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PBS - Chapter 2124 - Another Use of the Seal

Three days later...

Qin Nan appeared from the rift.

Ahead of him was a spacious sea with strange black water. Several towering trees with odd shapes that were thousands of zhang tall grew out of the water. Their branches were extended into the surroundings.

A faint chill was running down Qin Nan's spine.

"This Westernmost Land is no ordinary place indeed!"

Qin Nan gathered his focus. He activated the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking as he approached the trees.

The moment he reached the sea, ghastly cries echoed in his ears as wisps of invisible auras were entering his body.

The mysterious auras were accompanied by shocking hatred and negative thoughts. They were trying to invade his dantian, Divine Sense, and limbs like venomous snakes.

"The auras are already so strong when I'm only at the outer circle. The auras would only become stronger as I venture further. Even peak Nine Heavens Supremes have to unleash the full potential of their Art of Dao Seeking to defend themselves," Qin Nan murmured.

The mysterious auras were most likely one of the greatest challenges the cultivators faced when they came to the Westernmost Land.

After all, not only would they expend a lot of supreme force just to unleash the full potential of their Art of Dao Seeking, they would also be distracted if they were in danger. They would struggle to fend off the mysterious auras, giving them an opening to invade their bodies. They would no longer be able to defend themselves eventually.

Qin Nan was just about to drive the mysterious auras out of his body when something shocking took place.

The Nine Dragons Seal in his soul seemed to be disgusted by the presence of the auras. It emitted a glow and cleansed the mysterious auras inside his body.

On top of it, the mysterious auras no longer dared to approach him like they had encountered some intimidating presence.

"What exactly is this for?" Qin Nan was confused.

The Nine Dragons Seal had absorbed the energy of Master Chihao's soul not long ago, and now it was able to suppress the mysterious auras. The two uses were not even relevant.

The Nine Dragons Seal shuddered as if it was aware of Qin Nan's thoughts and was trying to say, "You imbecile will never understand my full capabilities."

Qin Nan twisted his lips. He would not be surprised if a person suddenly appeared from the seal.

"Forget it," Qin Nan did not want to waste his time on it.

Either way, the Nine Dragons Seal had solved a huge problem for him.

Qin Nan continued forward. As he ventured deeper, he realized the Nine Dragons Seal did not only stop the mysterious auras from penetrating his body.

He had yet to encounter any danger or traps so far, except for some frenzied beasts that attacked him.

That being said, he was currently in the Westernmost Land, the place where countless cultivators had failed to return from, the place full of all kinds of successions and fortunate encounters.

Why would there only be a few beasts in a place like this?

Qin Nan believed the traps and danger were related to the mysterious auras, but they did not dare to provoke him because of the Nine Dragons Seal.

If the princess was here, she would be overjoyed.

Qin Nan thought when he put a fruit with golden runes which he had plucked from a blood-red tree into his storage bag.

He seemed to understand why so many Nine Heavens Supremes insisted to come to this place despite the risks involved.

There were too many valuables here.

He had found at least thirty kinds of resources, each containing a shocking amount of energy.

However, the only downside was, he had already reached the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, thus refining them would not bring him any benefits.

Time gradually passed. A day later...

Qin Nan had the most boring adventure in the place where most Nine Heavens Supremes considered as the most dangerous in the Dao-Seeking Land. He was simply looting the valuables.

"I should have reached the middle by now," Qin Nan slowed down his pace. The water ahead was dark red like it was mixed with an insane amount of blood. Most importantly, the trees had strange runes on them too.

Qin Nan took a quick glance and discovered some strange energy deep in the trees.

However, the trees did not dare to put up a fight either. Qin Nan was able to destroy them with a single punch.

Qin Nan shrugged and picked up his pace.

Some time later, Qin Nan frowned as he came to a stop.

The water below him turned restless as a ghastly aura approached from all directions like a web, leaving him with no escape.

"Tsk tsk, I've finally found a living person!"

"I'm going to eat his heart. Whoever dares to take it will have to fight me first!"

"Who cares? Bring it on!"

A few hoarse voices appeared and were arguing with one another. They finally stopped arguing as if they had reached an agreement. Six figures came out of the water.

Qin Nan looked at them. His eyes flickered with astonishment.

Among the six figures, two of them were peak Nine Heavens Supremes while the rest were in the Greater Success Stage. The four in the Greater Success Stage were skeletons covered in black runes. They had sharp fangs with a red glow in their eyes.

As for the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes, half of their bodies were made of flesh, and the other half consisted of bones. They too were covered in black lines. They looked strange and ugly.

Qin Nan was extremely curious, but he did not ask about their appearance. He said with a grin, "Are you trying to pick on me?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme whose eyes had yet to turn completely red chuckled, "Are you seriously asking us that? Don't worry, you won't die, you will only become one of us!"

The six figures unleashed their auras following the sentence.

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