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CSG - Chapter 2954: The Lightning God Clan Retreats

Near the tunnel to the Spirits’ World in the Saints’ World, the ancestral elder of the right from the Lightning God clan continued to sit at the entrance, blocking it alone.

His eyes were shut as he sat there without budging at all like a meditating monk. He seemed like a stone statue.

He had already remained in that posture for over two centuries.

Two centuries was a very long time to regular cultivators, but to the ancestral elder of the right who had lived for much, much longer, it was only an instant to him.

During the years the ancestral elder of the right blocked the entrance to the Spirits’ World, there had not been a single organisation or cultivator from the vast Saints’ World that had entered the Spirits’ World apart from the Dao clan and the Violet Crepeflower clan that the Lightning God clan was on good terms with and their subsidiary organisations.

But even with that being the case, the organisations and independent cultivators gathered at the entrance to the passageway did not decrease. They only increased in number.

Even many people from the clan that could be considered as a legitimate Spirits’ World organisation, the Spiritsages, had arrived. They all gathered in a colossal spaceship, claiming a region for themselves.

The spaceship from the Spiritsages was obviously the most eye-catching object in the surroundings.

Let alone the other features, simply the spaceship itself was a high quality god artifact!

At this moment, at the very top of the spaceship, a middle-aged couple stood side-by-side on an open platform as they gazed at the ancestral elder of the right who blocked the passageway. Both of their faces were quite ugly.

The presence they gave off indicated they were both peak experts who had reached Grand Prime.

The middle-aged man was called Bai Cheng, while the middle-aged woman was called Zi Lan. Not only were they a couple, but they were also two ancestors of the Spiritsages!

“The Lightning God clan is far too arrogant. Strictly speaking, the Spirits’ World is territory that belongs to us Spiritsages, yet not only do the Lightning God clan block the passageway in such a forceful manner, but they’ve even slammed the door in our face,” Zi Lan grumbled.

Bai Cheng was filled with helplessness. He sighed gently. “What can you do about the fact that the Lightning God clan is powerful… Sigh, during our peak, even if we did not have a sovereign in the clan, we could still contend against the archaean clans. Look at us now. The Saint Monarchs of the archaean clans don’t even need to show themselves. Just an ancestral elder is enough to leave us utterly helpless.”

“We’ve actually declined to such a point already. I really wonder whether there’ll be a time when we rise up in glory once more…” Bai Cheng was pained.

“It’s a pity that the old patriarch is not here. If the old patriarch was here, I’d like to see whether the Lightning God clan would still be bold enough to behave so brashly, blocking off us Spiritsages from returning to the world that belongs to us.” Zi Lan fumed as she ground her teeth. Clearly, she was very frustrated.

“The old patriarch…” As soon as he heard the mention of the old patriarch, Bai Cheng began to reminisce. He murmured, “After he was heavily injured by a sovereign of the Immortals’ World, the old patriarch relinquished his position before vanishing. Even until now, he’s yet to appear again. I wonder whether he’s still alive or not.”

“I really do miss that period of time when we had the old patriarch. It was only during that period when we actually felt the Spiritsages was also a peak clan.”

At this moment, the passageway suddenly shook. When it shook like that, it meant a peak figure was currently crossing through.

The ancestral elder of the right who sat in front of the passageway opened his eyes slowly. His eyes that were filled with age stared right into the passageway, filled with anticipation and uneasiness.

With a flash, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy’s huge figure silently appeared. He stood beside the ancestral elder of the right, folding his arms and staring into the passageway calmly. He smiled faintly. “It has been over two centuries. This group of people who’ve destroyed order are finally willing to come out.”

As he said that, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy glanced past the ancestral elder of the right. He continued, “Though honestly, you sure do have good timing, as you’ll still be able to leave honourably right now.”

“What do you mean, Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy?” the ancestral elder of the right asked calmly, but his eyes were fixed on the passageway.

He could already vaguely sense that there were multiple Grand Primes emerging this time. It went without saying that everyone he had sent in was coming out.

A full retreat also meant that their operation to find the Origin of Ways had come to a complete end.

“That’s because the maximum amount of time I planned on giving you was three centuries. If you continued like this after three centuries, then I’d be forced to escort you out,” the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy said with great ease. Even though this was the combined effort of three archaean clans, he clearly felt no fear.

The ancestral elder of the right fell silent. He understood a figure like the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy never told empty threats just to try and frighten people. If he could mention it, then he would do it.

Most importantly, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy did possess the ability to!

He was a supreme expert that even the eight Saint Monarchs of the archaean clans had to treat with caution. He could not be trifled with.

At this moment, figures began surging in the passageway. They all emerged one by one, and the one in the lead was Lei Shiguang who grasped the Laws of Time.

Behind Lei Shiguang were Lei Yun, Lei Huaji, as well as the ancestors of the Violet Crepeflower clan and the Dao clan that had come to provide assistance.

As soon as these people emerged, they noticed the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy beside the ancestral elder of the right. Their faces all changed slightly, and they immediately bowed towards him.

“Lei Shiguang, you’ve spent over two centuries in the Spirits’ World. Have you found the Origin of Ways?”

Before the ancestral elder of the right could even speak, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy had asked, staring at Lei Shiguang with a slight smile.

Lei Shiguang clasped his fist at the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy and produced a pleasant smile on his handsome face. He said, “Thank you for letting us pass through, Sacred Lord. We were fortunate enough to accomplish the mission. We’ve already successfully found the Origin of Ways.

“You’ve found it? Fantastic, fantastic! That’s fantastic. We’ve finally found the Origin of Ways. This trip wasn’t in vain, it wasn’t in vain.” The ancestral elder of the right immediately became overjoyed. His heart that had been sitting in his throat finally settled down.

“You’ve found it? Seems like the Lightning Saint Monarch will be recovering soon then. If that’s the case, I don’t have to keep worrying then.” The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy smiled slightly. He was not emotional at all.

The ancestors of the Lightning God clan, Violet Crepeflower clan, and Dao clan all stared at the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy with strange expressions. The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy would worry for the Lightning Saint Monarch’s wounds?

Yeah right.

The matters of the past might have been a secret among certain circles of the upper echelon of the Saints’ World, but as members of archaean clans, the ancestors of the Violet Crepeflower clan and the Dao clan knew the exact details.

Back then, a mighty Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy, had gone as far as to cast away his pride as a supreme expert, kneeling down before the Lightning Saint Monarch in order to save his daughter. That had shaken up all the archaean clans.

However, news of this had been locked down firmly. It had not spread. As a result, only a few ancestors of great statuses among the eight archaean clans had the right to know.

“I’ve always been looking forward to a day when I got the opportunity to have a good spar with the Lightning Saint Monarch…” When the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy’s voice rang out, he had already vanished.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

Release schedule for September: 5 chapters a week, no chapter on Tuesdays and Fridays!

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..