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PBS - Chapter 2184 - Killing Three Authorities In Succession, Part One

The three authorities were dumbfounded following a glance. They saw Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan leading eight Nine Heavens Supremes with blinding glows like they were ancient immortals.

"HAHA, Qin Nan, I didn't think you can find ten helpers considering your circumstances. I'm utterly impressed!" 

Supreme Zhenxuan burst out laughing following a relieved sigh. Her eyes were filled with disdain.

Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were not worried too.

The Nine Heavens Supremes of their three factions had all gathered here, not to mention the outstanding defense of Wuxuan City. What difference would a dozen Nine Heavens Supremes make?

It might take them a little longer to defeat Qin Nan!

"If you are already impressed by ten of us, how will you react when you see the rest of them?" Princess Miao Miao blinked curiously.

Several figures began to tear a hole in the formation around the city. A lot more figures were flying rapidly toward the City Lord Hall.

The man leading them was Xu Ruchen. He had over thirty Nine Heavens Supremes behind him.

Supreme Zhenxuan's smile froze. His eyes widened too.

"Xu Ruchen? Isn't he the Xu Clan's Saint? Did Qin Nan join hands with the Xu Clan?" Daoist Qianlong and Supreme Wanqing were startled.

"Hang on, those guys are clearly using the Art of Dao Seeking of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect and Sanqing Ancient Sect!"

They immediately noticed something weird among the cultivators. The Nine Heavens Supremes were from different factions.

"Brothers, time to raze this place to the ground!"

Elder Long uttered a roar and led over eighty Nine Heavens Supremes to break through the formations and reach the palace.

"What's going on?"

Daoist Qianlong, Supreme Zhenxuan, Supreme Wanqing, and the Nine Heavens Supremes of the three Supreme Daoism factions were dumbfounded.

They could not believe what was happening.

Many factions had joined hands to hunt Qin Nan down. If anyone decided to help Qin Nan, they would be opposing the whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

And yet, Qin Nan managed to recruit more Nine Heavens Supremes than their factions?

Most importantly, the people were using all kinds of Arts of Dao Seeking and power of ancient fleshes which belonged to more than half the number of formidable factions and ancient tribes in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Supreme Zhenxuan even sensed a Nine Heavens Supreme of the Illusionary Immortal Dao Gate secretly constructing a powerful formation far away.


Xu Luochen, Elder Long, and the Nine Heavens Supremes unleashed their Dao Arts on the city. Most of them were targeting the Nine Heavens Supremes of the three Supreme Daoism factions.

They immediately felt they were in great danger. 

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were on the move too. They summoned a white and blue ancient immortal swords and executed an ancient sword technique to target the spirit deep in the city.

"Crap! We have to spread the news to the other factions!"

Daoist Qianlong reacted swiftly with a startled look.

Their only chance of survival was to ask the Nine Heavens Supremes of other factions for backup.

"Art of Taiyan!"

After Qin Nan executed the Dao Art, the surroundings began to change.

"Isn't that the Dao-Seeking Art of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect?" 

The three Nine Heavens Supremes were dumbfounded when they saw the art. 

Eight Qin Nan appeared from different directions, each with a massive figure and an overwhelming aura while executing different Dao Arts.

Qin Nan had combined nine arts into one?

The three authorities executed forbidden arts without any hesitation.

The combination of nine arts was unusual, but it was not enough to defeat three Patriarchs of Supreme Daoism factions.

Qin Nan could only keep them at bay 

However, Qin Nan had prepared a plan for it. He changed his hand seal and the illusions which the three authorities were in collapsed, forcing them to back away.

"Crimson Emperor Saber Intent!"

The place immediately erupted in flames.

Different glows appeared at the end of the flames and transformed into ancient dragons lunging at the three authorities.

"Another combination of nine Dao Arts?"

The three authorities were dumbfounded. How insane was Qin Nan's Martial Skill Talent? How many Dao Arts did he practice?

Little did they know, if Qin Nan's supply of supreme force was sufficient, he could use three combinations of nine Dao Arts at the same time.


A series of explosions took place.

The three authorities who were quite reputable in the Dao Seeking Land, yet they were suppressed by Qin Nan and were forced to back away.


The three authorities used their trump cards when their lives were in danger.

Several ancient artifacts were activated simultaneously.

Daoist Qianlong took out a talisman and poured his energy into it. It burned in flames and unleashed a formidable power.

He had received the talisman from the last Patriarch of the Extreme Living Gate, a Ruler Realm Talisman. He could use it three times to defeat his enemy with the power of the Ruler Realm.

He had already used the talisman twice. It only had one last use left.

The talisman was a lot weaker now, but its power was still rather terrifying.

"You dare rely on the will of the Ruler Realm?" Qin Nan uttered thunderously. The Divine Battle Spirit emerged behind him.

An ancient and overwhelming aura encapsulated him.

The talisman instantly broke into pieces as if it had just received a tremendous blow.

Even though times had changed, the will of the Ruler Realm was nothing compared to the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses.

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