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LTBE - Chapter 309: Putting My Life On the Line

There was a glow of light above the towering wall of Saint Freya Academy before the body of a young man suddenly materialized and fell to the ground. 


Roel violently coughed out blood upon hitting the ground. He was already on the verge of death with the severe injuries he had sustained and the stress resulting from the teleportation, but the thought of Lilian made him grit his teeth and hold on to his consciousness.

He wasn’t about to give up here. He came here not to despair but to seek hope.

A cold night wind blew from the corner of the academy’s walls. His surroundings looked dark and deserted, but the moment he entered the barrier, he could sense her looking over.

Without any hesitation, he pulled out Ascendwing and plunged it toward his heart. But before the blade could even land, an iridescent glow suddenly emerged and blocked the blade. 

“What are you doing?!”

His seemingly reckless action was immediately met with an infuriated feminine voice. 

Looking at the ancestor whom he forced to appear by threatening suicide, Roel knew that he had to convince Astrid to save Lilian in the fastest time possible.

But before he could do so, he had to first understand why she had chosen to turn a blind eye to their plight.

Their fight with Priestley had occurred not too far away from Saint Freya Academy. Such a distance could be easily covered by a top-notch expert who had already lived for centuries within moments. This hinted that there was a more compelling reason that forced her to turn a blind eye to their plight. 

“Why didn’t you make a move?”

Roel stared at the woman before him with his sharp golden eyes. Blood was still flowing profusely from his body, swiftly forming a puddle that stained Astrid’s boots.

Astrid couldn’t bear to see such a look on Roel’s face. She contemplated for a moment before revealing the truth with a bitter voice. 

“Child, I’m sorry for your older sister. Due to certain reasons, I can only make a move once. I won’t stand a chance against Priestley out there; I have to face him in the academy.”

“Is that so?”

Roel responded unexpectedly calmly to Astrid’s explanation. He reached into his robe and pulled out a box. In it sat a glistening gemstone. 

The moment he took the gemstone out of the box, the two of them could vaguely hear the calls of the tempest whispering in their ears. Dark wind started to revolve around them, colliding furiously against the natural flow of air.

Roel watched as Astrid’s eyes widened in astonishment before finally revealing his condition.

“Save her. I’ll kill Priestley.”


Astrid’s iridescent eyes contracted sharply upon hearing those words, but the severely injured Roel remained unnaturally calm. 

It was true that Priestley was powerful, but there was one thing he was oblivious to in this chaotic Leinster that could potentially threaten him—Tempest Caller.

In fact, it would appear that the Saints Convocation had specially prepared this trump card in order to get rid of him.

The Six Calamities were disasters that had devoured countless civilizations. Even the Magician King who had reached the peak of humankind wouldn’t be spared from their ravage. 

Granted that it would take time for Roel to absorb the egg, but it was also possible for him to release this ancient monster and pull off mutually assured destruction against Priestley whenever he wanted. 

Astrid immediately understood Roel’s intention.

“Worse comes to worst, I’m willing to bring the Magician King down with it. However, I ask you to save Senior Lilian. This is the only request I have, and I ask you to accede to it.”

Astrid’s face flickered in uncertainty as she locked her iridescent eyes with Roel’s golden ones. She could feel the unwavering resolution he harbored inside. After a moment of dilemma, she came to a decision and her heart finally calmed down. 

“I understand… You’re all brave children,” she said. 

Her body began to emanate iridescent light. 

“She’ll be fine, I promise.”

With those words, her silhouette vanished from sight. She had marched off to the battlefield.


I succeeded.

Looking at his empty surroundings after Astrid’s departure, Roel suddenly felt like a huge burden had been taken off his chest. He raised his trembling hand and lightly wiped off the tear stains on his face. For some reason, he felt deeply at ease.

The knowledge that Lilian would be able to survive filled him with relief, but at the same time, rage and fighting spirit blazed in his heart. 

He might have persuaded Astrid by saying that he was willing to go down together with Priestley, but the truth was that he had no intention to do so. Lilian had put herself at risk so that he wouldn’t die in a place like this, and he himself believed that there was another way out of this quandary too.

Thus far, the Witness States had been difficult but solvable trials, and Roel currently held two crucial keys in his hands. All that he was lacking was intelligence. He believed that as long as he could piece the puzzle together, he would be able to exact vengeance on Priestley.

He strained himself a little to place the gemstone back into the box, and the brewing storm around him finally came to a rest. 


Meanwhile, condensed mana was pulsating from a battlefield not too far away. An iridescent glow clashed against a white force, inducing ceaseless explosions.

After innumerable years, the two powerhouses who had risen to the top amidst the human cities were finally standing before one another due to Roel and Lilian. 


“I am the commander of the garrison troops, Antonio. I’m also a member of the Assembly, going by the alias, ‘Guardian’.”

Before the severely wounded Roel stood a familiar yet weirdly foreign face. 

With a gentle wave of his hand, Antonio conjured a bunch of gleaming spirits which began dancing around Roel. 

“Prin-, I mean, Mister Antonio, this is…?”

Roel’s eyelids shot up in wonderment as he felt his wounds slowly beginning to heal under the blessings of the dancing spirits around him. 

“It’s Lord Astrid’s dream spirits.”

“Dream… spirits?”

“Yes. Lord Astrid possesses the Dreamwalker Bloodline. These are her subordinates,” explained Antonio.

Roel widened his eyes in astonishment. He finally understood the reason behind his ancestor’s longevity, but another doubt swiftly surfaced in his mind.

Dreamwalker? That’s an elusive being who traverses through the dreams of different beings, right? They’re known for being nigh impossible to restrain. It doesn’t make sense that Astrid’s movements are limited here. 

Roel posed his doubts to Antonio, but the latter lowered his head gloomily. A moment later, he replied with a deep sigh.

“Lord Astrid can’t leave the academy because she’s protecting the future of humankind.”

“The future of humankind? What is…”

Roel was in the midst of probing when his vision suddenly turned dark. He had lost too much blood that he started to lose consciousness. 

“Your injuries are too severe. Stop talking and rest up,” advised Antonio with a frown.

The spirits also began moving quicker to alleviate Roel’s injuries. After holding on for a while more, Roel finally succumbed and fainted. 

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