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ZL - Chapter 1013- Linhai coup

I went offline with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat hotpot. When we returned, it was already 2pm. We moved to go online.


As I appeared in Fan Shu City, there was a beep. I got a message from Yue Qing Qian regarding the army system: "Brother Xiao Yao, there is some movement over at Waterfront City. A bunch of NPC troops from the Flame Lion Mercenary Group attacked the Azure Ocean Army camp outside the city. They have been fighting for over an hour. People from Waterfront City thought at first that it’s just a normal army system, but then they saw that half of their seventy thousand soldiers had been killed. Now, the mercenaries are attacking the city gates. Most of the players there are Indian. Clear Black Eyes ordered everyone to head out and allow the mercenaries to attack!"


I was shocked. "Are you sure that the Flame Lion Mercenary Group is attacking? Who is the leader?"

"A Deity Tier Boss called Xing Huo!"

"It really is..."


I stood in Fan Shu City and clenched my fists in rage. Xing Huo and Floating Clouds used the fact that I was unwilling to abandon Xia Ye and the other Royal Army soldiers to leave. They used the night to pass Ice and Fire Plains and launched an attack on Waterfront City... I knew that Clear Black Eyes would think of a way to get a city, but I did not know that she would deal such a fatal blow at such a time.

If they took down Waterfront City, that would become an ownerless city. Clear Black Eyes would lead the tens of millions of Indian players to fight back. Then the Waterfront City would belong to India.

Players had all planned it well!

I said in the guild channel, "Wan'er, gather the Furnace God Cavalry and prepare to teleport to Waterfront City. Gather all from Zhan Long that we can!"

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Lin Wan Er did not ask for the reason and went to gather players.

Before they gathered, I teleported right from Fan Shu City. Shua! A light flashed across and I saw that the city gates were being fired at. The Flame Lion Mercenary Group was using Azure Ocean Army's Dragon Crystal Cannons to smash the city gates. Luo Xun was always controlling Waterfront City; now that it did not have defensive machinery, how could they defend against the huge enemy army?

On the streets, there were no players at all. A bunch of Azure Ocean Army led the way and in front was Marshal Liu Long. He was shocked. "D*mn! That Xing Huo sneak-attacked us; I'll shatter them to pieces!"

Right after he said that, two Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded behind him and blew up a bunch of Heavy-armored Cavalry. A Major stood up and cried, "General, we can't block them! They attacked our camp outside and snatched away all our Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons. You ordered that no cannons are to be moved into the city, so we can only rely on arrows..."

Liu Long trembled. "We are finished.Finished..."


The city gates opened and large numbers of mercenaries charged in. I charged over and shouted at Liu Long, "Trash, what are you doing? Fight with them! Do you want the Waterfront City to be taken away by a bunch of mercenaries?"

Liu Long was stunned. "Li Xiao Yao..."

Another Major had excitement on his face. "That is... the Royal Army general, Commander in chief Li Xiao Yao! Haha!Great, the Royal Army is here to help us. Brothers, kill! Don't be scared of them. Tian Ling City hasn't abandoned us yet!"

In truth, the Royal Army did not come, only Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry. A few minutes later, thousands of Furnace God Cavalrymen were led by Li Mu and Wang Jian into teleporting over. I was clashing with the enemies and had used Death God’s Dance. I then used Sword Tempest in the crowd, and Seven Star Fragment Slash to shatter them. I actually gained experience and achievement points.

Behind me, more and more Zhan Long players appeared. Very quickly, tens of thousands of people were guarding the south gates. The Dragon Crystal Cannons fired, but the Furnace God Cavalry could still defend.

Li Mu charged in front and used Thousand Man Enemy. Lu Bu appeared above and smashed forward. A heaven pillar was shattered and one could see mountains collapsing. Smashing Buzhou Mountain effect landed on the enemies. Wang Jian held the Broken Ocean Sword, charging with the Valiant Bravery Camp.

Very quickly, the gates were shut and the Flame Lion Mercenary Group soldiers were killed one by one. I charged up the city walls and killed those up there. Not long after, the Furnace God Cavalry all headed up. Zhan Long's flag was placed on the city. Just thirty thousand Zhan Long players managed to take back the gate from the Flame Lion Mercenary Group.


Peng peng peng...

Horse hooves charged up the city walls and Liu Long looked around. Before the shock in his eyes could disappear, happiness and excitement replaced it. He smiled. "Thank you for leading troops to help us take Waterfront City back, Commander in chief!"

I looked at him coldly. "Go guard the city lord manor..."

"Yes, Commander in chief!"


Outside the city, the cannons continued. There were at least one hundred thousand Flame Lion Mercenary Group soldiers attacking, but after Zhan Long took down the gates, their attacks slowed down.

In less than an hour, Lin Wan Er stabbed two of the Flame Lion Mercenary Group soldiers, but her face was ashen white. "East and North gates have been breached!"

"What is going on?" I was shocked.

Lin Wan Er replied, "Xing Huo and Floating Clouds led Flame the Lion Mercenary Group and Dragonling Army to attack the other gates. There were people inside who opened the gates for them."

"Dragonling Army?" Li Mu was shocked. "Isn't that Tian Ling City's army? Why... did they attack?"

I gritted my teeth. "Floating Clouds and Xing Huo are together!"


Wang Jian held the Broken Ocean Sword and said, "Too complicated!"

"What should we do?" asked Old K.

I jumped off and ordered, "Go! Let's go to the city lord manor. As long as Liu Long doesn't die, Waterfront City will still be ours."



The Furnace God Cavalry charged through the streets with me. The trees around trembled. When we were about to reach, we noticed a bunch of Flame Lion mercenaries charging over. Liu Long led hundreds of Azure Ocean Army Cavalry, but they were unable to fight back.

"Archers,"Floating Clouds shouted, "Shoot them!"

Shua shua shua—

Arrows landed like rain. Instantly, most of the Heavy-armored Cavalry had been hit. Liu Long's arm was struck by an arrow and he fell off his horse. "I am Waterfront City's Azure Ocean Army Marshal; I'm Waterfront City's Marshal! Floating Clouds, you b*tch!You actually colluded with the enemy to attack the city;you will get karma!"

I led the Furnace God Cavalry over and pointed my sword forward. "Protect Liu Long and force back this bunch!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all charged in and forced the Flame Lion Mercenary Group back. At that moment, Floating Clouds said loudly, "Li Xiao Yao, are you the empire's Commander in chief?!"

I was shocked. "Yes, so what?"

Floating Clouds took out a golden token, "Then do you recognize this?"

I was shocked. As expected, it was from Lochlan. How did she get it?

Floating Clouds saw through my thoughts and took out a golden scroll, "After investigation, Azure Ocean Army General Liu Long abused his power and killed 937 innocent people. He also expanded his troops and collaborated with the pirates. I have decided to remove all his troops, and Floating Clouds will take over! Flame Lion Mercenary Group Xing Huo is a Country Protector General and they will become Flame Lion Army!"

Floating Clouds looked up at me and smiled. "So what?Does the Commander in chief have any objections?"


At that moment, Floating Clouds and Xing Huo's name turned into a friendly green. Zhan Long players naturally could not continue killing them.

"I didn't! I didn't!" Liu Long shouted.

Floating Clouds laughed coldly. "I have proof. You are Luo Xun's men; did you forget?"

Liu Long looked at her and shouted, "You brat, you stupid girl!"


A person flashed across, and before I could stophim, Xing Huo cleaved down. Liu Long's head rolled out and blood spurted out. The Azure Ocean Army's troops were also stunned.

Floating Clouds held up the token. "From today on, I am the Azure Ocean Army's new general. All must listen to me or else they will be killed!"


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I stood there, feeling stunned. I sighed, "Lochlan really is foolish; how can he give Floating Clouds power... Waterfront City is finished.It isn't ours anymore..."

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