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ABBR - Chapter 106-Pt.2 (Grand Finale)

Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi did not stay in Beijing for long because they had to get back to work. Ange also didn't have anything to do in Beijing, so the three left the city on the same date.

After arriving at the airport, Xu Chuanchuan asked Ange, "What time is your flight?"

Ange's eyes flickered for a moment. Then, she said, "Same as you two."

Xu Chuanchuan didn't put too much thought into Ange's answer initially. However, when they were checking their luggage, Xu Chuanchuan caught sight of Ange's boarding pass. "Aren't you going back to Shanghai?"

Ange's boarding pass clearly stated that her flight would go from Beijing to S City.

However, Xu Chuanchuan quickly came to a realization without waiting for Ange's answer. Then, raising an eyebrow, she asked, "Are you going to see Fang Qin?"

Ange put away her boarding pass and responded with an "Mhm."

Ange did not notify Fang Qin beforehand regarding her visit, so Fang Qin thought she would return to Shanghai after the Author's Conference. After clocking out of work, Fang Qin sent a message through WeChat.

Fang Qin: "Have you reached home yet?"

Ange: "I have."

Fang Qin: "If you're tired, rest early tonight."

Ange stopped replying.

Fang Qin guessed that Ange was busy, so she closed her phone and drove her way back home from work. After exiting the elevator on her floor, she saw a familiar figure sitting on a large suitcase while playing with a mobile phone. Fang Qin's heart skipped a beat when she saw this figure, and she swiftly approached the other party.

When Ange heard the footsteps, she looked up and met Fang Qin's eyes. Then, she put down her phone and tiredly said, "You're finally back."

It wasn't until Fang Qin touched Ange's face was she sure that she wasn't dreaming. Then, after looking at the suitcase Ange sat on, she asked in confusion, "Weren't you returning to Shanghai?"

Ange stood up and stretched her back. Then, looking at her confused girlfriend, she said, "You don't seem to want me here. Since that's the case, I'll go back."

Fang Qin immediately embraced Ange.

Ange was exhausted because of her flight, so she decided to take a shower to freshen up. When she left the bathroom, she saw Fang Qin helping her organize her luggage.

"Why did you bring so many clothes?" Fang Qin asked while unpacking the suitcase.

Apart from a laptop, the rest of the large suitcase was filled with clothes of various styles. By the time Fang Qin finished unpacking the suitcase, she had counted over a dozen sets of summer clothing.

While drying her hair, Ange nonchalantly said, "This is only part of it. There are still two suitcases on the way."

Fang Qin momentarily froze. Then, she asked, "What do you mean?"

"I rented my house to someone else. I don't have a place to live right now, so I can only stay at your place," Ange said as she lazily climbed onto the bed. "...What are you doing?"

In her hurry, Fang Qin had grabbed Ange's ankle as the latter was climbing onto the bed. After recovering her senses, she stood up, walked toward Ange, and said with a serious expression, "I still don't understand. Can you make it clearer?"

Ange sighed. Then, she hung her towel around Fang Qin's neck and said, "I don't have a place to stay. Are you willing to take me in?"

Fang Qin's breath stagnated. After taking a moment to calm herself, she said, "Yes."

"I won't pay rent."

Caressing Ange's collarbone with her thumb, Fang Qin whispered, "Pay with your body, then."

From then onward, Ange settled in S City.

For a freelancer like Ange, it didn't matter where she lived at. So long as she had a computer and internet access, her life wouldn't be affected even if she moved to a different city.

Xu Chuanchuan was naturally happy about Ange's decision. Now that Ange had moved to S City, they would have more opportunities to meet up.

Only, Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but wonder what made Ange make such a decision. So, she asked Ange about it, and her friend said, "This woman is too dumb. She's so dumb that I can't leave her alone."

Is she talking about Fang Qin? Xu Chuanchuan wondered. Then, she said, "Dumb? I don't think so."

"She once gave up everything for a woman. Isn't that dumb?"

After pondering for a moment, Xu Chuanchuan said, "So, are you giving up everything for Fang Qin's sake?"

"I'm not that great."

Regardless of what Ange said, Xu Chuanchuan came to understand one principle: If it weren't for love, who would be willing to leave their hometown to pursue someone?

Three years later...

Xu Chuanchuan had become a full-time author. She passed her days writing and reading books. When she was free, she would invite Ange out for a meal.

Although Ange was still writing, she wasn't writing novels anymore. Instead, she wrote screenplays as a screenwriter. She didn't lack money, after all. Even if she didn't have an income, she didn't have to worry about money for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, working as a screenwriter was part of her plan to become a film director in the future.

After changing careers, Ange frequently traveled for business, her trips usually lasting a week. When visiting the film crew this time, she also brought Xu Chuanchuan together with her.

As soon as the two left, Fang Qin and Murong Shi were forced to spend their nights in solitude. Meanwhile, Murong Shi disliked the loneliness so much that she would call Xu Chuanchuan at least once every day to ask when she would be back.

Xu Chuanchuan felt that Murong Shi was too clingy, so she deliberately gave her lover the cold shoulder. Then, seemingly sensing the perfunctory tone in Xu Chuanchuan's words, Murong Shi stopped urging her to return.

"Don't you want to go back?" Ange asked while inspecting her friend's face.

After pondering for a moment, Xu Chuanchuan said, "I've been together with her for too long that I'm starting to feel a little bored recently."

Chuckling, Ange said, "You haven't even reached the seven-year itch, yet you're already finding her unbearable?"

Pursing her lips, Xu Chuanchuan said, "That's not it. I just think that the sense of freshness in our relationship has disappeared."

"Let's stay here for a few more days, then."

Xu Chuanchuan agreed with Ange's idea.

However, on that same night, Linda sent Xu Chuanchuan a message that unsettled her so much that she booked a flight back the next day.

According to Linda, the company had hired a beautiful new assistant recently, and this assistant fawned over Murong Shi every day. To make matters worse, Murong Shi didn't show any signs of avoiding the assistant's approaches. She even took the woman out for meals and brought her back to the company dormitory and their home.

Xu Chuanchuan initially expressed her doubts over this matter. However, when she tried calling Murong Shi, her call couldn't get through no matter what.

Linda even said that Murong Shi had hooked up with that woman two days ago.

Isn't that the day I started deliberately neglecting her?

Xu Chuanchuan was infuriated after reading Linda's message. And since her calls weren't reaching Murong Shi since last night, Xu Chuanchuan dared not waste even a moment as she flew back to S City right away.


Today was a weekend, and Linda said Murong Shi wasn't at the company. So, Xu Chuanchuan made her way back home as soon as she left the airport.

Ange had also accompanied Xu Chuanchuan back to catch the adulterous couple in action.

Last year, Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi had already moved out of the dormitory and moved into the condo Sun An gave to Murong Shi. Xu Chuanchuan honestly didn't believe Murong Shi would cheat on her. She also didn't believe that Murong Shi would bring other women to their homes.

...But what reason did Linda have to trick her?

The fact that Murong Shi was refusing to answer her phone was also very suspicious.

Xu Chuanchuan's hand trembled violently as she tried to insert the key into the keyhole. After seeing her friend failing to open the door for some time, Ange took over the keys and patted Xu Chuanchuan on the shoulder, saying, "Calm down."

Xu Chuanchuan couldn't calm down. As soon as Ange unlocked the door, Xu Chuanchuan immediately opened it and entered the house.



Two loud noises entered Xu Chuanchuan's ears, frightening her. Before she could react to what was going on, colorful confetti and streamers rained down on her.

Inside the house, Xu Xiangxiang and Little Yan each held a confetti popper in their hands. After firing the confetti poppers, they shouted in unison, "Happy Tenth Anniversary!"

Aside from the two younger girls, Fang Qin was also present.

Xu Chuanchuan pulled away the confetti and streamers covering her eyes. Then, she asked in a daze, "What's going on?"

As soon as Xu Chuanchuan spoke, Murong Shi walked over with a bunch of lilies in her hands and said, "It's your tenth year working as an author. Have you forgotten?"

Xu Chuanchuan looked at Murong Shi in astonishment. She also realized that Linda had tricked her.

"I...don't remember. I thought..."

"You thought I cheated on you?"

Xu Chuanchuan remained silent.

Murong Shi passed Xu Chuanchuan the flowers and smiled, saying, "If you're worried, you can take your computer to my office and work there from now on."

Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but blush when she heard Murong Shi saying all this in front of so many people.

However, Murong Shi didn't care at all as she leaned over and kissed Xu Chuanchuan on the cheek. Then, she affectionately said, "I will love you forever."

"Me too," Xu Chuanchuan whispered.

Everyone: "Get a room!"

—The End—

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