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PBS - Chapter 2183 - To War, Part Three

"How bold of you to break into Wumiao City!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate quickly reacted and unleashed formidable auras and full potential of the Arts of Dao Seeking in their bodies.

Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Wanqing, and Supreme Zhenxuan wore a cold expression.

The guy dared to come alone, meaning that he must be confident in his strength and background, but the three factions did not invite other factions to the feast. They even told everyone else to leave the city not long ago.

The guy was being utterly disrespectful to their factions!

If he did not make up for it by giving them some benefits, they would teach the guy a lesson regardless of his identity.

"Why the bad temper? If I didn't guess wrong, I'm the main reason why this feast is happening in the first place," the guy replied with a calm voice as he walked closer toward the crowd.

"Qin...Qin Nan?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were dumbfounded. They could not believe their eyes.

Even Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Wanqing, and Supreme Zhenxuan were no exception. They subconsciously rose to their feet.

The whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm knew many factions had joined hands to go after Qin Nan. There was no way Qin Nan was unaware of it.

But where was he now?

The eighteenth branch of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree where the bases of the Supreme Daoism factions were located.

The other factions also had bases in the nearby branches.

Did Qin Nan really walk right into the trap?

"Are you surprised? To be honest, when I see you guys teaming up against Empress Feiyue in the Battlefield of Aeon..."

His arm transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber as he was speaking.

His eyes were cold and merciless. The whole palace shook vigorously as he unleashed his aura. The floor began to crack apart.

"I'm very surprised too."

Qin Nan sprang forward and stood in front of Daoist Qianlong and the others. He immediately slashed at them with formidable saber intents.


Daoist Qianlong and the others quickly reacted by unleashing their Arts of Dao Seeking and several Dao Arts.

"Are you here to avenge Empress Feiyue?"

Daoist Qianlong and the others were still in disbelief, as if they were currently in a dream. 

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Qin Nan did not answer the question. He took a step back before slashing at the three Patriarchs again. The hall was lit up by a snowy-white glow as wisps of saber intents were fired at the Nine Heavens Supremes.

"HAHAHA, you are indeed the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness. You are utterly reckless to come here alone for the sake of your beloved!"

Daoist Qianlong burst out laughing even though he was a stern person most of the time.

They were planning to hunt Qin Nan down, yet they had found him so easily!

"Cultivator Qianlong, it seems like our previous discussion was a waste of time!"

Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan were excited.

Now that Qin Nan had shown up, they just needed to take him down to claim the Undying Cycle Mountain, the Ownerless Heaven Pattern, and his memories.

"Everyone, listen up, set up formations immediately and take him down. Don't let him escape!" Supreme Wanqing and Supreme Zhenxuan yelled.


The Nine Heavens Supremes were excited too. They thoroughly unleashed their auras. 

"Activate the forbidding auras and traps in the city at once!" Daoist Qianlong said.

"Fellow cultivators, use everything you have!" Daoist Qianlong added.

He might be shocked, but he was not stupid. Qin Nan must have some reliance if he dared to come alone!

It was a great opportunity for them. If they missed it, it was unlikely they would come across such a good opportunity again. They must take down Qin Nan at all costs.


The three Supreme Daoism factions showed everything they had in less than a breath.

The walls, streets, and palaces in Wuxuan City started glowing with various rare phenomena occurring above it.

Terrifying auras surged wildly in all directions. Runes spread across the city like dragons and encapsulated it.

The bases of formidable factions were not to be underestimated. Wuxuan City might not be as impressive as the Extreme Living Gate's headquarters, but it had been around for many years.

The city could easily trap any Nine Heavens Supreme in it, including Li Yangfan who was ranked first on the Supreme Leaderboard.

There was more to it too.

The walls of the City Lord Hall which covered a distance over a few thousand li collapsed and turned into light dots which formed a magnificent figure.

Below it, the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate performed ancient seals to activate the deadly traps.

The Nine Heavens Supremes of the Ten Desires Sect and the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate stood in formations and unleashed shocking intents.

"Qin Nan, die!"

Daoist Qianlong and the other two Patriarchs took out their strongest artifacts and executed forbidden arts by consuming their life span and soul energy.

They were planning to take down Qin Nan in the shortest time possible.

White flames erupted in Qin Nan's eyes.

He executed twelve Arts of Dao Seeking, causing his aura to skyrocket.

However, his presence was still extremely weak compared to the Nine Heavens Supremes.

"Cultivator Qianlong, please don't misunderstand. Even though I'm here to avenge Empress Feiyue, I didn't come alone," Qin Nan said coldly.


Daoist Qianlong and the other authorities frowned. They immediately sensed strange auras arriving from above.

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