RHE - Chapter 2228: Little Nightmare Moving Out!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Gao Shang stepped forward and whispered, "Master, there's no need to grow angry because of him. Once we take their fortress, Master can vent all your anger at once."

When it came to his tongue, Wang Chong also had the caliber of a 'War Saint'. An Lushan was far inferior to him in this aspect.


An Lushan took in a deep breath and calmed himself down.

In truth, he wasn't so easily angered. Otherwise, he would have never survived so long serving Zhang Shougui.

The only person on the continent who could so infuriate him with just a few words was that bastard.

Moreover, Gao Shang was right. Now was truly not the time to be moved to anger.

"Wang Chong, even when your death is imminent, you still boast so shamelessly. Since that is so, we'll see how you really do on the battlefield! I hope that your several hundred thousand soldiers can pass the night!"

An Lushan coldly sneered, and with one last glance at Wang Chong, he turned and left.

With one light glance, Wang Chong quickly turned his gaze to a certain spot in the air above the alliance army.

"Genesis Supreme, come out! What's the point in having a puppet fight me? Or do you intend to hide behind the curtains until the end?"

These words made An Lushan so angry that he staggered for a moment, but he restrained himself from turning back. With an angry grunt, he disappeared into the storm.

As An Lushan disappeared, above the alliance army, a familiar figure in golden divine armor slowly emerged from the void.

"What are your last words?"

Genesis Supreme's eyes were colder and sharper than the edge of a blade, and his icy voice resounded over the army.

"Genesis Supreme, your Celestial God Organization is truly ruthless. Not only did you create this great cold wave that has sealed the world in ice, you even stirred up internal strife in other countries. An Lushan is simply the spokesperson that your lot supported, and your final goal is to bring over those otherworldly invaders. These Yeluohe are merely their vanguard. Were you not going to tell them? Did you plan to exploit them until the end?"

Upon hearing Wang Chong's words, Genesis Supreme's sharp eyes rippled for a moment.

And on the battlefield, the various sovereigns felt their hearts seize up.

When two armies faced each other, it was common for both sides to use harsh words to psychologically batter the opposition, but no one had expected Wang Chong to say such things to Genesis Supreme.

Celestial God Organization?

This was where Genesis Supreme and those men in black came from?

And also… since they had the ability to resist the cold wave on a large scale, perhaps this calamity that had sealed the world in ice really was their doing!

Not only that, these Yeluohe were basically impossible to kill unless one wounded their heads. They were in complete defiance of common sense.

The sovereigns weren't fools, and with all the time they had spent with the Yeluohe and the Youzhou soldiers, they had not been completely clueless.

Though they could not rule out Wang Chong using this method to stir internal strife, this did not mean that the Great Tang's War Saint was lying.

The only problem was… what were those otherworldly invaders Wang Chong spoke of?

Everyone's eyes turned strange.

An Lushan and Gao Shang sensed this shift, and they couldn't help but deeply frown.

"Did you ask for this god just to say this? If those are your final words, this god has no interest in listening. In addition, in this battle, you will not have any formation to use. Tonight, neither you nor the Tang soldiers you have brought will be leaving this place." Genesis Supreme's indifferent voice rang out in everyone's ears, and with one last glance at Wang Chong, he disappeared like a ghost.


A plaintive horn blared, penetrating through the snowstorm. The alliance was finally ready to begin its attack.

On the wall, Wang Chong remained motionless, his hair dancing in the wind.

"Little Nightmare, the alliance has come prepared. This is a vital battle, so I leave it to you." Wang Chong spoke in an almost inaudible whisper that only he could hear.

All was quiet, but a few moments later, a familiar voice rang out in Wang Chong's mind.

"Master, be at ease. I have already attached my Psychic Energy to Genesis Supreme. Genesis Supreme's attention is on Master, and he has yet to notice. In addition, Genesis Supreme has only recently obtained this body and has yet to fully synchronize with it. I can sense that there are several flaws in him. Otherwise, it would not have been so easy for me to attach my Psychic Energy to him.

"But I still need some time to confirm this."

If Genesis Supreme had heard this mental conversation with the Nightmare Beast, he would have undoubtedly been shaken.

In the battle before the cold wave, he had fought with Wang Chong, but the Nightmare Beast had never intervened. Genesis Supreme would have never imagined that it was then that the Nightmare Beast planted something on his body.

And while Wang Chong had spoken about the otherworldly invaders and his deception of the alliance in that conversation just now, that had not been his true goal at all. It had apparently been to confirm something.

"Mm, I will create an opportunity for you."

Wang Chong nodded.

A messenger's voice came from behind him. "Your Highness, the alliance is about to attack. Lord Junior Guardian and the other Great Generals have sent subordinates to ask for the next step."

Wang Chong waved his hand and calmly said, "Pass on my order. Prepare for battle."


The messenger quickly departed.


A few moments later, the thunderous rumbling of war drums came out of the snowstorm.

Wang Chong stood on the wall, and through the snowstorm, he could see enormous silhouettes rumbling toward the fortress.

If all went as expected, this second battle between the Great Tang and the alliance would still be opened by the shield carts. However, these shield carts had clearly been modified compared to the first battle.

The frontal steel plates of the shield carts flowed with light, a clear indication that they had been reinforced with many more inscriptions and formations.

And behind the shield carts, special silhouettes instantly drew Wang Chong's attention.

These were the callous Yeluohe, with gray-white halos beneath their feet. The several thousand shield carts moved forward in a row, and behind each shield cart was a Yeluohe.

"They plan to use the shield carts to cover the Yeluohe."

Wang Chong's eyes flashed in understanding.

In the earlier battle, Wang Chong's Wushang Cavalry had suffered unprecedented losses, but the Yeluohe had also paid a heavy price. Though twenty-thousand-some Yeluohe still remained, this was still an enormous loss.

The shield carts were meant to protect the Yeluohe from having their heads shot off by the concentrated fire of Tang ballistae. It was also so that their gray-white halos could continue to confer the extremely powerful cold resistance to the army.

Wang Chong scanned the area and quickly settled his gaze on one of the Yeluohe.

At that moment, Wang Chong slightly frowned.

These Yeluohe were clearly much stronger than they had been in the previous battle.

"They're absorbing energy from the cold wave," Wang Chong suddenly realized.

Bzzz! As he closed and opened his eyes, the world before him changed.

True World!

Wang Chong used this ability without hesitation, and upon doing so, he saw countless slivers of energy connected to the bodies of the Yeluohe.

The power of the cold wave was carried along these invisible lines into the bodies of the Yeluohe, constantly strengthening them.

Wang Chong's heart instantly sank. The Yeluohe in this cold wave were like fish in the water. Their strength had already been frightening, and now that they had a constant source of energy in the cold, they would become even stronger. This was foul news for the Great Tang.

But after taking a deep breath, Wang Chong calmed down.

Wang Chong was not prepared to fight a field battle with An Lushan this time. While the Yeluohe's powers had been greatly increased, they were powerless against the soaring walls of the fortress.

As cavalry, no matter how strong the Yeluohe were, they could not utilize their advantages in a city assault.


The blaring of horns and pounding of drums grew louder and louder. More and more alliance soldiers advanced out of the snowstorm and appeared within vision.

"Everyone, prepare for battle!" Wang Chong grimly ordered.


Once the alliance army had advanced to a certain point, the countless master archers behind Wang Chong nocked their arrows. Bowstrings creaked, and a moment later, countless armor-piercing arrows flew out.


Numerous alliance soldiers dropped to the ground.

The shield carts could defend against frontal attacks from ballistae, but not against the volleys of master archers.

"Everyone, advance at full speed!"

Orders shouted in Turkic could be heard through the storm.

The volleys of the Tang master archers were completely incapable of stopping the alliance army, and the number of people slain was insignificant to the overall army.

Moreover, the Great Tang was firing against the wind. The raging snowstorm served as a barrier that prevented their losses from being as bad as expected.

Within the fortress, after the first volley was fired, farther in the rear, an order was shouted.



There were several thunderous booms, and then silence. But a few moments later, with deafening rumbles, large stones plunged from the sky, covered in thick layers of frost, and crashed into the alliance army.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

It seems like Wang Chong has a plan brewing against Genesis Supreme. Perhaps the Nightmare Beast gets a new body?

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.