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CSG - Chapter 2997: The Icecloud Founding Ancestor

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He did not answer ancestor Lan. Instead, he asked with some surprise, “Ancestor Lan, you already guessed the Snow sect was behind it?”

“The Ice Pole Plane may be very vast, but there are only so many people capable of something like that, so it’s not hard to guess,” ancestor Lan said indifferently. Her voice was crisp and beautiful, very pleasant to the ear.

It made sense. After all, ancestor Lan had mentioned in the past that the person who covered elder Xie’s tracks was a mid Grand Prime at the very least, or the Fourth Heavenly Layer and higher in other words.

There were many Grand Primes on the Ice Pole Plane, but most of them were early Grand Primes. There were obviously only so many mid Grand Primes.

“Ancestor Lan, can you tell me about the Snow sect’s strength?” Jian Chen asked.

“The Snow sect has four Grand Prime ancestors. Among them, two are at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, one is at the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and the other is at the Third Heavenly Layer.” Ancestor Lan told Jian Chen about the Snow sect’s strength without any hesitation.

Jian Chen could not help but gasp with that. He knew the Snow sect was powerful, but he never expected them to be this powerful. Just their Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes amounted to two.

Over the years, Jian Chen had come into contact with his fair share of Grand Primes in the Saints’ World, but these people were mostly early Grand Primes. There were not many that had reached mid Grand Prime, let alone the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

He understood the significance of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime very well. Every single one of them were prominent figures of the Saints’ World, whose names rang through the entire world. Their influence was not limited to a single plane or planet anymore. Even throughout the vast cosmos of the Saints’ World, they had a standing.

However, ancestor Lan’s next words made Jian Chen even more dejected.

“The two Grand Primes at the Sixth Heavenly Layer aren’t even the most terrifying aspect of the Snow sect. The most terrifying aspect of the Snow sect is the Icecloud Founding Ancestor among the two Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes. Ten thousand years ago, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor clashed with a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.”

“The Icecloud Founding Ancestor was defeated in that battle, but she managed to retreat with ease.”

“Just the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s strength alone is enough to contend against Seventh Heavenly Layer experts.”

When she mentioned the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, even ancestor Lan became stern despite her cultivation.

Jian Chen’s heart weighed even more heavily now. The Icecloud Founding Ancestor was actually so powerful. Did that not basically mean the Snow sect actually possessed a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime?

The Seventh Heavenly Layer was late Grand Prime. A colossal gulf existed between this cultivation and the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

For a moment, Jian Chen became extremely troubled. The Snow sect possessed an expert on par with a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. With the Wind Venerable out of the question, just who possessed the ability to save Shui Yunlan out of all the experts he knew?

Without a question, the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng possessed this strength, but he understood even more that the first majesty would already be doing them a generous favour by not adding insult to injury at a time like this. As for taking action and saving Shui Yunland, that was simply ridiculous.

The relationship between the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and the Snow Goddess of the Ice Goddess Hall was more like that of enemies.

Since they were enemies, why would she help out?

“The main reason why the Icecloud Founding Ancestor is so powerful is that when she was still very weak, she had once been chosen by the Ice Goddess Hall. She served the Snow Goddess in the Ice Goddess Hall for a period of time, but something happened afterwards, and she was expelled from the Ice Goddess Hall by the Snow Goddess.” Ancestor Lan sighed gently. She turned around and gazed at Jian Chen behind her, saying, “You already know just how powerful the Snow sect is now. Will you still be saving your friend?”

Despite how stern Jian Chen was, his thoughts had not wavered in the slightest. He nodded slowly and said solemnly, “I will, and I’ll do it regardless of the cost!”

Ancestor Lan smiled. Her smile was as beautiful as a painting from heaven. Even all the adjectives in the world could not describe her current beauty.

Her gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with a lot more colour. There was surprise, admiration, as well as a faint sense of disdain.

“I really don’t know where your source of confidence comes from. You actually want to save someone from the hands of a Grand Prime ancestor of the Snow sect with your feeble strength that hasn’t even reached Chaotic Prime.” Who knew whether ancestor Lan was praising or mocking Jian Chen, but what she said next made Jian Chen shudder inside. It made his heart surge.

“However, what I’m more curious about is just what kind of relationship exists between you and the Snow Goddess.”

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed to the size of needle tips. His heart violently skipped a beat, and even his breathing became rather ragged.

The sudden question from ancestor Lan immediately startled the unprepared Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes flickered with thought. Even though he was rather taken by surprise, he was not actually too surprised upon closer thought, as he had asked the Heavenly Crane clan about far too much information regarding the Ice Goddess Hall already. He had given himself away a long time ago.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and calmed down very quickly. He stared at ancestor Lan. “She’s my elder sister!”

This time, it was ancestor Lan’s turn to be surprised. Even though her expression had not changed by much at all, her gaze did ripple and flash. Her eyes narrowed slightly too.

Even though she had already guessed a relationship existed between Jian Chen and the Snow Goddess, she believed that this relationship was something along the lines of master and disciple or the Snow Goddess being his saviour.

She had never, ever imagined that Jian Chen’s relationship with the Snow Goddess would actually be so close.

After all, that was the Snow Goddess, only second to Grand Exalts. Let alone the Ice Pole Plane, even across the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World, the Snow Goddess was a figure that could look down on most. She was the type that could kick up a storm with a stamp of her foot.

This time, ancestor Lan fell silent instead. She showed nothing on the surface, but she was actually anything but calm inside.

The Snow Goddess’s younger brother? The person standing before her was actually the Snow Goddess’s younger brother?

This piece of news could be described as world-shaking to any expert on the Ice Pole Plane.

Even though she knew the Snow Goddess had only gained this so-called younger brother after she had been reborn, it was still startling enough.

“The person the Snow sect captured is Shui Yunlan of the Ice Goddess Hall. Shui Yunlan is the only person who knows the whereabouts of my sister. Now that she’s fallen into the hands of the Snow sect, the intentions of the Snow sect goes without saying. The Snow Goddess can be in danger at any moment.”

“Ancestor Lan, since you’ve already learnt the truth of this matter, I’d like to know whether your Heavenly Crane clan will choose to stand by and watch or take action and assist me regarding this.” With everything laid out on the table, Jian Chen stopped trying to hide his intentions, directly questioning the Heavenly Crane clan’s stance on the issue.

Up against an organisation as powerful as the Snow sect, he had to find all the reinforcements he could get into contact with if he wanted to protect his sister.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.