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PBS - Chapter 2171 - Root-Transforming Dragon

Thousands of rare phenomena occurred between the chaotic Heavens and Earth. Nine figures emerged behind Empress Feiyue as a mystical transformation was taking place.

The life force inside her body was no longer being drained away. New life force was rising instead.

The others had stopped putting their attention on Empress Feiyue when the battle took place, but she had reclaimed the limelight.

"Damn it, Empress Feiyue has successfully achieved the Ruler Realm!"

The faces of the Rulers of Dao from different factions darkened.

The transformations in Empress Feiyue's body soon ended. Her aura had grown to a terrifying state.


She turned into a blue ray of light and joined the battle without any hesitation.


A series of explosions took place across the Northern Battlefield.


The Masters of Dao who were trapped in the battlefield felt their bones shivering. They immediately executed forbidden arts at the cost of their life span to flee for their lives.

"We should go too!" Moxie said and unleashed a demonic aura.

Around ten breaths later, the whole seventh forbidden area except for the area Qin Nan was in was destroyed by a formidable force.

The other forbidden areas nearby received a tremendous blow too. Their will, deadly traps, and fortunate encounters were destroyed too.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness who was controlling the darkness activated the natal artifacts which he had refined with the souls of Heaven Highnesses.

The Rulers of Dao of the formidable factions also used everything they had to construct huge formations.

However, they soon trembled in fear.

The Army of Eternity began to display its outstanding strength. Xiao Lang, Gu Zhen, and the rest of the captains led the Rulers of Dao under their command and charged into the formations with perfect synergy. 

They were unstoppable not because they were from the same faction or clan, but they were an army.

Zhou Di was the general of the army, which meant Qin Nan was also their general despite being a Nine Heavens Supreme.

Their will, hearts, and minds had already merged into one, let it be glory or death!

As time gradually passed, Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the other factions found themselves in an unfavorable situation. They were under great pressure as the will of the army pressed onto them as if the sky was falling on them.

"We must capture their leader first!" Eternal Night Heaven Highness was not going to give up so easily. The darkness in his eyes started spinning like a vortex.

The Rules of Darkness was formless. It could destroy the flesh and the soul of a cultivator!

"A mere Heaven Highness dares to harm our lord?" the Army of Eternity's voice echoed across the sky. 

"Hammers of Destruction, come to me at once!" the first captain, Xiao Lang, who was ranked in the top ten on the Boulder of Heaven Highnesses in the past shouted.


Following a deafening blast, a pair of pitch-black hammers covered in runes which were in deep slumber somewhere tore through the rift and descended from the sky.

When Xiao Lang grabbed the hammers, they immediately turned golden with blood-red lightning flickering around them. A shocking destructive aura burst out from them.

Following the hammers, a lot of noises kept coming from the sky too.

Peerless swords and sabers, and other kinds of artifacts appeared from the rift and fell into the hands of the soldiers with mystical glows.

Since the battle in the past, Bai Zhongsheng had been collecting their will through the Undying Cycle Mountain and turned them into heroic spirits. Their artifacts were scattered across the Battlefield of Aeon.

These artifacts had responded when they returned.


Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the Rulers of Dao were startled.


Terrifying Rules, deadly arts, and powerful formations poured down at them like a great calamity.

It was as if they were going to destroy them with the Northern Battlefield.

A Ruler of Dao in the Greater Success Stage, and two peak Rulers of Dao vomited blood after receiving a great blow from the attacks.

Half of the darkness looming above the ground was shattered by a destructive force too. Eternal Night Heaven Highness' face turned pale. He was struggling to fend off the attacks, let alone killing Qin Nan.

"They are only spirits. They will soon reach their limits. There's no point fighting them now. We must go!"

The authorities of the formidable factions began to hesitate, especially those who had sustained serious injuries. They proceeded to execute forbidden arts and flee for their lives.

"A bunch of cowards!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was enraged. He was wearing a dark face too.

Did he really lose the battle?

Did he seriously lose to a bunch of fallen soldiers?

If he escaped now, how could he possibly retain his reputation as the strongest cultivator?

"Bai Zhongsheng, I will spare your life for today!" Eternal Night Heaven Highness clenched his teeth and withdrew the darkness around him before leaving with the Rulers of Dao of the Eternal Night Immortal Island.

He had made up his mind. Once these spirits were gone, he would behead Qin Nan after claiming his memories and possessions and hung his head on his island to get his revenge.

"Do you think you can run away from the Army of Eternity?"

Xiao Lang, Gu Zhen, and the rest of the figures grinned coldly.

"Come, the Root-Transforming Dragon!"

They were on the move once again. They performed a series of mystical hand seals.

Blinding light rays rose into the sky and combined at a point. The Army of Eternity turned into an enormous dragon with ghastly fangs. Its light and aura surged across the battlefield.

Everything else lost its brilliance.

Qin Nan appeared above the dragon's head and faced the chaos before him.


The dragon's roar echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

"Come with me to take on the Nine Heavens!"

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