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CSG - Chapter 2944: Exhausting the Essence Blood (Two)

Afterwards, Jian Chen continued to consume God Tier pills to recover his chaotic essence blood. As soon as his essence blood was full, he would immediately extract a portion and store it away. Only when he had gathered a hundred droplets would he pass it all to senior Wind.

He regularly circulated his Chaotic Force to purge the pill toxins accumulated in his body, relieving him of his resistance to the pills.

It continued endlessly like this. In the end, even Jian Chen had no idea how many God Tier pills he had consumed and how much time he had spent. Very soon, he had completely run out of God Pills of Condensing Blood, Divine Blood Pills of Eternity, and the Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival.

Out of the God Tier pills from the Wind Venerable, only these three varieties could recover essence blood.

“I’ve already finished off the sixty Divine Blood Pills of Eternity and the thirty-five Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival.” With that, Jian Chen really felt pained. Without the assistance of pills, he would only be able to recover a single droplet of chaotic essence blood with each year, and who knew how much more chaotic essence blood the Wind Venerable still required. If he were to rejuvenate the essence blood naturally, how much time would he have to waste?

Right now, all Jian Chen could think about was how to shorten the time. He was completely unaware of just how great of a sum the God Tier pills were in the Saints’ World.

If it were only the God Pills of Condensing Blood, then so be it. Mid grade God Tier pills were relatively easier to obtain in the Saints’ World, as the materials that went into them were relatively easy to obtain. The most important reason was there was still quite a handful of alchemy experts that could refine mid grade God Tier pills.

However, the Divine Blood Pills of Eternity and the Heaven Surpassing Pills of Revival were different. These two varieties were both high grade God Tier pills. Their materials were difficult to collect, and the greatest problem was there were not a lot of alchemy grandmasters that could refine high grade God Tier pills throughout the entire Saints’ World.

As a result, mid grade God Tier pills could not be compared to high grade God Tier pills in terms of value.

Even among Grand Primes, it was extremely difficult to obtain a cauldron full of high grade God Tier pills. Not only did they have to book in with an alchemy grandmaster, but they even needed to wait in line for their pills to be refined. The success rate was a factor in the refinement process too. Failure would come with quite the loss.

To all Grand Primes, high grade God Tier pills were strategic resources. They did not possess too many of them, and they would not use them without good reason.

Probably only someone on the level of the Wind Venerable would possess so many high grade God Tier pills.

Moreover, these high grade God Tier pills were primarily for healing. Recovering essence blood was merely a secondary function, yet Jian Chen ended up using such precious pills to recover his essence blood, and a single pill could only save him four to five years of time at most. It definitely was a tremendous waste.

If the Primordial realm experts outside found out about this, probably all of them would call him a prodigal.

All I can do is try out the pool full of spiritual fluid used to nurture the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways,” Jian Chen thought as he glanced at the bottle that only had fifty droplets of chaotic essence blood. Then he headed to the region of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways and collected a portion of the spiritual fluid.

The Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways was sacred when it came to the aspect of bloodlines. It was an innate item, so its value obviously could not be put into words. It had been nurtured in this pool for so many years, such that even the fluid in the pool possessed some of its properties.

When he drank the spiritual fluid, Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up. “Sure enough, the spiritual fluid can also recover my chaotic essence blood. It’s just not as effective as the God Tier pills.

With a plop, Jian Chen leapt into the pool. He opened up all of his pores and began absorbing the fluid in the pool, converting it to droplets of chaotic essence blood.

But very soon, the spiritual fluid ran out as well. Jian Chen had already exhausted all of the heavenly resources that could recover essence blood on him. Even the low level heavenly resources collected by Sacredfeather and Shen Jian had all been given to Jian Chen.

By now, Jian Chen could no longer find any more resources that could recover chaotic essence blood. His chaotic essence blood was drained. He had lost almost half of it.

“Enough, enough. This should be enough.”

Fortunately, he finally heard what he had been waiting for the entire time from the Wind Venerable.

That was like the most beautiful sounds in the world to Jian Chen. A victorious smile finally appeared on his pale face. His body seemed to run out of power as he fell back on his bottom.

The Wind Venerable had not been wrong. Draining his essence blood so frequently still led to a very negative influence on his body even with the recovery of pills. Right now, Jian Chen felt feeble all over. He felt like his blood and vitality did not flow smoothly through his body. Even his Chaotic Force became sluggish.

This feeling had appeared long ago. Even when his body was full with chaotic essence blood, this feeling of discomfort and feebleness continued to accompany him.

Jian Chen’s battle prowess was directly affected by his condition.

“I’m going to merge with it properly. When I merge with it, the supreme ways of the world will manifest in the surroundings. You’ll benefit tremendously if you watch,” the Wind Venerable said sternly. His gaze towards Jian Chen was mixed.

Without Jian Chen’s assistance, who knew how much longer he would remain in his mad state. How could he carry out the true fusion so quickly and with so much confidence?

“Senior Wind, once the fusion is complete, will you become a sovereign of the world?” Shen Jian asked eagerly. He knew that ever since the Spiritsages had come to the Saints’ World, they had never birthed another Grand Exalt. If the Wind Venerable became a Grand Exalt, he would be the first Grand Exalt of the Spiritsages across countless years.

Senior Wind nodded. He glanced past the peak heavenly resources planted nearby and a sharp light immediately flashed through his eyes, “Though, before I do carry out the fusion, some things need to be cleared away.”

With that, senior Wind suddenly appeared in front of a heavenly resource that a formation enveloped. Immediately, the space there twisted violently, and a teleportation formation hidden deep within space suddenly appeared.

The teleportation formation was extremely large and complicated, on a level even higher than interplanar teleportation formations. It could teleport people across an even greater distance than that.

The Wind Venerable glanced past the teleportation formation indifferently, and it automatically collapsed on itself.

“Those two scoundrels found out I was hiding here a long time ago. While I had lost my mind, they secretly snuck in here and cast down these formations. Looks like they’ve begun viewing the heavenly resources I planted here as their own a long time ago.” The Wind Venerable’s voice became chilly for the first time. His sombre eyes became extremely jarring too. “These teleportation formations were hidden well enough. If it were not for your sudden appearance, Jian Chen, probably even I wouldn’t have been able to detect the tricks they used here.”

“But fortunately, they’ve cast down these teleportation formations many years ago. Back then, Shen Jian had not arrived here yet, or I wouldn’t be able to keep his existence a secret anymore.”

Afterwards, the Wind Venerable entered the regions formations enveloped and destroyed the teleportation formations one by one. At the end, he even went to various places across the planet. A teleportation formation appeared wherever he stopped.

The Myriad Bone Guild had not just secretly cast down one or two teleportation formations on the planet, but over a dozen.

The Wind Venerable had grasped the locations of these teleportation formations a long time ago. However, to avoid alarming them, he had allowed these teleportation formations to exist.

But now that he was about to truly fuse with the god artifact, he could not allow the slightest disturbance to happen, so he was forced to destroy these teleportation formations.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..