CSG - Chapter 2890: Punishment of the Heavenly Ways

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“Who are you exactly? Why do you oppose our Heavenly Lightning clan…”

“We’ve already asked for reinforcements from our clan. Our great elder will arrive here very soon. No matter how powerful you are, you aren’t the great elder’s opponent. It’s still not too late for you to retreat. Once the great elder arrives, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to…”

The two great elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan put on a tough front. They understood exactly how powerful the woman before them was. They had placed all of their hopes on the great elder long ago.

However, the woman in white with her back towards them completely ignored their threats.

She seemed like she could not be bothered with wasting any words on these two Infinite Primes, or in other words, cultivators as strong as them were far too weak in her eyes, so weak that they were not even worth a second glance.

However, the woman in white was in no hurry to kill these Infinite Primes. She only used her presence to pressure them, forcing them to kneel there on one knee, unable to climb to their feet. They could not even mobilise the powers of their cultivations inside them.

Before long, a powerful presence that belonged to a Chaotic Prime arrived. The great elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan was here. A bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the space, shooting straight towards the woman in white with unbelievable speed.

The lightning moved extremely quickly, instantly arriving before the woman in white and turning into the figure of an old man in the end.

He was the great elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan, who had rushed over from Darkstar City.

“Great elder, you’re finally here. Look at us. We’re elders of the Heavenly Lightning clan, yet this woman is making us kneel here. She’s not just insulting us with this, but our Heavenly Lightning clan too…”

“Great elder, the several hundred descendants of our clan were all killed by this person. We’re useless, so the dignity of the clan is up for you to protect, great elder…”

The great elder’s arrival immediately brought hope to the ninth and thirteenth elders. Their hearts that had been stuck in their throats finally settled down.

In their belief, as long as the great elder was here, he could deal with any problem in the ruined Spirits’ World, no matter how great it was. After all, he possessed a Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime cultivation.

“Who are you? What grievances do you have with our Heavenly Lightning clan? Why have you killed our clansmen?” The great elder disregarded the two regular elders. He did not even contend against the pressure that the woman in white applied to the two elders, which would allow them to stand up.

Instead, he stared straight at the woman in white sternly. He was unable to see through the woman in white’s strength. He felt like the woman in white was shrouded in mist, preventing him from seeing anything.

As for her presence…

Even though the presence the woman in white gave off belonged to Chaotic Prime, the great elder did not believe that to be her strength.

The woman in white had been far too calm when he arrived, continuing to stand without turning around, making her seem unfathomable.

He was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. Logically speaking, in the Spirits’ World where no Grand Primes wandered about and where Chaotic Primes were everything, he was an important figure who could kick up a stir no matter where he went, yet the woman in white did not even glance at him.

He did not know whether the woman in white actually possessed an outlook and strength far greater than his, or whether it was all merely an act. However, the great elder had raised his guard.

“You still don’t have the right to learn who I am. As for why I am killing your Heavenly Lightning clan…” The woman in white spoke with an icy tone, devoid of any emotion. After pausing for a moment, she continued, “It’s said that your Heavenly Lightning clan actually belongs to one of the eight archean clans of the Saints’ World, the Lightning God clan?”

“That’s right. Our Heavenly Lightning clan is a branch of the Lightning God clan, and the founding ancestor of our Heavenly Lightning clan is an ancestor in the Lightning God clan,” the great elder said proudly.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the great elder’s expression changed drastically. A great sense of danger suddenly filled his mind, but before he could even respond, five illusionary swords appeared silently and pierced through his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys effortlessly like a sharp razor blade cutting through paper.

The great elder immediately discovered that he was immobilised. When the five illusionary swords plunged into his body, a freezing curse seemed to be cast on him at the same time. He could not even move a finger.

“W- w- who are you exactly… Do you know that by opposing our Heavenly Lightning clan, you’re also opposing the Lightning God clan?” The great elder communicated using his soul in utter fright. His heart immediately became filled with deep terror.

When he arrived, he was wearing a set of medium quality god artifact armour underneath. This set of armour alone possessed extremely great defences, but it had been pierced like paper.

The woman in white’s strength left him utterly frightened.

As soon as she heard him mention the Lightning God clan, the woman in white’s gaze began to shine with a cold light. She said coldly, “The Heavenly Lightning clan. That’s exactly who I’m killing.” As she said that, she formed a seal with her hand.

In the next moment, the five illusionary swords in the great elder’s body immediately erupted with blinding light. Soon afterwards, an extremely dense origin energy flowed out of the great elder’s body madly like a flood that had breached a dam.

The power of cultivation leaking out did not disperse into the surroundings. Instead, it rapidly gathered into a white crystal a meter above the great elder’s head.

And, as the great elder’s cultivation rapidly leaked away, the energy in the white crystal immediately swelled to an alarming level.

“Y- you’re stripping me of my cultivation. No, impossible, what is this evil art? How can it have such impossible powers… Y- you damn woman, you’ll die a horrible death…” The great elder shrieked out miserably. His face twisted, becoming extremely vicious, but great fear filled him at the same time.

In that moment, he was like a lamb to the slaughter despite his mighty Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime cultivation. He was completely at her whim, unable to fight back at all.

The ninth and thirteenth elders who knelt on one knee were completely dumbfounded from fear. Their bodies shook violently, basically about to faint.

In their eyes, the great elder before them was a god-like existence, but right now, he had actually fallen to such a miserable state. It basically almost frightened the two elders to death after witnessing everything in person.

“Senior, senior, please, I beg you, spare my life. I’m willing to do anything for you…” The great elder begged in fright. He had tried abandoning his body and fleeing with his soul, but his soul was pinned firmly to his body, unable to escape at all.

The woman in white ignored the Chaotic Prime’s pledge of loyalty. Her gaze was as cold as ever, standing with her back to them. It was as if she could not be bothered with even glancing at the Chaotic Prime.

Before long, the great elder lost all of his cultivation; the woman in white had killed him. The two elders who had witnessed the entire process did not manage to escape this fate either.

The white crystal that condensed a Chaotic Prime’s entire cultivation floated into the woman in white’s hand with a destructive power, hovering three inches above her palm.

Gazing at the crystal, the woman in white’s gaze finally changed slightly. It was a gaze of many mixed emotions. She sighed gently. “Ever since this princess began practising the Heavenly Heart Method of Profundity, I’ve never used this move, the Punishment of the Heavenly Ways, as it robs a cultivator of their entire cultivation. It’s a little too cruel.”

“But the Lightning God clan deserves this punishment…”

“It’s not just the Lightning God clan. There’s the Dao clan, the Violet Crepeflower clan, and the Myriad Bone Guild too. They all deserve the Punishment of the Heavenly Ways. I just happened to be in need of recovering my cultivation. This Chaotic Prime is just a beginning…”

“This person also used a secret technique to call for help before he died. I’ll wait a little longer, and a few more Chaotic Primes should rush over. If I’m lucky, there might even be a Grand Prime…”

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