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RHE - Chapter 2376: News from the High Priest!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"The spiritual energy of the earth veins does not possess a consciousness. Such a situation had never before happened."

Master Guangcheng paused a moment.

"Gradually, I began to realize that I could use my consciousness to draw in the surrounding spiritual energy, and with my soul sealed, I didn't have anything else to do…"


Wang Chong trembled as Master Guangcheng continued to speak.

"One day, two days… one year, two years… one hundred years, two hundred years… I spent all those days absorbing the spiritual energy of the earth. Initially, it was because I had nothing else to do, but later, the entire matter started going beyond the scope of what I could control, beyond the scope of what I had first imagined. I became the dragon veins of the entire Central Plains."

When Master Guangcheng solemnly spoke those last words, a thunderclap went off in Wang Chong's mind.


Wang Chong stared at Master Guangcheng in speechless shock.

He had long ago realized that Master Guangcheng's state was rather special. Even when Wang Chong was more than a thousand li away from the capital, Master Guangcheng had still been able to sense him.

Wang Chong had found it unusual at the time and used Psychic Energy to scan the area, but he had found no hint of Master Guangcheng's existence.

He knew that there had to be something special about Master Guangcheng's state, but he had not imagined that Master Guangcheng would actually have become the dragon vein of the Central Plains!

A dragon vein with a consciousness!

Wang Chong was so stunned that he couldn't speak.

Based on what Master Guangcheng had said, so long as he wanted, he could control all of the dragon veins of the Central Plains.

"Even I was shocked when I realized what had happened," Master Guangcheng calmly said, unsurprised by Wang Chong's reaction.

"As for Heaven, though he was somewhat slow, he eventually realized what was going on. However, when Heaven realized to his shock what had happened and moved to deal with me, it was too late. My consciousness could appear at any place I pleased. I was able to instantly appear wherever the Dragon Qi was, surpassing all other kinds of arts. It was too late for Heaven to do anything by then. He had personally placed me into this state, singlehandedly impeding himself.

"But Heaven still managed to do a few things. He set up various seals around the Central Plains so that my power could not extend to the rest of the continent. But even this was just pouring a cup of water over a burning cart."

A rare smile appeared on Master Guangcheng's face. Even after so many years, the thought of Heaven's infuriated appearance still made him happy.

"But some things appear better than they really are. While I can control the Dragon Qi of the Central Plains, this has also become a mental burden on me. The number of times I can be awake every year is extremely limited. This is why I had no other choice than to find you during this special moment and bid you farewell.

"The mark I gave you was my certificate. So long as you have this mark of my acknowledgment, even if I am hibernating, you can still mobilize all my strength. This is the last thing I can help you with."

Wang Chong was moved by these words. It was clear that Master Guangcheng was trying to do all he could to help him.

Whether it was in the Celestial Palace incident or in the future war, Master Guangcheng could not and would not be able to participate. But through this method, he would be able to assist in his own way.

"Many thanks, Senior. Senior, be at ease. I will fight with all my strength!" Wang Chong sincerely said.

"Mm. Go, then. Not even I know what the future will be. It all depends on you!" Master Guangcheng said, a hint of fatigue on his face as his body began to fade away.

Wang Chong did not delay. He knew that Master Guangcheng had expended too much mental energy and was about to enter hibernation. After exchanging a few last words with him, he rose and left.

Everything went about as Wang Chong predicted. Around one day later, Wang Chong stopped being able to sense Master Guangcheng's aura from the Western Mausoleum. It was clear that he had truly fallen asleep.

Upon realizing this, Wang Chong felt his heart sink.

Everyone had placed their hopes on him, was trusting him without reservation. The Origin Immortal Lord, the Sage Emperor, Master Guangcheng… everyone was like this, and the pressure on Wang Chong's shoulders was unprecedented. Still, Wang Chong's heart remained abnormally tough and resolved, not swayed in the slightest.

"Heaven, no matter where you are, I will find you and defeat you!"

Standing in front of the Western Mausoleum, Wang Chong looked over the capital.


Several months went by in the blink of an eye. The world was thriving and at peace, and this empire which had united the world was showing signs of unprecedented prosperity.

Even so, Wang Chong did not let his guard down. Every day, Wang Chong sent out numerous spies to sweep through the earth to seek out traces of Heaven.

But Heaven really had disappeared and had yet to appear again. It was like he had never existed.

Another month quickly went by.


As usual, Wang Chong pushed open the door into his study with a stack of files, ready to study them, but at this moment, Wang Chong raised an eyebrow.

There was someone in the study that did not belong to the Wang Family.

Although this person had done their utmost to conceal their aura, they could not hide from Wang Chong's senses.

Before Wang Chong could speak, a familiar and slightly scratchy voice rang out in Wang Chong's ears. "Supreme King, we meet again!"

"High Priest?!"

That familiar cloaked figure by the wall made Wang Chong's eyes fly open.

"How could it be you?"

This was truly too surprising!

After the Celestial Palace incident, the Arab High Priest had vanished out of existence, leaving behind no trace. Moreover, Wang Chong recalled the Arab High Priest saying that their previous meeting would be their final one.

Though he was surprised, Wang Chong quickly came forward to welcome him.

"Wonderful! Please sit," Wang Chong warmly said.

Though the two of them didn't know each other very well, the Arab High Priest had helped Wang Chong a great deal.

Moreover, this was the first member of the Celestial God Organization Wang Chong had seen since the Celestial Palace incident. There was probably no one besides him who knew where the Celestial God Organization had gone.

The Arab High Priest slightly hesitated, but he quickly came forward, removing his black hood.

The Arab High Priest was slightly paler than before, his complexion poor. It appeared that he had not had a very good time over the last few months.

Seeing that Wang Chong was about to call someone to serve tea and snacks, the Arab High Priest quickly stopped him. "There is no need for courtesy. I will only be here for a little while and then quickly leave."

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Wang Chong broached the main topic.

"Senior, where have you been over the last few months?"

Although the world had appeared calm and peaceful over the last few months, Wang Chong knew that this could not have been the case for the High Priest.

"The destruction of the Celestial Palace and Heaven's defeat was a world-sundering blow to the Celestial God Organization. The organization has been in disarray over the last few months," the Arab High Priest sternly said.

"The Celestial God Organization has met with many setbacks in its long history, but this is the first time it can be called a defeat.

"I knew that you were looking for Heaven and that you had dispatched many subordinates to seek out the Celestial God Organization. This is why I have come.

"There is no need for you to keep looking. Starting from now, no one from the Celestial God Organization will appear for a very long time. Not only that, do you remember the Celestial Army I told you about?

"All of the Celestial Army has vanished. Heaven has taken all of them away!"


The High Priest's words instantly made Wang Chong frown.

He naturally remembered the Celestial Army. This was Heaven's secret army of enormous size. The High Priest had previously said that Heaven was planning to mobilize this powerful army.

"Where did they go?" Wang Chong asked after a few moments of silence.

Wang Chong stared at the High Priest with unprecedented focus. Heaven and his Celestial Army were a disaster-in-waiting. If possible, he wanted to find them and deal with the problem once and for all.

"I don't know, and I have no means of telling you. Heaven and Essence Supreme clearly noticed something off after the mission to deal with Luo Supreme. No one except the Supremes and a few high-ranking leaders of the Celestial God Organization knew about the Luo Supreme matter. Your appearance was too coincidental. No—to be more accurate, you shouldn't have appeared at all.

"Heaven and Essence Supreme were both suspicious, and they are the main reason the last few months was quite the ordeal for me."

The High Priest bitterly laughed.

It was no mere ordeal. In truth, Essence Supreme and the others had already begun to suspect. That he had been able to escape alive was already impressive.

Despite this, the High Priest felt no resentment.

It was by his own will that he had revealed to Wang Chong that secret.

"But I have not come here to tell you that the danger has passed and you can let down your guard. On the contrary, starting from now, you must be extremely cautious and careful."

The High Priest's expression turned solemn.

"I understand Heaven too much. He is excessively proud and is not someone who can just swallow his anger. The more he yields, the more he bides his time, the greater and more terrifying his vengeance will be.

"By taking everyone away with him, Heaven is not retreating, but preparing for a new offensive.

"From what I know, when Essence Supreme mobilized numerous sea beasts to take everyone away, he also took from the continent numerous embryos to which the Behemoth Fusion Art had been applied. Moreover, Essence Supreme has also been gathering materials to craft a new physical body.

"In addition, while your defeat of Heaven and destruction of his personal ritual tool is truly shocking, and it dealt significant damage to Heaven's original body that will prevent him from appearing for a long time, such injuries are far from enough to take Heaven's life.

"With Heaven's capabilities, so long as he is not killed, he will only need six years at most to fully recover, completely neutralizing the effects of that blow. And if he's fast, he might need only three or four years," the High Priest sternly said.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

The mysterious High Priest shows up again! He seems to be extremely difficult to kill if not even Heaven managed to track him down.

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.