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PBS - Chapter 2168 - The Ten Blood Moons

Meanwhile, the seventh forbidden area...

The vast Heavens and Earth had fallen into endless explosions.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness thoroughly displayed the strength of a Heaven Highness to the world. In less than ten breaths, boundless darkness had devoured half of the Supreme Haotian Badge like the mouth of an enormous beast. It had lost its imperiousness as its brilliance fell significantly.

At the same time, the people also noticed Empress Feiyue's outstanding talents. Normally, the Tribulation of the Ruler Realm would only have around ten layers, but her Tribulation had a total of thirty-three layers.

In addition to it, she was overcoming the Tribulation at a remarkable pace. She had broken through three layers of the Tribulation in the blink of an eye!

Meanwhile, the white mist shrouding the sky had turned into ancient dragons. They were diving into Qin Nan's body at an insane rate as he began to refine the Undying Cycle Mountain!

The Supreme Haotian Badge suddenly let out a furious roar. Its enormous figure and golden light shrunk rapidly. Every time they shrunk, a purple flicker would appear.

"It's going to sacrifice itself!"

The Rulers of Dao were startled.

"Supreme Haotian, turning the Great Dao into the void!"

The Supreme Haotian Badge soon ceased to exist. It was replaced by a purple glow around the size of a fist with spectacular runes around it.

It completely shattered into pieces as deafening roars echoed in the sky.

The sky across the boundary of the seventh forbidden area cracked apart as massive statues descended upon the ground like mountains.

There were nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine of them in total!


The darkness that infiltrated the forbidden area suddenly vanished like it was suffering from the wrath of the Heavens. The mysterious existences which set foot into the forbidden area groaned in pain and were sent flying too.

The blasts were unusually powerful.


The Rulers of Dao of the various factions were overjoyed.

They had felt the pressure in their minds being lifted.

The Supreme Haotian Badge was gone, so was the Battle of the Masters!

Part of the oath they had sworn was no longer valid too.

It meant the Rulers of Dao were not able to interfere with the seventh forbidden area.

"Quick, break through the formations!"

"We can't let Empress Feiyue achieve the Ruler Realm!"

The Rulers of Dao wore murderous looks.

They were not worried about Qin Nan refining the Undying Cycle Mountain. They were confident that they could still defeat Qin Nan and claim the Undying Cycle Mountain.

However, Empress Feiyue's strength was simply too terrifying for them!

Even though Eternal Night Heaven Highness was on their side too, there might be a lot of uncertainties if Empress Feiyue successfully achieved the Ruler Realm and teamed up with Bai Zhognsheng.

"HAHAHA, splendid!"

Ancient Taboo who was hiding in the distance burst out laughing.

Seeing the circumstances, it no longer mattered if Bai Zhongsheng had some other contingency plans. They would still suffer great losses. They might even be taken out by Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the rest.

As for Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others, what could they possibly achieve even if they managed to take down Qin Nan?

They would only fight among themselves and suffered great losses too.

The Ancient Taboo soon cleared its thoughts. It stepped out of the darkness as it prepared to make its move.

"Little Ancient, why did you come so late?"

Bai Zhongsheng who had disappeared showed up in the forbidden area again. He fixed his gaze on the Ancient Taboo and smiled.

"Little Ancient? Bai Zhongsheng, your time is up. Today will be the death of you and Zhou Di!"

The Ancient Taboo unleashed a terrifying aura. Two incomplete skeletons appeared behind it. Their auras were equivalent to the Ruler Realm.

"Hey? Why are you so fierce? It's been a while since we two old friends last met. I've even prepared a huge gift for you," Bai Zhongsheng said with disappointment.

"Cut your crap!" the Ancient Taboo yelled coldly.

Bai Zhongsheng shrugged. He took out the book of scriptures again.

Meanwhile, Eternal Night Heaven Highness was taking the lead to break through the barrier around the seventh forbidden area. It was like an ancient deity unleashing its wrath upon the area. The statues filled with cracks were on the verge of breaking apart.

Once the statues fell, almost half of the seventh forbidden area would disappear. 

Bai Zhongsheng did not seem to be worried. He glanced at the Rulers of Dao before staring at Eternal Night Heaven Highness. He began to utter a poem.

Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, and the authorities who were watching the battle behind the scenes were startled too.

They thought Bai Zhongsheng was going to bring up his contingency plan, yet he was uttering a poem instead.

"Do you know the meaning of the poem?" Bai Zhongsheng asked with a smile. He suddenly blurted out as if he remembered something, "I almost forgot, none of you pursue the path of Buddhism, so you wouldn't know its meaning. It's very simple..."

"Cang is about to return."

The whole place fell silent.

Every authority's eyes widened. Even Eternal Night Heaven Highness's wrist shook a little. 

The Ancient Taboo almost bit its tongue. It yelled, "Bai Zhongsheng, are you still trying to provoke and humiliate me? Enough with your nonsense, my master's brilliance will soon return!"

It had purposely said so to obscure the facts. 

However, it was utterly surprised.

How did Bai Zhongsheng know it?

"That's right, Cang is coming back!"

Bai Zhongsheng's grin widened, "Two years from now, the thirty-second Small Immortal Realm will have ten blood moons in the sky. Many artifacts, fortunate encounters, and successions will emerge too, resulting in great chaos. In the end, when the light of the moons gather and shine upon the cultivators, Cang will be reincarnated."

"(Sigh), my master foresight is just too impressive. He already knew he couldn't kill Cang completely in the battle, so he has built a Dao Monument on the Undying Cycle Mountain prior to the battle..." 

"So, Little Ancient, did I say anything wrong?"

"Seriously, why are you hiding something that we all should celebrate together?"

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