RHE - Chapter 2208: Reinforcements! The Wushang Cavalry!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


His horse letting out a frightening neigh, that most powerful and imposing Yeluohe leader gripped his giant saber and charged forward.

Boom! "Aaaagh!" In an explosion of bloody mist and Stellar Energy, several dozen Tang cavalry in his path were instantly turned to gore, not even whole limbs left.

They had been instantly obliterated, only leaving behind a few dark ice shards that scattered with the wind. Meanwhile, the silver hair of the Yeluohe leader danced beneath his helmet as he turned his gaze to the immense figure of the King Ape.


Without the slightest hesitation, the Yeluohe leader charged at the King Ape!


The King Ape savagely swung its cudgel, and at almost the same time, the Yeluohe leader slashed his saber.

The two weapons were on completely different scales, but when they clashed, there was a massive explosion. The Yeluohe leader had managed to block the King Ape's terrifying strike!

Moreover, as cudgel clashed with saber, an unimaginably concentrated death energy traveled up the cudgel and to the King Ape.

"This is… He can gather energy from the other Yeluohe!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened as he sensed something strange while controlling the King Ape.

In his clash with the Yeluohe leader, Wang Chong had sensed an icy storm of energy coming out of the Yeluohe army and surging into the leader.

By gathering up this immense energy, the Yeluohe leader was able to display a strength that was not one bit inferior to the King Ape's.

But a moment later, the King Ape clenched the Divine Land Cauldron in its left hand and punched at the Yeluohe leader.

The Yeluohe leader's savage expression became tinged with fear as he dodged to the side, his offensive slowed.

"As expected, the Divine Land Cauldrons really can counter the Yeluohe."

Wang Chong was now absolutely sure.

But even so, the Tang was at a disadvantage in this battle. The thirty thousand Yeluohe battered the Tang formation like ceaseless waves, and many losses were piling up. In the face of the Yeluohe's overwhelming power, human soldiers stood no chance.

Icy energy poured out of the Yeluohe and penetrated into the bodies of the ordinary soldiers. Many of the soldiers were half-white and half-blue as they died, and they swiftly hardened, layers of ice creeping over them.


"Pass on my order! Assist the Yeluohe from the sides and attack! We can't let the Tang army retreat to the fortress!"

In the rear, Cui Qianyou observed the battlefield from atop his horse.

He had already brought his army back to the rear, doing all he could to create distance between him and the Tang army. The Yeluohe killed without blinking and did not recognize friend or foe. The first to have fallen to their attacks had been his soldiers, but everything had changed now.

The Yeluohe were charging at the front, and the alliance army simply needed to assist from the sides, holding down the Tang army until it was completely wiped out.

This was a rare opportunity!


Cui Qianyou pulled out his sword.


Following Cui Qianyou's order, the alliance army once more attacked, and the situation turned even worse for the Great Tang.

But even so, Cui Qianyou decided to call over several messengers.

"Inform Tian Chengsi, Tian Qianzhen, Eastern Turkic Great General Tiechi Bileli, and the other generals to divide their forces into two to intercept Wang Zhongsi and that army approaching from the sea. We can't let them get back to the steel fortress."

Cui Qianyou's eyes flashed with a harsh light.

His intuition told him that this was a chance.

Wang Zhongsi and Bahram were leading their armies to join Wang Chong in an encirclement. This had been a serious threat to the alliance, but now, it was an opportunity. The two armies were extremely far from the fortress. If they were held down and prevented from joining the rest of the Tang army, the alliance could make a clean sweep of the Tang army.


The messengers swiftly turned and left.

"Hmph, 'War Saint'? Nothing but an empty title! In this world, there is no such thing as a War Saint."

Cui Qianyou stared at the distant Wang Chong as he spoke, his expression cold.

Wang Chong was underestimating him too much. How could one seek the world without a few special tricks? In the end, Wang Chong would pay a price for his arrogance.

Once this battle was over, the rising comet that was Wang Chong would wink out of existence.

"Reporting! Bad news!"

Cui Qianyou had just barely thought about these things when the earth suddenly began to shudder, originating from south of the fortress.

The shuddering was so great that it drowned out the sounds of fighting. Yeon Gaesomun, the Khitan King, Cui Qianyou, Tian Qianzhen, King Bojang, Tiechi Bileli, and An Lushan in the rear all looked toward the south.


Heaven-shaking war cries erupted from the distance, so loud that the walls of the fortress vibrated. A few moments later, a black tide of steel appeared on the horizon.

"How is this possible?" An Lushan couldn't help but blurt out in alarm.

Zhangchou Jianqiong, the tiger of the Tang Empire's southwest, had arrived with reinforcements!

"How could he be this fast?"

Gao Shang's eyes widened in disbelief.

Too fast!

Zhangchou Jianqiong had marched his soldiers much faster than they had anticipated.


Regardless of how stunned the alliance army was, a force of tens of thousands of cavalry were charging onto the battlefield.

"The Wushang Cavalry! It's the Wushang Cavalry!"

Cries of alarm came from the alliance army, countless soldiers staring at this force of cavalry in fear.

Starting from the Battle of Talas, Wang Chong's cavalry force had been tempered through war after war, defeating formidable opponent after formidable opponent. By now, it was known throughout the world and acknowledged as the supreme cavalry force.

In truth, the rise of the Wushang Cavalry could be traced back to the war of the southwest with their predecessor, the one thousand mercenaries Wang Chong had recruited from the great clans and equipped with Wootz Steel weapons. They had won everyone's respect, and those Wootz Steel swords with their enchanting patterns were their best symbol.

"How could this be? Wasn't this force still in the rear?"

The Khitan King showed a hint of fear and apprehension.

The Khitans did not fear death, and they would not retreat even when facing the strongest foes. But even the most arrogant of the Khitans understood that the Tang had reached peak mastery in the art of forging weapons. In this aspect, the Khitan Tribe was far behind.


In just a few moments, the Wushang Cavalry led by Li Siye, with Kong Zi-an and Cui Piaoqi at his left and right, shot onto the battlefield like a comet.

Clangclangclang! Dazzling halos burst out from the feet of the Wushang Cavalry, the tens of thousands of halos resonating with each other and linking all of the horses together.


With a boom of thunder, the tens of thousands of Wushang Cavalry became so powerful that they caused lightning to crackle above them.

Even the Yeluohe leader noticed their presence, glancing in the direction of the Wushang Cavalry.


Beneath the six massive banners, An Lushan gnashed his teeth, his expression savage.

In order to destroy Wang Chong, he needed to destroy Wang Chong's renowned Wushang Cavalry.

There was no need for An Lushan's order. The thirty thousand Yeluohe quickly sensed the threat from the Wushang Cavalry, and the army swiftly began to charge in the Wushang Cavalry's direction.


The Yeluohe stirred up a snowstorm in their wake, appearing like an enormous dragon as they charged across the battlefield.

The two most lethal armies in the world rapidly closed the distance between each other, neither showing any signs of retreat.

The battlefield became deathly still, the tension reaching maximum as everyone watched the two armies get closer and closer.

Two thousand feet!

One thousand feet!

Three hundred feet!

In this high-speed charge, the two sides had already reached a dangerous distance.



In the front of the army, Invincible Great General Li Siye gripped his giant sword with both hands, a look of resolve and anticipation in his eyes as he stared at the Yeluohe.

Behind him, the Wushang Cavalry raised their Wootz Steel swords to the sky.

There was no doubt that the Yeluohe were the strongest foes they had yet faced, but no one intended to back down.

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