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PBS - Chapter 2173 - No Regret

The battle had come to an end.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness who was regarded the strongest cultivator over the past ten thousand years had gone missing.

The Root-Transforming Dragon which the Army of Eternity transformed into disappeared into the rift.

The authorities of various factions finally collected their thoughts after a prolonged silence. They immediately transmitted messages to have an emergency discussion with their factions.

"Normally, a heroic spirit will be gone in three days after they are summoned, but we have no clue how long the Army of Eternity will be around. We can't afford to provoke them for the time being. We must also prepare for battle and team up with the other factions. Otherwise, we will end up like Eternal Night Heaven Highness."

"I believe we should avoid them not only for the time being, but we must be extremely cautious around them in the future too!"

"Yeah, even if the spirits are gone, we still have to face Empress Feiyue and Bai Zhongsheng. I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain how unstoppable they are."

"If we tried to take them on without waiting for a perfect opportunity, both sides are surely going to suffer great losses!"

"Either way, we have to capture Qin Nan! Empress Feiyue and Bai Zhongsheng might be on his side, not to mention he had also refined the Undying Cycle Mountain and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, but he is only a peak Nine Heavens Supreme. He still has to visit the Dao Seeking Land to achieve the Master Realm."

"That might be our chance, but don't you forget that he's the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness who has fully awakened. No one in the same cultivation level will stand a chance against him!

"That's right, we have to join hands with other factions. We should contact the Heaven Highness Clans and Supreme Daoism factions at once!"

"Cang will also be reincarnated in two years. We should send our men to the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm too! The Ancient Taboo must be prepared. I doubt we'll find any clues, but we should still keep an eye on it!"

"Two Supreme Highnesses have returned at the same time. They were one another's nemesis too. There must be a reason behind it. It's very likely that it has something to do with the Heavens! Otherwise, it might be our chance to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm!" 

"If two Supreme Highnesses have returned, does it mean the other two Supreme Highnesses aren't dead either? Is there a chance they might be reincarnated too?"

The other factions had no intention to give up after witnessing the fall of the Eternal Night Immortal Island. They were preying on Qin Nan like venomous snakes.

Ever since the battle in the past, their era had declined rapidly. The reincarnation of the Supreme Highnesses was the opportunity they had all been waiting for. 

However, not every faction was harboring evil intentions. 

The Zheng Clan, Han Clan, Mumen Sect, and Shidao Tribe had some other plans in mind. They were not going to harm Qin Nan until something was done.

On the other hand, the alliance between the Sky Taihuang Sect, the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, and the Sanqing Ancient Sect had a huge fight too.

In the past few years, Zhou Di's reincarnation had left, so did Empress Feiyue. Heavenly Master Shehuang also died in the battle, resulting in a great loss for the Sky Taihuang Sect. They were second doubting their decision to side with Qin Nan.

On the other hand, the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect and the Sanqing Ancient Sect insisted to target Qin Nan. After all, he had yet to reclaim his strength and the time had changed. If they chose to side with Qin Nan, they would be going against the world.

Conspiracies, guesses, and plans were in motion.

At the same time, the battles that took place at the Battlefield of Aeon and the Eternal Night Immortal Island were spread wildly in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

The formidable factions tried to hide the truth, yet the fall of the Eternal Night Immortal Island had attracted too much attention.

On this day, many Earth Immortals, Heaven Immortals, and Peerless Rulers found out about the Heaven Highness Realm and the Supreme Highness Realm for the first time.

Many experts also realized the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had changed significantly. New sprouts were growing rapidly without them knowing.

The flames of hope which had extinguished in the past had erupted again.

Meanwhile, the Undying Cycle Mountain...

Qin Nan only learned the rough idea after hearing Bai Zhongsheng's explanation.

Even though he had claimed the mountain, he did not have full control over it. The mountain would only reveal its true appearance after he achieved the Ruler Realm.

The only thing he could do was teleporting himself or the others who were with him to the mountain through his soul.

The whereabouts of the mountain were also unpredictable. Eternal Night Heaven Highness and other authorities were struggling to track it down before it showed itself.

However, its whereabouts were no longer as unpredictable now. Qin Nan could not afford to teleport himself to the mountain in front of too many experts, as they might learn its secret.

Qin Nan, Bai Zhongsheng, Empress Feiyue, and Master Rudao had gathered on a dojo surrounded by a white mist.

Behind the dojo was a towering red palace with six floors. They were standing in front of its entrance.

The dragon was already gone. Xiao Lang, Gu Zhen, and the rest of the spirits were behind them in orderly lines.

Drums and flags were placed around the dojo. The flags were flapping in the wind.

Qin Nan took a quick glance across the dojo. Everyone's aura had weakened. Some of their outlines had already faded too.

Qin Nan knew what was going to happen to them. They knew their end was close too, yet there was only excitement and joy on their face.

Bai Zhongsheng said, "Master, every time the Army of Eternity returns from a battle, you will drink a cup of blood with them."

He took out a cup filled with blood in it.

It was not fresh blood, nor was it wine. It was just something depicted with the Power of Rules.

"HAHAHA, boss, it's been a while since I drink blood with you!" Xiao Lang burst out laughing. He and the others had a cup in their hand too.

Qin Nan received the cup. He was about to raise it when his body stiffened. His heart clenched when he saw the expressions on everyone's face and recalled the battle they had just fought.

Perhaps, the others might think he was blessed for being the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses.

However, he was greatly impacted by the sincere feelings of the Divine God of Battle, Bai Zhongsheng, and the Army of Eternity.

If he was only Zhou Di's reincarnation, he would not feel so burdened. He could just inherit the will of Zhou Di and his men.


Qin Nan was going to say something, but Bai Zhongsheng interrupted him, "Master, they won't last for long. It's time to raise your cup."

Qin Nan was startled. A great power suddenly entered his body and raised his arm.

"Army of Eternity, may we live and die together!"

Qin Nan began to talk subconsciously before emptying the cup.

Xiao Lang, Gu Zhen, and the heroic spirits emptied their cups and smashed them on the floor. They burst into great laughter.

"(Sigh), Master, I, Xiao Lang ain't a f**king sissy, but since I can't stay here forever, I must say something."

Xiao Lang let out a sigh. He dropped to his knee and held his fists together. He pretended to speak with a strong grudge as if he was recalling something, "Zhou Di, I might acknowledge my allegiance to you today, but I swear to Heaves that it doesn't mean I'm submitting to you completely!" 

Qin Nan shuddered. His eyes widened as if an electric shock was surging in his mind.

Xiao Lang grinned, "I think I've broken my oath!"

His body slowly broke into pieces.

"I don't mind joining the Army of Eternity, but you must annihilate the Sankong Tribe!"

"Zhou Di, if you can defeat me in three moves, I don't mind following you!"

"There are many great talents out there. Why must you choose me?"

The figures dropped to their knees with not the slightest regret on their face.

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