HD - Chapter 10: I don’t think you can defeat them

It seemed that was the first time Sang Yan had called her by her name since they first met again.

Wen Yifan was extremely distressed at that moment and she thought she was hallucinating when she heard someone call her. She didn’t have time to stop to reconfirm, and she subconsciously ran a few steps past him.

The next moment, Wen Yifan’s wrist was grabbed by Sang Yan.

Sang Yan pulled her towards him harshly. Wen Yifan looked up and her vision was occupied by his stiffened side profile. His lips were pressed together, and he opened the door with one hand, which made him look a little angry.

“Why are you still standing here blankly?”

Wen Yifan was out of breath because she just sprinted all the way from her house in uncontrollable fear. She looked up at him and didn’t say anything. She got into the car as he requested.

The door was closed by Sang Yan.

Wen Yifan saw him pressing the lock button casually through the window.

The three men arrived.

Noticing the situation, the tiger tattooed man looked into the car to confirm that there was no one else before saying, “Boy, is this your girlfriend? She looks quite beautiful.”

Sang Yan looked up and enunciated, “It’s none of your business.”

The tiger tattooed man was upset because of his attitude, he pushed Sang Yan’s shoulder, “What kind of attitude is this? Did I mention this was my business? You don’t like to settle things calmly, do you?”

Sang Yan quickly grabbed the man’s arm before throwing it away as if he had touched something filthy.

His eyes were ice-cold, and he said calmly, “Are you leaving or not?”

“Alright, I’m not an unreasonable person.” The tiger tattooed man thought Sang Yan was giving in, he pointed at Wen Yifan and said, “Ask that b*tch in your car to come out and apologize to me, she has a face of a slut…”

As if something struck Sang Yan’s nerves, he suddenly kicked the tiger tattooed man’s abdomen without any warning.

He used all his strength in a kick without holding back. Wen Yifan could hear the loud noise when the man collided with the car.

The tiger tattooed man was interrupted by the kick. He stepped back for a few steps and bent over. He could hardly grumble, “F*ck, f*ck you…”

The two people behind him were dumbfounded.

They recovered from their shock and came to help after hearing the swearing words of the tiger tattooed man.

Wen Yifan looked down, controlled her trembling hands and took out her mobile phone to call the police.

Sang Yan was always loafing around and didn’t seem to care about anything. He would have a mocking look in his eyes when he looked at others. However, he seemed to be really upset at that moment even though his face remained expressionless.

His eyes were pitch black with anger, he was glaring at the people in front of him as if they were a mass of rotten meat.

The two men went towards Sang Yan to grab him. They attempted to hold him down.

Sang Yan swiftly grabbed the man’s hair and slammed his face against the street lamp next to him. The other person took the opportunity to punch Sang Yan in his face.

He couldn’t dodge, his head was tilted to the other side.

Time froze for a moment.

Sang Yan seemed to have lost his mind and nerves, he laughed when he was injured.

Wen Yifan didn’t cluelessly run out of the car because she knew that she couldn’t contribute any help, instead, she would only create more trouble. She was worried about whether any of them were armed, so she stared at them anxiously.

All of Sang Yan’s movements were targeted towards the tiger tattooed man with full strength unless the other two were getting in his way. At a split second, Wen Yifan saw his lips were moving, he said something short.

However, it was too far away.

Wen Yifan couldn’t hear what he said at all.

Fortunately, the police officer who was nearby had arrived and yelled, “Hey! What are you doing?”

Wen Yifan immediately got out of the car and went towards Sang Yan. She stood in front of Sang Yan because she was worried that the police officer might think he was one of them. She forced herself to calm down, “Sir, I called the police just now, this is my friend…”

Sang Yan’s face was obviously injured. There was blood at the corner of his lips, and his face was bruised. The anger in his eyes had faded away, he lowered his eyes and stared at Wen Yifan’s pale neck but remained silent.


All of them were taken to the police station to make a report.

According to the injuries of both parties, it was not considered as self-defence, it was more like a fight between two parties. However, the tiger tattooed man had criminal records and he went to disturb the previous victim as soon as he was released. He was at a disadvantage.

Everyone was nagged and fined several hundred dollars and left, except the tiger tattooed man.

Once they were out of the police station, Wen Yifan secretly glanced at Sang Yan’s face and pursed her lips together, “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Sang Yan was in a bad mood, he ignored her.

“Are there any other injuries on your body?” Wen Yifan felt guilty and uneasy because he was involved in her own affairs. “Let’s go to the hospital, it shouldn’t take much time…”

Sang Yan interrupted, “Wen Yifan.”

Wen Yifan looked up, “What?”

Sang Yan looked at her and suddenly said, “You didn’t see me when I called you?”

Wen Yifan couldn’t understand, “What?”

“Why did you run past me without asking for my help?”


“Can’t you hear me calling you to come to me?” Sang Yan’s tone of voice was sarcastic, “Are you blind, deaf, and mute? You think you can run away only with your legs?”

Wen Yifan didn’t mind his mean attitude. He saved her and was injured. She felt apologetic in front of him, “I wanted to ask for your help, but I don’t know whether they will start a fight or not, and I don’t want you to be involved.”

Sang Yan gazed deeply at her and listened to her explanation.

“What’s more,” Wen Yifan said honestly, “There are three of them, I don’t think you can defeat them.”


Sang Yan laughed in anger, he was speechless.

They happened to pass by a pharmacy.

Wen Yifan stopped, she glanced at his face again and said, “Wait here.”

Wen Yifan didn’t wait for Sang Yan to respond, she went into the pharmacy to buy some medicine for his injuries. After leaving the pharmacy, she looked around and found a bench in a remote place nearby.

Both of them went towards the bench.

“You should apply some medicine.” Wen Yifan handed over the bag and said sincerely, “You can’t meet anyone else when you look like this.”


Sang Yan seemed grumpy. He stared at her for a while before tearing the bag open without saying anything.

Wen Yifan didn’t speak, she looked at him rolling up his sleeves and spraying medicine on the bruises on his arm. The more she looked at him, the more she felt guilty.

Sang Yan applied the medicine harshly and rapidly. Wen Yifan felt that he might as well not apply the medicine.

Then, he applied medicine on his knees, and finally his face.

However, the application for his face was difficult.

Because the face was a blind spot, and there was no mirror around the area, Sang Yan could only blindly apply the medicine. His strength was not restrained, and he kept applying at the wrong place, so he was constantly frowning.

Wen Yifan couldn’t stand it anymore, “Let me help you.”

Sang Yan looked at her for a few seconds before giving her the medicine.

Wen Yifan was about to approach him when he said.

“Don’t take advantage of me.”


Wen Yifan paused and swallowed her anger, “Okay, I’ll pay attention to that.”

She took the iodophor cotton swab, stared and carefully applied it to the wounds on his face. Sang Yan made a sound of disapproval when she touched his wound as if she had pricked his wound with a needle.

Wen Yifan immediately froze.

Sang Yan seemed like he was looking for trouble, he said with displeasure, “Can’t you apply it more gently?”

Wen Yifan, “…”

She didn’t even think she touched him.

Wen Yifan said with a good temper, “Okay, I’ll be gentle.”

The distance between both of them gradually reduced.

Wen Yifan was focused on his wound, she was extremely cautious with her application because she was worried that she would make him upset again. She gradually applied the medicine downwards until the corner of his lips. She took a new iodophor cotton swab, broke it in half and gently applied it on the corner of his lips.

After the application, Wen Yifan looked up and met his eyes.

The surroundings froze for a moment.

“Do you need to get so close to apply medicine?” Sang Yan eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse.

“…” Wen Yifan sat up straight, “I’m sorry. The lighting here isn’t good, so I couldn’t see clearly.”

After that, she added, “And I’m done applying.”

There was nothing else after that.

Sang Yan leaned back and casually asked, “What is your situation?”

Wen Yifan looked down to clean up the medicine on the bench, she slowly explained, “We had some conflicts. The strongest man is living next door to me and he often knocks on my door. I reported it to the police and he was locked up for five days, which I think made him mad at me.“

Sang Yan’s expressions were not good when he heard this, “Are you still living in that stupid place tonight?”

Wen Yifan, “I have found a new place to live but I didn’t have time to move. I’ll go to my friend’s house tonight.”

Sang Yan didn’t reply, he took a long time before replying “Ok.”.

Wen Yifan stood up first when she noticed the time, “Let’s go, it’s getting late, you should go back and rest. Su Haoan’s car is still parked in my neighborhood, you have to head over there again.”

Sang Yan nodded without saying anything.

Both of them called a cab to go back to Jia Yuan City.

Once they got out of the car, Sang Yan went straight into the neighborhood without waiting for Wen Yifan to say goodbye. Wen Yifan didn’t know what he wanted to do, she approached him and asked, “Do you still have anything else?”

Sang Yan tilted his head, “Go up and pack your things.”

Wen Yifan was stunned, “Hmm?”

His words were full of disgust towards this neighborhood, “Are you going to come back to this stupid place again?”


He seemed to have the intention to accompany her up and pack her things.

Wen Yifan was worried about this, she was afraid to go upstairs alone in the meantime. She couldn’t find anyone to accompany her during this hour, and she was too embarrassed to ask for Sang Yan’s help.

Since he had mentioned it, she was also relieved.

Wen Yifan thanked him, “Thank you.”

Sang Yan was too lazy to answer her.

The property management in this neighborhood was really terrible.

The lights of several floors in the building where Wen Yifan lived were broken, people couldn’t see the pathway clearly due to the dim lights, and no one had ever changed them. There were piles of rubbish left at the corner of the corridor, which smelled damp and unpleasant.

Wen Yifan didn’t think anything was wrong before this, however, with this ‘Young Master’ around, she somehow felt embarrassed.

However, Sang Yan didn’t say anything.

Wen Yifan took out her keys to open the door when they reached in front of her house.

Sang Yan didn’t enter a girl’s house abruptly, he stood outside instead, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

Wen Yifan nodded.

Wen Yifan went in and pulled out her luggage from under her bed.

It had been less than three months since she came to Nanwu City. She had sold or threw most of her luggage before she came, and she didn’t have time to purchase new things. So, it was not much different from when she came to Nanwu City.

One luggage and a duffle bag were sufficient to pack all of her things.

After confirming that there was nothing left behind, Wen Yifan opened the door and went out.

Sang Yan glanced at her luggage, “Just this?”

Wen Yifan, “Yes.”

He didn’t say much and he helped her to carry them downstairs. After leaving the neighborhood, Sang Yan placed the luggage in the trunk and went to the driver’s seat, “Where is your friend’s house?”

Wen Yifan was still thinking about whether to live at Zhong Siqiao’s house for a night or to discuss with Wang Linlin to allow her to start living there tonight.

Sang Yan was impatient, “Do you hear me?”

Wen Yifan said, “Shangduhua City.”

Sang Yan frowned at her and started the car.

The neighborhood was very close to Shangduhua City, it was a less-than-five-minute drive.

Sang Yan casually asked when they were approaching the destination, “Which building does your friend live in?”

“……” Wen Yifan remembered the location, but she didn’t deliberately observe which building it was. She said honestly, “I don’t remember.”

Sang Yan was not in a hurry, “Ask her.”

Wen Yifan had already told Wang Linlin in WeChat, but she probably wasn’t looking at her mobile phone, so she didn’t respond. She didn’t want to bother Sang Yan for too long, she added, “She hasn't replied to my message yet. Don’t worry, you can just drop me at the entrance.”

There was complete silence.

She couldn’t detect Sang Yan’s emotion in his voice, “Do you really have friends living here?”

“……” Wen Yifan didn’t understand what he meant, “What?”

Sang Yan didn’t say anything anymore.

Sang Yan got out of the car to help her with her luggage once they reached the entrance of Shangduhua City.

Wen Yifan politely thanked again, “I really bothered you today. I’ll treat you to dinner when you’re free.”

“Save the dinner.” Sang Yan’s tone of voice was cold, he frankly said, “I will do the same thing even if it was someone I don’t know.”

Wen Yifan stared at the bruises on his face, she couldn’t resist saying, “If you’re always this brave and kind, just how many times a year will it be presentable?”


Written by 竹已. Translated by Uygnis.