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HD - Chapter 15.2: But I’m wary because of you (2)

Both of them sat back where they sat yesterday.

Wen Yifan poured him a cup of warm water. Before moving in straight into the topic, she casually asked, “Where did you sleep yesterday? I noticed you didn’t sleep in the master bedroom.”

Sang Yan took the water but he didn’t drink it, “Hotel.”

Wen Yifan was surprised, “Weren’t you too lazy to go?”

Sang Yan coldly replied, “I don’t have the habit of sleeping in other people’s homes.”


What he meant was probably this.

It wasn’t decided whether he could stay in this house last night, so this house was still regarded as Wen Yifan’s house. If he had stayed last night, then he would have been considered as a homeless and miserable guy who accepted her generosity.

“Alright, as long as you had a good sleep.” Wen Yifan took a sip of water before saying softly, “Let’s start discussing? Have you understood what I told you yesterday?”


Wen Yifan asked, “Are you done considering?”

Sang Yan glanced at her and questioned her back, “Are you done considering?”

Wen Yifan, “Yes, I don’t have high requirements of my housemate, as long as the personality is fine and we don’t interfere with each other. And you’re just staying for three months, am I right? It won’t be long.”

Sang Yan raised his eyebrows, “You’re not worried about me?”

Wen Yifan was stunned for a while, “There’s nothing to be worried about.”

Sang Yan smiled and said slowly, “But I’m worried about you.”


Then don’t stay.

Wen Yifan was speechless with his narcissistic behaviour, “I basically don’t communicate with my housemate at home, it was also like this with Wang Linlin. If you’re still worried, then you could just lock your door when you’re in your room.”

She didn’t care if he wanted to use 8000 pairs of locks.

Sang Yan raised his eyebrows slightly and didn’t comment about the suggestion.

Wen Yifan asked again, “If you’re OK with it, then let’s talk about the terms and conditions for sharing this unit together.”

Sang Yan, “About what?”

“First, rent and deposit.” Wen Yifan was getting down to business, “When Wang Linlin left, she gave me the landlord’s WeChat contact. The contract was signed under Wang Linlin’s name alone, and it would expire in half a year.”

Wen Yifan, “The rent is paid monthly, 5000 per month. The deposit is a month’s rent. I’m paying for it now, but since you’re moving in, let’s share the deposit equally?”

Sang Yan said lazily, “Ok.”

“Then I’ll make it clear for you.” Wen Yifan bent down and took out a notebook under the coffee table. She wrote some numbers on the notebook, “I’m living in the second bedroom, and you’ll be living in the master bedroom where Wang Linlin used to live, it comes along with a bathroom. So, your rent will be higher than mine, 3000 per month.”

Wen Yifan paused and looked up, “Is this acceptable?”

Sang Yan’s face was propped on his hand, he looked at her and listened.


Both of them were close together because they were having a conversation in the same space.

“The water and electricity bills are paid by a passbook, I have paid the bills previously.” Wen Yifan tucked her hair behind her ear while she flipped through the passbook, “There’s still more than 800 in it now.”

By then, Wen Yifan, “In that case, you can transfer 5900 to me first.”

Wen Yifan looked at him as she spoke.

Sang Yan looked away, “Ok.”

“And, since we’re living together, there are a lot of things that can’t be assigned clearly. Should we split the bill for daily supplies? I’ll make a list for you tomorrow. But if you don’t want to, we can use our own supplies.”

Sang Yan was too lazy to bother about these tiny details, “Give me the total price when you’re done calculating.”

“So we’re done with the case with money.” Wen Yifan added, “I don’t have any experiences in sharing the same unit with the opposite sex. Although you’re only living for three months, we can still lay out our requirements in advance, can’t we?”

Sang Yan was cooperative, “Go on.”

“I’m a light sleeper. So for my first requirement, I hope you don’t make any noise during my normal rest time, from 10 pm to 9 am the next day. I don’t mind noise at other times.”

He seemed like he could only speak one word at a time, “Ok.”

They were still of the opposite sex after all, Wen Yifan added, “Second, take good care of hygiene, one must clean up the dirty place themselves and the attire in public areas should not be too overexposed.”

Sang Yan sneered when he heard the word ‘overexposed’, “In your dreams.”


“The last one.” Wen Yifan didn’t want to waste her time fussing around with him, “One should ask the other’s opinion before bringing friends back home. Be it a male or a female.”

Wen Yifan suddenly remembered something when she mentioned this, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Sang Yan looked up, “Hmm?”

“If you do,” Wen Yifan reminded, “You should tell your partner about this in advance. If she minds…”

“Don’t worry, I don’t.” Sang Yan smirked and his tone was not serious, “But don’t be too happy.”

Wen Yifan, “?”

Sang Yan, “I don’t want to date anyone at the moment.”


“Alright, then we’ll talk about this when you find someone during our unit-sharing period.” Wen Yifan added, “I’ll notify you when I find one too.”

Sang Yan’s lips became stiff.

Wen Yifan couldn’t think of any other requirements, “That’s all from me for the time being, tell me what yours are.”

“I can’t think of one.” Sang Yan briefly answered, “I’ll tell you when I think of one.”

Wen Yifan nodded, “Then, I…”

Sang Yan, “Which room do I sleep in?”

“The master bedroom is at the innermost of the corridor. Wang Linlin had cleaned the room when she left.” Wen Yifan realized the most important thing after discussing it for a long time, “You should go and have a look at the room and see if you’re satisfied with it. It’s not too late to book a room in a hotel now if you’re not satisfied with it.”


Sang Yan replied, got up and walked towards the room.

Wen Yifan breathed a sigh of relief and felt like she had solved a big problem. She walked back to her room and searched for her clothes in her closet. She hesitated when she was about to go out, then, she covered her undergarments with her clothes.

At this moment, the door was knocked.

Wen Yifan had to put her clothes back in the closet before opening the door, “What’s the matter? Not satisfied with the room?”

“Hmm.” Sang Yan leaned against the doorframe. He lifted his chin in the direction of the master bedroom, “You move into that room.”

Wen Yifan was unable to react, “You wanted my room?”

“Hmm.” Sang Yan replied again.

Wen Yifan had nothing to hide in her room, she simply stepped aside to give him ample room to look inside, “Did the master bedroom fail to meet your expectations? But the condition of this bedroom is definitely not as good as the master bedroom.”

Sang Yan glanced around the room and nodded.

He repeated, “You move into that room.”


Wen Yifan slowly came to an uncertain conclusion.

Does he think 3000 is too expensive?

Wen Yifan stood still and hesitantly stated, “The rent of two rooms are different.”

Although she was embarrassed, she still had to mention due to her financial status, “Well, I’m still on probation and I’m living on my allowance now. 2000 is already my limit.”

Sang Yan’s lips twitched, “I didn’t ask you to pay more.”

“It’s not the matter whether I’ve to pay more,” Wen Yifan said, “Whoever pays more gets to stay in a better room. This is by default and fair.”

“Which room is better is decided by me.” Sang Yan’s tone was lazy, “It’s not decided by the house, understand?”


“And could you make some sense?” Sang Yan said slowly, “Since I’m paying more, then it should be me deciding which room to stay in, right?”

“Alright.” Wen Yifan couldn’t understand what he was thinking, she couldn’t help asking, “Why don’t you want to stay in that room?”

“Hmm? There’s no reason.” Sang Yan calmly replied, “I simply wanted to find you something to do.”


After a few seconds, Sang Yan added, “That room smells bad.”

She didn’t know whether it was nonsense or the truth.


Wen Yifan had hardly any stuff, and the two rooms were just two meters apart. She finished moving her stuff after a few trips. Sang Yan had been sitting in a chair like royalty when she was busy moving, without any intention of helping.

Wen Yifan suggested when she took her last item, “In this case, we’ll use the two washrooms separately. I’ll move my things out later.”

Sang Yan looked at her and didn’t bother to answer her as if he thought that the discussion was over.

Wen Yifan took his silence as an agreement before going out. She went to the general washroom to take her toiletries before going back to the room.

She was too busy moving her stuff and she didn’t pay attention to the smell. Wen Yifan was able to pick up the smell now, the room did have a smell. But it didn’t smell bad. It was the smell coming from Wang Linlin’s reed diffuser.

Seems like this young master can’t stand this fragrance?

Wen Yifan was going to tell him that the smell would go away in a few days if the ventilation was sufficient.

But she saw the mess all over the floor.

She chose to forget about it when she realized that she would have to move everything again.

Wen Yifan went out of the washroom when she finished bathing. A thought flashed in her mind: It feels good to have a washroom in my bedroom, I don’t have to hide my undergarments to take a shower.

Wen Yifan had headaches when she was looking at her messy room. She began to make her bed after drying her hair.

Wen Yifan heard her phone ringing as soon as she had finished making her bed.

She reached for her phone on the bedside table. She unlocked her screen and found an Alipay transfer notification.

Sang Yan had transferred 13000 Yuan to you.

Wen Yifan was stunned when she saw the amount.

But she immediately understood as Sang Yan probably thought it was troublesome, so he directly transferred three month’s worth of rent to her along with the deposit and utilities’ fees. However, 12000 would be more than enough if he wanted to round up the payment.

What is this extra thousand for?

Wen Yifan recalled herself mentioning the daily supplies.

She didn’t buy anything recently, except that the washing machine in the house was too old and stopped working. After discussing with Wang Linlin, Wen Yifan bought a new washing machine with her.

However, Wang Linlin left after only using the washing machine a few times. So, Wen Yifan simply returned the money to her when she returned her deposit.

Wen Yifan didn’t want to take advantage of Sang Yan. She took screenshots of the list and calculated the fees on her phone.

After finishing calculating, she transferred the balance back to him following the numbers on her calculator.

She suddenly felt something was wrong as soon as she transferred. She picked up her phone again.


The other side.

Sang Yan threw his towel aside when he heard his phone rang. He bent down to pick up his phone.

Wen Yifan had transferred 520 Yuan to you.

*520 is an abbreviation of Wo Ai Ni, which means I love you in China.

Written by 竹已. Translated by Uygnis.