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PBS - Chapter 2188 - Synchronization of the Minds

Meanwhile, in the rift...

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan left the group headed a different way.

They were going to a forbidden land close to the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree to cultivate in seclusion so the White-Blue Flower in their Divine Sense could influence the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree.

"Senior Zhou, Xiang Hun, and the Tenth Immortal can track my whereabouts. Is there any way to stop them?" Qin Nan transmitted his voice to the white mountain which the Nine Dragons Seal had pushed to a corner deep inside his soul.

"There are two ways to do it."

"Xiang Hun and the Tenth Immortal are inferior to Xiang Zun. You may conceal the presence of the Divine Battle Spirit once you achieved the Master Realm to stop them from tracking you."

"The second way is to return to the Undying Cycle Mountain."

Qin Nan's lips twisted. None of the ways was viable under the current circumstances.

Qin Nan expressed his gratitude and stopped thinking about it.

"Who are these Nine Heavens Supremes? Why are they willing to side with you?" Zhou Xundao asked.

Qin Nan explained everything that happened to him.

Zhou Xundao fell silent momentarily before he added, "The Army of Eternity is unstoppable not because they have secured a lot of resources, Blessed Lands, and powerful arts. It's because Zhou Di has invented a lot of outstanding formations for them. The Root-Transforming Dragon that you saw was one of them."

"It's meaningless to teach you the strongest formations now, but there are six formations which the Army of Eternity used when it was first established. They might come in handy for your men. They will significantly increase your army's strength."

Qin Nan was overjoyed. He said, "Thanks, senior!"

He did not return to the Westernmost Land only to prevent Xiang Hun and the other factions from chasing after them, but he was planning to claim the fortunate encounters across the Westernmost Land and help the others to improve their strength. 

However, it was no longer necessary now he could teach them the formations which the Army of Eternity was using.

Zhou Xundao said, "There's no need to thank me. These were yours in the first place. There's another thing I must tell you. It's impossible for you to establish an army like the Army of Eternity under your circumstances, so I won't teach you the Synchronization of the Minds..." 

He suddenly froze halfway. Little did Qin Nan know, Zhou Xundao was under a great pressure.

He had felt the same pressure before.

It was how the Nine Dragons Seal expressed its discontent. 

Zhou Xundao twisted his lips. He changed his mind even though he was unwilling, "Fine, I'll teach you the Synchronization of the Minds too."

The pressure he was under immediately dissipated.

Qin Nan was speechless too. Why did Senior Zhou always change his mind in the end despite his strict personality?

Zhou Xundao did not give Qin Nan any time to think. A huge surge of memories poured into Qin Nan's mind.

Two days later, Qin Nan and his men returned to the palace in the Westernmost Land.

Qin Nan also fully comprehended the seven formations. He was surprised.

The six battling formations were very useful in fights, but the Synchronization of the Minds was even more outstanding.

He now understood why Zhou Xundao hesitated to teach it to him.

The formation allowed the cultivators who practiced it to synchronize their minds. It was like connecting their minds with a rope. The connection would grow stronger the more they practiced it.

They were able to feel one another's will.

That being said, the cultivators could choose when to disconnect from it at will.

It was not necessary to read one another's mind, just a faint idea of what each other was thinking.

The formation was perfect for an army.

Anyone who had it would have the urge to build an army for themselves.

Most factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm had the structure of clans and tribes instead of an army. It was not because the structure of an army was weaker, but it was difficult for the army to share the same goals and ideas if they were only relying on oaths. 

Therefore, it was difficult to unleash the full potential of an army. They would only waste their resources.

"Fellow cultivators, I'm utterly grateful for your help!"

Qin Nan brought his fists together at his men. He said, "To be honest with you, the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree will blossom earlier than expected. When the time comes, we won't be able to fend off the alliance of the formidable factions easily!" 

"With that in mind, I have seven formations that the Army of Eternity practiced. I will now teach them to you so we can all become stronger!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were dumbfounded. They were going to practice the formations which the Army of Eternity was using.

Qin Nan said after a slight hesitation, "Six of them are battling formations. The seventh formation is a little different..."

Qin Nan explained how the Synchronization of the Minds worked to everyone. He said sternly, "It's up to you whether you want to practice it or not. I won't force you, but I owe you a great debt if you do agree to learn it."

It would be meaningless if they were forced to practice the formation.

Many began to hesitate.

"HAHAHA, how could I possibly miss out on such an interesting formation?" Elder Long said without any hesitation.

"I want to learn it too!"

Many Nine Heavens Supremes gave their consent. Only around thirty Nine Heavens Supremes did not agree to learn it. Qin Nan was quite surprised.

He did not think Xu Ruchen would agree too.

"Fellow cultivators, we will practice the Synchronization of the Minds first for the next few days. Once we are done, we will practice the battling formations," Qin Nan was not disappointed with the cultivators who did not agree to practice the Synchronization of the Minds. He proceeded to teach the rest who gave their consent.

Almost a hundred Nine Heavens Supremes immediately sat with their legs crossed to comprehend the formation.

Their Martial Skill Talent was not as outstanding as Qin Nan's. Only Elder Long, Xu Ruchen, and a few peak Nine Heavens Supremes had comprehended it after three days.

"Here, Cultivator Qin Nan, Cultivator Xu, let's try it out!"

Elder Long could not wait to try the formation out. Qin Nan, Xu Ruochen, and the others were curious too. They nodded and established the formation. It encapsulated them with a faint glow.

Some time later, they could feel their minds being connected to one another, as if there were bridges between them.

They could slightly feel one another's will too.

"Oh my, Cultivator Xu, why are you holding a grudge against me?" Elder Long snapped when he noticed something.

Xu Ruchen twisted his lips. Did he not realize the reason? Did he forget how he set him up on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree by yelling out his name? How many enemies did he now have because of him?

"Cultivator Xu, your resentment is growing!"

Elder Long was startled.


Qin Nan and the others burst out laughing.

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