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IGK - Chapter 34.1: Just Accept My Thanks (1/2)

‘Turbid essence Qi! Qi of the extreme turbidity in all of heaven and earth, foul-smelling and flammable.’

This was the original line inside the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.” Wang Ke certainly understood what “flammable” meant! It’s just like methane. Isn’t methane used for burning?

If you want flames, then I shall deliver!What’s so difficult about that?

But it looked utterly freaky in everyone’s eyes.

Especially for the two powerful Astral Infant stage cultivators, Chen Tianyuan and She Miejue. They had been cultivating for so many years; it was their first time seeing a fire spell that needed a matchstick to ignite. A lifelong learning indeed. This day they had learned something new from a junior.

Murong Luguang was lost for words. A burst of anger was stuck at his throat. A fire spell that needs a matchstick to be cast?Then why do you need your Essence Qi?Is there a more useless Essence Qi?

“See? You see? I told you it’s the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique. Who said I can’t cast fire spells? If my Essence Qi is not of the fire element, how could the flame burn so strongly?” Zhang Zhengdao began clamoring, following Wang Ke’s cue.

“Wang Ke, this mutated cultivation technique is really unique!” Princess Youyue said, puzzled.

But Wang Ke was looking directly at Murong Luguang. “Senior apprentice-brother Murong, do you see this? Is this the flame you wanted?”

Everyone felt awkward. And Murong Luguang was speechless.

“Where’s the demonic Qi? You accused me of cultivating with demonic techniques. Where’s the demonic Qi?” Wang Ke continued.

He had the greatest backing with his revered teacher around. Wang Ke was no longer afraid; he looked like a totally different person.

“Revered Teacher, please be the judge. I have done nothing, and yet trouble comes finding me! Even when I entered a closed door cultivation, violent people came and even injured the princess’ servants. If not for your presence here, I might have already been falsely accused and executed. Revered Teacher, I am but your humble disciple. If someone slanders me for no good reason... it has to be just like beating the dog before the lion. His sword must surely be pointing at you, my revered Teacher! Please deliver your judgement!” said a groaning Wang Ke.

That was the right time to flip the accusation over!

“I did not!” Murong Luguang said. His face turned pale.

Pointing my sword at Chen Tianyuan?Are you crazy?Wang Ke is really too good at maligning. If Chen Tianyuan were not around, Murong Luguang wouldn’t have stopped until he struck Wang Ke dead.

Nearby, Chen Tianyuan looked toward Murong Luguang with a stern face.

“Sect Lord, I was mistaken about Wang Ke! But… But, it’s just that they really transported a large amount of poisonous material, I… I…!” Murong Luguang was suddenly at a loss for words.

He went there to denounce Wang Ke for his evil deeds, but the latter’s Essence Qi proved his innocence. And so, all his speculations and excuses became false slandering; his actions were beyond justifiable. Murong Luguang was trapped in an embarrassing situation.

“Murong Luguang, since you lost the bet, admit defeat. There’s nothing wrong with Wang Ke’s essence Qi; he has no demonic Qi. You need to give Wang Ke a flying sword and ten thousand pounds of spirit stones now!” She Miejue commanded her disciple.

Wang Ke glanced at She Miejue. The flying sword and spirit stones are meant to compensate me. Now you’re making it sound as if all of this was just a bet?The East Wolf Hall Lord is not easy to deal with.

But before Wang Ke could get a word in edgewise, Chen Tianyuan nodded in agreement, “You lost the bet, now admit defeat, Murong Luguang…!”

“Yes, Sect Lord! I will do just that!” Murong Luguang cried out gloomily in response.

Wang Ke was even more frustrated. My revered Teacher is letting them off just like that?I wanted to squeeze more compensation out of them!

However, since his revered teacher had already decided, Wang Ke could not go overboard with his demands. His only choice was to reluctantly receive the compensation.

Ten thousand pounds of spirit stones are nothing, but a flying sword? A flying sword was not something that could be bought with spirit stones! Even Murong Luguang was in pain when he handed over a flying sword.

Chen Tianyuan didn’t pursue the matter because he had utmost trust in She Miejue. He knew it was impossible for her to be there to get rid of Wang Ke, but things were just too peculiar that day.

She Miejue cannot tolerate any injustice. She is also quite particular when it comes to keeping face. How could she bully a disciple just like that for no good reason?But why did something like this happen today?She condoned her disciple’s unruly actions at Sword-study Peak?This isn’t like her at all!

“Sect Lord, Murong Luguang is the descendant of a deceased friend of mine. He’s a talented person who has advanced quickly in his cultivation, along with being popular among the other disciples. Sadly, he became prideful and haughty. It’s also my fault for not spending much time teaching him, which made him develop this indecent temperament and to act rashly at times. Sect Lord, please be forgiving and take care of him!” She Miejue suddenly bowed at Chen Tianyuan.

“Revered Teacher!” Murong Luguang also lowered his head immediately.

My revered Teacher is pleading forgiveness for me? Murong Luguang felt ashamed and angry.

“Hall Lord She, why are you saying this? Murong Luguang is your disciple and an elite in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. It’s normal to have a little pride. He has slain countless demons and contributed greatly to the sect and the world. Why would I blame him? Don’t worry, I will take good care of him!” Chen Tianyuan replied politely.

“This puts my heart at ease!” She Miejue nodded.

“Hall Lord She, you’re acting a little weird today…!” Chen Tianyuan was confused.

“Let Murong Luguang pay Wang Ke first. I will explain things to you after that!” She Miejue said.

“Sure!” Chen Tianyuan nodded.

The nearby Murong Luguang endured heartache as he handed over a flying sword and ten thousand pounds of spirit stones.

Wang Ke didn't receive it personally, ordering a subordinate to do so.

“Murong Luguang, you behaved rashly out of envy, and you have wronged a junior of yours. Losing the bet is not enough. You must apologize to your junior now!” She Miejue ordered.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.