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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 072: The Unborn Man Attacks

Silence descended upon the study.

The Unborn Man looked at Duke Lu Yang quietly. Duke Lu Yang looked back coldly at the Unborn Man.

“Long Xiaoyue’s three spiritual souls? Oh, right, I did promise that to you. Previously, one of my subordinates happened to pass by when Long Xiaoyue died. Before her souls scattered, he collected her three spiritual souls,” Duke Lu Yang said.

“I don’t care how you obtained them. I only want Long Wanqing’s three spiritual souls. Duke, please hand over Long Wanqing’s three spiritual souls, and I will do my best. No matter who it is, I can help you kill them,” the Unborn Man said gravely.

Duke Lu Yang stood up and walked to an inner room within the study. As the Unborn Man waited quietly, he clenched his fists within his sleeves, feeling somewhat excited.

Soon, Duke Lu Yang came out with a jade box in hand. This jade box had many restrictions made up of talisman scripts covering it.

Duke Lu Yang placed the jade box on the desk before gesturing for the Unborn Man to see for himself.

The Unborn Man took a deep breath and carefully opened the jade box. There was nothing inside. However, with the Unborn Man’s vision, he could see a faint blue clump of light in this empty box.

“A mortal soul? This is just a mortal soul? What about the heavenly soul and earthly soul?” The Unborn Man looked at Duke Lu Yang.

“Heavenly soul and earthly soul? Haha! You have not even completed the third request, and you already want them?” Duke Lu Yang said with a cold smile.

The Unborn Man remained silent for a while.

“I can give the mortal soul to you first. When you have killed that person for me, you can come and look for me again,” Duke Lu Yang said.

“I can do that. However, you have tampered with this mortal soul. Do you have other lifespan cultivators in your official residence? The memories of this mortal soul have been wiped along with all its special characteristics,” the Unborn Man said coldly.

“Perhaps when my subordinate brought it back, he was not very careful with it. However, even if her memory and character are gone, isn’t she still Long Xiaoyue? Aren’t you smitten with her? You don’t want her just because she does not have her memories?” Duke Lu Yang smiled faintly.

The Unborn Man clenched his fist and shook his head. “No matter what state the lass is in, I will never shun her. However, her character and memories are gone; she is just like a blank sheet of paper. How can I be sure that she is Long Xiaoyue? How do I know that this is Long Xiaoyue’s mortal soul? What if you are lying to me?”

“Lying to you? Don’t you lifespan cultivators deal with ghosts all the time? Don’t tell me you don’t have a way to figure that out. You can try and prove it yourself. I do not know how to do that,” Duke Lu Yang retorted.

The Unborn Man remained silent as he extremely carefully closed the box and extremely gravely picked it up.

The Unborn Man would definitely check.

“Tell me. Whom do you want killed?” the Unborn Man asked directly.

“You met him before,” Duke Lu Yang said. “Gu Hai!”

“Gu Hai?” The Unborn Man’s tone turned sullen.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Duke Lu Yang asked indifferently.

“Alright,” the Unborn Man said firmly without hesitation.

“Do you know where he is?” Duke Lu Yang asked doubtfully.

“I will find him,” the Unborn Man said.

“You can find him? Wait…” Duke Lu Yang stopped the Unborn Man as he suddenly frowned.

If he can find Gu Hai, then maybe I can capture Gu Hai and take him in?

Duke Lu Yang pondered this. Kill or subdue?

After some silence, Duke Lu Yang sighed softly. “Such intelligent people are decisive. There is no way to change their minds. If he were to remain in my official residence, perhaps I could subdue him. However, if he had malicious intentions and turned around to target my official residence, it would be hard to guard against if he plotted in secret. Since I cannot take him into my official residence, why force it? Never mind. Kill him.”

The Unborn Man looked at Duke Lu Yang before eventually nodding. Then, he slowly left the study while carrying the jade box.

After the Unborn Man received the order, he headed out to kill Gu Hai.

Duke Lu Yang sat at his desk and gently knocked on his desk. He narrowed his eyes as he looked in the direction the Unborn Man had taken. “Three requests? Haha! Do you really think that this will end with three requests? Once you join my official residence, you can forget about leaving.”


Half a month later, outside Foundation Deity City:

Foundation Deity City was the capital before it was shifted to Divine Foundation City for the battle.

At this moment, Gu Hai, Long Wanqing, the weakened Venerable Liu Nian, and Mu Chenfeng stood at the peak of a distant mountain outside Foundation Deity City, looking at it.

Blessings churned in the sky above the city. However, there was one-third less compared to what had been above Divine Foundation City.

“Huangfu Chaoge moved the capital back to Foundation Deity City?” Venerable Liu Nian frowned.

Gu Hai nodded. “Indeed. Based on the information we obtained, Foundation Deity City could not repel Duke Lu Yang’s attacks when Huangfu Chaoge was not there, so Duke Lu Yang broke into the city very quickly. The foundation rock golems fled, bringing some of the officials and soldiers with them. However, they only managed to flee after many died and got injured. Fortunately, Huangfu Chaoge carried his imperial seal with him, allowing him to shift the capital. However, as it was all done in a rush, he lost a third of his blessings.”

“Right now, the Divine Foundation Royal Dynasty is tightly guarded. If not for Ensnaring Performance’s excellent hearing, we would have been caught several times.” Long Wanqing frowned.

“Foundation Deity City is right in front. It is even more tightly guarded. Huangfu Chaoge is in there. Should we notify him?” Mu Chenfeng frowned.

Gu Hai shook his head and said, “No. This matter is too sensitive. It is one thing if Huangfu Chaoge is willing to help the treants. However, what if…”

“That can’t be, right?” Mu Chenfeng said with a frown.

Venerable Liu Nian said, “That should not be the case. However, there is still a what-if. Right now, the treants cannot fight back. What if something happens? We need to check out the situation first.”

“Hall Master, you should stay here and protect everyone. The venerable and Mu Chenfeng have yet to recover from their injuries. Do take care of them. Ensnaring Performance, remain here. I will go in myself to scout the situation,” Gu Hai said seriously.

“No. Bring Ensnaring Performance with you. If there is any danger, at least you can have some warning,” Long Wanqing rejected.

“Indeed. Division Master Gu, we are very hidden in this valley. There will not be any danger.” Mu Chenfeng shook his head.

“Division Master Gu, if you are worried, you can lay a ritual array for us in the valley. If anything happens, Ensnaring Performance should be able to hear it. It would not be too late for you to return then. Just bring Ensnaring Performance with you,” Venerable Liu Nian said.

Gu Hai looked at the three before nodding and saying, “Alright.”

During the night, Gu Hai laid a foggy ritual array with the help of the Wood Division disciples, concealing the entire secluded valley.

Then, Gu Hai said his goodbyes to everyone before leaping out of the valley with Ensnaring Performance to rush towards Foundation Deity City.

“Master, I remember Huangfu Chaoge’s voice. Let me listen for it to see what he is doing now.

“Hey, there’s a sound barrier? Huangfu Chaoge is keeping his guard up against me? No, that’s not right. He is guarding against Army Breaker. That classless vile fellow!

“Master, did you know? That Army Breaker is completely incapable. He tried to compete with me in the music Dao. He played one piece first, and I endured the entire piece. I only started singing, but he could not endure. He is not worth mentioning at all.”

Ensnaring Performance chattered nonstop as the two traveled.

“That day, I heard Army Breaker say that heaven-grade zithers cannot compose?” Gu Hai looked at Ensnaring Performance, puzzled.

“Who says that we cannot compose? I can. He is the incapable one. Look at me. See how many songs I’ve composed? This trip is quite boring. Shall I sing a song to relax Master?” Ensnaring Performance looked at Gu Hai in anticipation.

“You are not permitted to sing,” Gu Hai said with a stiff expression.


After Gu Hai left with Ensnaring Performance, Long Wanqin stood on a hill within the ritual array, sending off Gu Hai with warmth in her eyes.

At this moment, a figure stood within the white clouds above the ritual array. It was the Unborn Man; he had rushed over from Foundation Destroying City.

In just half a month, he had found Gu Hai’s group and caught up.

The Unborn Man watched as Gu Hai left but did not give chase. Instead, he lowered his head to look at the ritual array below.

Fog covered the ritual array. However, the Unborn Man could clearly see Long Wanqing.

With a flip of his hand, the Unborn Man took out a jade box. This was the jade box that he obtained from Duke Lu Yang half a month ago, which contained a mortal soul.

“The mortal soul is the spiritual soul that links to one’s descendants. Lass, if this is your mortal soul, then it will definitely be connected to your daughter. We just need to test your souls. Lass, I have done many things that you would not like over the past few days. However, I did it to revive you. As long as you can come back to life, I will do anything. I hope you will not blame me in the future,” the Unborn Man sighed.

The sky slowly turned dark.

Long Wanqing remained standing on the hill, watching until night fell and she could no longer see Gu Hai. Only then did she look away with a reluctant expression.

In the valley, Venerable Liu Nian and Mu Chenfeng knew what Long Wanqing was doing. They could make out Long Wanqing’s feelings for Gu Hai. However, the two did not say anything. Instead, they focused on treating their injuries.

Long Wanqing shook her head and slowly descended the hill.

However, she frowned midway. Sensing someone behind her, she quickly turned her head.

She saw a figure in black-and-white robes standing behind her. It was the Unborn Man.

“The Unborn Man? You…how did you enter the ritual array?” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

There was a sound barrier in the surroundings. Although Long Wanqing spoke loudly, people outside could not hear her.

“Follow me out. I have Long Xiaoyue’s mortal soul here. I need you to help me verify if this is Long Xiaoyue,” the Unborn Man said.

“What? My mother’s…my mother’s mortal soul? That’s impossible!” Long Wanqing exclaimed.

“Don’t let the others know. I’ll wait for you in that valley behind.” The Unborn Man pointed to a distant valley.


The Unborn Man’s figure shook and vanished.

The sound barrier around Long Wanqing also vanished. She stood in place with an uncertain expression.

Why can’t I let others know? Long Wanqing frowned heavily. What does the Unborn Man want? Does he want to harm us? That can’t be right. Given the Unborn Man’s strength, none of us is a match for him. What is that about?

Mother’s mortal soul? Is that true?

Long Wanqing hesitated. However, determination flashed in her eyes after some silence. If the Unborn Man wanted to harm her, she could not stop him.

Even if there was only a faint hope, she had to go.

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