter the Westernmost Land at this rate!"

Zhuang Nan was startled. He blurted out in shock, "Holy crap, is he out of his mind?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes were startled too. They were a little hesitant.

They would chase after Qin Nan fearlessly no matter where he went, yet the Westernmost Land was definitely an exception!

Zhuang Nan calmed his thoughts and said, "Let's give up on the chase for now. If he really enters the Westernmost Land, there's no way we can follow him. Let's stop here and see what he's up to."

The rest of the group let out a relieved sigh. They landed on the ground and began digging the caves to make a resting spot.

"South World, have you been making any progress? Did you master Qin Nan's extraordinary path of cultivation?" Zhuang Nan looked at Supreme South World and asked.

"I've only mastered a third of it. I will need some time to master half of it," Supreme South World shook his head. Mastering half of it would be his limit.

He was unable to completely steal a person's cultivation.

"Half of it? That's more than enough. We can't afford to underestimate Qin Nan's strength. The two of us must be strong enough to take him down."


Zhuang Nan watched Supreme South World leave for the cave. He wore a weird grin briefly and soon reclaimed his calm expression.

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