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PBS - Chapter 2131 - Abusing the Numbers?

"Such a strong power of lineages!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with surprise following a quick glance.

The three dragon-shaped orbs contained a few dozen lineages. It was very likely they contained the power of the lineages of the seven Heaven Highness Clans too.

Qin Nan immediately executed a Dao Art as he made his move.

The Nine Heavens Blood Dragon Pond tried to resist. Countless runes appeared around it.

It took Qin Nan over a hundred breaths to overwhelm the runes and claim the three dragon-shaped orbs.

When he left the thick mist, he transmitted his voice to Xu Ruchen, "I'll be taking the succession here. You and the others can take the other two."

Xu Ruchen was curious, "That won't be a problem...but, who are you exactly?"

Qin Nan shrugged and said, "You heard it too. I'm the reincarnation of Zhou Xiao, the son of a Supreme Highness."

"Zhou Xiao? Is your father Zhou Di?"

"My father is Qin Tian. Zhou Di is only the father of my previous life," the two left. They completely ignored the others around them. Lin Chenli, Zhang Yue'er, and the old man twisted their lips.

"Are you two planning to leave just like that?" Lin Chenli had backed away from the mist. His eyes were releasing strong energy to encapsulate Qin Nan and Xu Ruchen as he spoke coldly.

Zhang Yue'er and the old man stood on both sides to surround them.

"Oh? What do you want?" Qin Nan smiled.

They were not idiots. They must have some plan in mind if they dared to provoke him and Xu Ruchen after knowing their strength.

However, it did not bother Qin Nan.

"It's simple, hand over what you found and tell us how you are able to pass through the gray mist and we'll spare your lives. Otherwise, you shall suffer the consequences," Lin Chenli's eyes flickered with murderous intent.

Qin Nan did not waste any time further. His right hand immediately transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

He was not planning to pick on them, yet they had taken the initiative to trouble him instead.

"Do it!" Lin Chenli groaned when he saw Qin Nan's reaction. He performed an ancient seal and constructed a powerful formation with the energy from his seven eyes.

Zhang Yue'er immediately executed a secret art of the Chizha Tribe. The old man also took out an ancient sword and thrust forward. 

"The Great Illusionary World!"

Qin Nan slashed forward and trapped the three in layers of illusions.

"Art of Heaven Reincarnation!"

He then fired wisps of reincarnation will at them.

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Xu Ruchen also displayed his outstanding strength. He absorbed formidable auras from the rift into his body to grant his flesh a great power like it was an ancient artifact.

A series of explosions took place.

Terrifying gusts swept across the place.

The difference in strength was obvious when the battle only went on for fifty breaths. Qin Nan and Xu Ruchen had secured the upper hand.

Besides, Qin Nan was using it as a chance to practice his Dao Arts instead of using his killing blows.

After all, their enemy was not on the same level as them.

"Qin Nan, you are strong indeed, and you have yet to use your extraordinary path of cultivation! To be honest, even if Yue'er and I fight you with all our strength, we are still no match against you," Lin Chenli exclaimed.

"However, two fists will always struggle against four hands. You are going to pay for your arrogance today!"

Thirteen formidable auras approached them rapidly as he finished the sentence. Ten of them belonged to peak Nine Heavens Supremes, while the rest were Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage.

"Mm? So many of them?" Qin Nan was a little surprised.

Xu Ruchen remained expressionless as he transmitted a thought. 

However, Lin Chenli assumed the surprise in Qin Nan's eyes was fear. He was pleased with the outcome.

The three of them had decided to tell the others about the place.

The reincarnation of a Supreme Highness' son?

A person who mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation?

What difference would it make?

The three of them might not stand a chance against him, but how could they possibly lose if they had another thirteen people on their side?

"It's Qin Nan!"

"It's really him!"

"I didn't expect to stumble into him here!"

The thirteen cultivators had arrived. Most of them were from ancient tribes, but there were rogue cultivators among them too. They were surprised to see Qin Nan.

Qin Nan was already a great opportunity for them, not to mention the fortunate encounter he had just claimed. They would benefit greatly if they could take Qin Nan down.

"Everyone, make sure you don't kill Qin Nan later in the fight. Otherwise, we won't be getting as many benefits as we want," Lin Chenli told the others.

"Got it!"

The thirteen cultivators nodded and joined the battle.

The tables were turned instantly. Qin Nan and Xu Ruchen soon found themselves in a pinch after being bombarded with Dao Arts.

"Dao Pattern!"

Qin Nan had to use his extraordinary path of cultivation too.

However, it was just as Lin Chenli had mentioned. Two fists would struggle to fend off four hands. Even the outstanding Dao Pattern was having difficulties turning the tables around.

"Qin Nan, Xu Ruchen, enough with your struggles, it's pointless! If you don't want to suffer and prefer a quick death, stop resisting at once," Lin Chenli said.

"Cultivator Lin, do you really think you have won? If you can find a backup, why are you so sure that we don't have a backup too?" Qin Nan said.

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Lin Chenli, Zhang Yue'er, and the others were startled.

"Huh, stop embarrassing yourself with such a petty trick. Do you think I can be scared so easily?" Lin Chenli scoffed.

He did not believe Qin Nan was the same as them who left his group to claim the fortunate encounter for himself.

However, a huge roar came from the distance, "Who dares to pick on Cultivator Qin Nan? Prepare to face my wrath!"

A huge aura approached them at a shocking pace.

Lin Chenli, Zhang Yue'er, and the rest of their crew were dumbfounded. Did he really have backup?

However, they soon noticed something out of place.

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