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NETS - Chapter 104 – Big Surprise

Although Chong Ming Sect lost the bet because of the poor performance from two of its disciples, the Enlightened Masters didn’t say anything. After all, the two sects ranked at the bottom of the top ten North Ocean sects. There wasn’t any meaningful purpose in their bet, not to mention that Zhen Ling Sect’s Enlightened Masters were calm and composed with confidence.

Sure enough, in the subsequent bet between Zhen Ling Group’s Yu Jian Sect and Xuan Ling Group’s Fei Yu Sect, the former defeated the latter by a fine line. Fei Yu Sect’s five cultivators revealed a total of 5,000 500-year spirit herbs and 20 1000-year spirit herbs, which brightened everyone’s eyes.

However, Yu Jian Sect’s five cultivators took out nearly 6,000 spirit herbs and 26 1000-year spirit herbs. The Fei Yu cultivators lowered their heads in dismay, while Yu Jian Sect’s Enlightened Master Duan Lang-Xian smilingly took away half of Fei Yu Sect’s spirit herbs.

The following bet between Zhen Ling Group’s Cang Hai Sect and Xuan Ling Group’s Cang Lang Sect had no suspense. Cang Hai Sect’s seven cultivators took out a total of 9,000 500-year spirit herbs and 40 1000-year spirit herbs, which left Cang Lang Sect’s 7,500 500-year spirit herbs and 36 1000-year spirit herbs in disgrace.

When Cang Hai Sect’s Enlightened Master took away half of Cang Lang Sect’s spirit herbs, their Enlightened Master made a sardonic face. Obviously, the loss of these spirit herbs was heartbreaking even to him.

At this time, all eyes were fixated on Xuan Ling Sect and Zhen Ling Sect. In fact, there was no longer any suspense in the competition between these two sects. After all, Zhen Ling Sect had eleven cultivators that returned from Fei Ling Island, three cultivators more than Xuan Ling Sect, making it the highest percentage of survivors among the sects.

However, the Enlightened Masters weren’t concerned about the outcome of the bet, but instead wished to know the harvests the two sects had gained, especially for Zhen Ling Sect.

Ever since they returned, Xuan Ling Sect’s cultivators had been in discussion. Zhang Wei-Qing was seen respectfully seeking Feng Xu-Dao’s advice. But looking at the nonchalant expression on the latter’s face, the Enlightened Masters couldn’t guess what the sect was planning.

In the end, Zhang Wei-Qing seemed to make up his mind. He glanced over at the cultivators above the ocean, including the Enlightened Masters, who were looking at them. He didn’t hesitate anymore and showed his harvest.

The Enlightened Masters weren’t afraid of them cheating. Firstly, they were mostly straightforward people who didn’t care to use unscrupulous means; secondly was due to the special interspatial pouch given to the cultivators to contain their harvests in Fei Ling Island. Hence, only the spirit herbs stored inside of this special interspatial pouch would count.

So even if the cultivators knew they were losing the bet, they also couldn’t take out and hide the spirit herbs. Not to mention that Xuan Ling Sect was still the head of the North Ocean Alliance, it would surely tarnish its reputation to cheat in a mere bet.

Xuan Ling Sect’s eight cultivators took out their harvested spirit herbs from the special interspatial pouches. The cultivators burst out with excitement and exclamations, and even the Enlightened Masters were also surprised. There were even a few Enlightened Masters that gave a cold sneer.

There were more than 14,000 500-year spirit herbs and nearly a hundred 1000-year spirit herbs. These spirit herbs were enough to impress the Enlightened Masters on the spot.

However, a portion of the spirit herbs were obtained from cultivators they killed during the final moments of the expedition. Thus, there were Enlightened Masters looking unhappy and dissatisfied.

Zheng Ling Sect’s Wei Zi-Heng and a few others exchanged a look. Other than Lu Ping, the rest of the ten cultivators opened their interspatial pouches, and more than 200 jade boxes appeared in the air. The jade boxes opened to reveal 18,000 500-year spirit herbs before the cultivators’ very eyes.

Among the many jade boxes, ten boxes made of Crystal Jade particularly attracted attention. Inside of these boxes were 120 1000-year spirit herbs undulating with spiritual energy and emitting a pleasant fragrance.

At this time, even the Enlightened Masters stared at the spirit herbs with glowing eyes. Although Zhen Ling Sect’s Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling and Enlightened Master Guo Xuan-Shan were curious why Lu Ping didn’t show his portion, they were still very satisfied with the remaining bounty.

In fact, Lu Ping wasn’t intentionally ignoring the bet between the two sects. He was actually sorting the items in the interspatial pouch.

Lu Ping’s gains in the Fei Ling expedition were too implausible; they were so enormous that even he couldn’t believe his eyes and started to doubt himself.

At the same time, Lu Ping was feeling heartache and was reluctant to think that a majority of these harvests would be taken away by the sect. However, he also knew very well that he wouldn’t have gained anything if the sect hadn’t given him this opportunity.

After all, the sect also had to pay a hefty price for each expedition to Fei Ling Island, which included the Enlightened Masters’ time and arcane energy, and a large amount of resources. Hence, it was only reasonable for the sect to recoup its investment.

Zhen Ling Sect’s two Enlightened Masters had already noticed Lu Ping’s divine sense probing within the interspatial pouch. But when they also saw that Wei Zi-Heng and the rest didn’t disrupt him, they decided not to say anything. Their hearts were only curious about the young cultivator’s harvest, and why there were looks of admiration on his team’s faces.

Zhang Wei-Qing was annoyed when he looked at Zhen Ling Sect’s bounty. Although he knew they would lose, he didn’t expect that they would lose so badly.

Looking at Enlightened Master Feng Xu-Dao’s narrowed eyes, Zhang Wei-Qing felt a cold chill traveling down his spine. He suddenly recalled the request he brought up before this; although Enlightened Master Feng didn’t respond to the request, not responding itself was already an answer.

Hence, Zhang Wei-Qing’s brain came alive and entered a round of calculations. He thought about the other harvests they had from the Core Forging cave-dwellings, especially that one item. If they were allowed to compete for those items, they could definitely change the outcome, and this wasn’t the time to hesitate anymore.

As he made up his mind, Zhang Wei-Qing stepped forward and greeted the surrounding Enlightened Masters. He said, “Enlightened Masters, although our Xuan Ling Sect didn’t obtain more spirit herbs than Zhen Ling Sect, these aren't the only spoils that appeared on Fei Ling Island. This junior thinks that aside from spirit herbs, everything and anything that we found on Fei Ling Island, should also be included as part of the bet. Therefore, this junior pleads with the Enlightened Masters to expand the contents of the bet.”

The Enlightened Masters clearly didn’t expect that a junior from Xuan Ling Sect would dare to bypass his Enlightened Master and give them a suggestion directly. They looked at Feng Xu-Dao who appeared impassive to the drama that was happening, as if he didn’t have any interest in the bet.

In fact, other than Zhen Ling Sect, the rest of the Enlightened Masters were naturally happy to accept the suggestion. The spirit herbs harvested by the two sects had already stirred up their expectations. But now, judging from this junior’s suggestion, it seemed like Xuan Ling Sect had procured other precious items from Fei Ling Island.

Naturally, the Enlightened Masters were curious to see what treasures the two sects had secured.

Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling chortled faintly. “Fellow Daoist Feng, is this a suggestion that comes from your sect?”

It was only then that Feng Xu-Dao slightly widened his eyes and said, “It’s all just a play among the little ones. Our sect will let them be however they want, we old bones are only here to watch them carry on.”

Enlightened Master Liu quietly scolded in her heart, What an old fox!

But she also couldn’t tell what Xuan Ling Sect was planned. Hence, she looked at Wei Zi-Heng and noticed that the disciples were all looking disdainfully at Zhang Wei-Qing and the Xuan Ling Sect cultivators.

If one were to put the expression on their faces into words, it would be: “Zhang Wei-Qing, we didn’t want to embarrass you to death, but you still came asking for it anyway.

Hence, a decision was made in her heart and Enlightened Master Liu said, “Since Fellow Daoist Feng has no objection, it means that you have agreed to the suggestion. Fine then, Zhen Ling Sect also agrees to expand the contents of the bet. The disciples from both sects can show any item they obtained on Fei Ling Island. The losing party will submit half of their spoils to the winning party.”

Enlightened Master Liu herself wasn’t an easy target. She thought, Feng Xu-Dao, don’t you think you can brush over this matter lightly. If you wish to play, then I, Liu Xuan-Ling, will make sure you can’t go back on your words. Sigh, little ones, I hope you can really win this.

Seeing that things finally moved according to his plan, Zhang Wei-Qing was bestirred. “This junior and my fellow martial siblings have also gained 96 bottles of Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets. Enlightened Masters, please have a look.”

The Enlightened Masters’ divine sense spread out and inspected the medicinal pellets, then they nodded slightly and confirmed that they were real.

Su Zi-Peng grinned coldly. “Hehe, Zhang Wei-Qing, you really don’t know when to give up. Fine, I’ll let you see what our sect gained.”

With that statement, 110 jade bottles containing Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets appeared in front of them.

Hai Yan Sect’s Hong Yan-Ping smiled as he pointed at Lu Ping and said, “What’s happening here? Why is this disciple of yours not producing anything at all? Did he hide in some corner for the entire eighteen days? Why is he not contributing anything?”

After Enlightened Master Hong said that, he was startled to see the strange expressions from the surrounding disciples. Even Xuan Ling Sect’s Zhang Wei-Qing had a similar look on his face.

Shui Yan Pavilion’s Enlightened Master Han Ru-Yan chortled, and she explained, “Senior Brother Hong, I see that you’re not aware. From what I know, this little disciple has the biggest haul from Fei Ling Island this time.”

Lu Ping just finished sorting out his spoils when he heard the two Enlightened Masters discussing him. Immediately, he realized that he must have missed something and his heart tightened. It was at that moment, Zhen Ling Sect’s Guo Xuan-Shan said, “Boy, show them what you have. Even I will start to get impatient if you continue to drag it out.”

Lu Ping was taken aback while Wei Zi-Heng quickly explained about the drama that happened. Lu Ping glanced at Zhang Wei-Qing and waved his hand, taking out 60 bottles of Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets. Lu Ping had found them in cave-dwellings and also looted them from the cultivators he killed.

Lu Ping’s spoils were so immense that he drew an uproar from the Blood Condensation cultivators. He even caught the attention of the Enlightened Masters. Lu Ping immediately felt extremely uncomfortable when suddenly, Enlightened Master Guo Xuan-Shan laughed happily and said, “Not bad, not bad. You didn’t let down Zhen Ling Sect’s prestige. Old Guo here promises you that you can keep half of these medicinal pellets.”

As Enlightened Master Guo spoke, a burst of aura suffused the air around Lu Ping and isolated him from the auras of the other Enlightened Masters. Lu Ping suddenly felt greatly relieved from the pressure, and he was overjoyed to hear that he could keep half of the medicinal pellets.

Zhang Wei-Qing didn’t expect Lu Ping to turn the gap between the sects into a deep gulf with just a single move. He grew more unwilling and he took out ten more bottles of medicinal pellets. These bottles were Crystal Jade Bottles and the medicinal pellets were Core Forging Realm cultivation medicinal pellets. Now, even the Enlightened Masters were envious at seeing this harvest.

With the increase in cultivation levels, the medicinal pellets for cultivation would become increasingly difficult to obtain. Taking Zhen Ling Sect as an example, if the Blood Refining Realm medicinal pellets could still be guaranteed for every disciple and the Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets were limited in number, then the Core Forging Realm medicinal pellets were completely scarce.

This showed how precious these ten bottles of Core Forging Realm medicinal pellets were.

Then, Wei Zi-Heng also took out ten Crystal Jade Bottles containing Core Forging Realm medicinal pellets. Zhang Wei-Qing was heaving a breath of relief when suddenly, he saw Lu Ping taking out another five Crystal Jade Bottles. Zhang Wei-Qing’s breath stuttered and he coughed repeatedly.

This time, not only were the other Enlightened Masters surprised, but Enlightened Master Guo Xuan-Shan was left amazed. A wide smile spread across Enlightened Master Liu’s face.

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