RHE - Chapter 2210: The Samsara Battle Armor!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


The Yellow Sands Army quickly charged into the alliance army from an angle, throwing its ranks into chaos.

Meanwhile, the rest of the army began to fall back without delay.

Rather than going straight to the fortress, they chose the more complicated route of going through the Eastern Turkic steppe, back the way they had come.

While this was rather time-consuming, it was also much safer.

"Retreating so quickly? These Yeluohe are really more frightening than I expected!"

Bahram heard Wang Zhongsi's whistle. He had only been in the Central Plains for a short time and still did not know much about the Yeluohe. Moreover, with more than half the battlefield between him and the rest of the war, all he could hear was the fierce sounds of fighting. However, even though he lacked the details, he could tell that the Yeluohe held the advantage on the field.

"Tell Xue Qianjun that the Aswaran Cataphracts will open the path. Have the others charge with us! We'll go straight through and return to the fortress!"

Bahram's gaze was confident, and he elected to choose a completely different path from Wang Zhongsi's.

The Aswaran Cataphracts were different from other soldiers in that both soldier and horse were covered in thick metal armor.

Moreover, the Aswaran Cataphracts had been established for the purpose of fighting on a fierce battlefield against several times their number.

Aswaran Cataphracts were not meant to challenge armies one by one, but precisely to deal with circumstances like this.

The Sassanid Dynasty had been founded on a small and barren land. A lack of population meant that he could not go about recruiting an army of millions, so he had to make up for it with quality.


Bahram led his ten thousand Aswaran Cataphracts in a fearless charge forward.

Bahram looked in the direction of the Tongluo Cavalry as he remarked silently, Our ten thousand Aswaran Cataphracts won't be enough. Great General Abusi, I'm counting on you!

Hearing the war cries behind him, Abusi, who had been preparing to retreat, frowned and looked back, upon which he realized something.

"This is… Bahram can't go back by sea, so he plans to punch his way through the battlefield!"

The sea had been frozen, so Xue Qianjun's men had been able to anchor the boats not far from the coast, after which they had crossed to land using plank bridges.

This was no problem before the war, but if one wanted to retreat, using plank bridges to return to the boats was unrealistic.

If An Lushan sent an army in pursuit, Bahram would suffer heavy casualties.

"All soldiers, follow me to receive Great General Bahram!"

Armor clattered as Abusi gathered his Tongluo Cavalry and shot into the battlefield toward the distant Aswaran Cataphracts.

This time, however, Abusi's Tongluo Cavalry did not stay and fight. Fully displaying the flexibility of cavalry, they swiftly charged into the distance.

"Stop them!"

Tian Qianzhen immediately noticed this development and led an army in pursuit.

But Abusi's ten-thousand-some Tongluo Cavalry swerved around, penetrating through the alliance army and avoiding its elites.

"Ballistae, move right thirty-five! Shoot level!" Su Hanshan also noticed what was going on and ordered part of his ballista army to give Abusi and his men some supporting fire.

Swaths of the alliance army were cut down under the flurry of ballista bolts, and the ranks grew even more chaotic.

"There's no need to worry. Focus on helping the Wushang Cavalry deal with the Yeluohe! I'll go and receive Bahram!" A deep voice rang out in Su Hanshan's ears, and Su Hanshan turned and saw that Zhangchou Jianqiong had arrived from the rear with reinforcements.

Zhangchou Jianqiong had not joined up with Su Hanshan's men, instead entering the battlefield from another point.

Su Hanshan's eyes flashed as he spotted many familiar faces and banners: the Xuanwu Army, the Azure Martial Army, the Divine Martial Army… The renowned forces of the Great Tang had finally arrived on the battlefield.

Su Hanshan had even spotted the Mo Saber Unit.

The Mo Saber Unit was entirely infantry. Equipped with heavy armor, they had heavy and sweeping attacks, essentially a moving wall on the battlefield. The Mo Saber Unit was cavalry's worst nightmare, but they lacked mobility.

To get this elite force onto the battlefield, Wang Chong had provided each soldier of the Mo Saber Unit a top-class Western Turkic warhorse!


Su Hanshan internally let out a sigh of relief.

"They're finally here!"

Although the alliance had many soldiers, and An Lushan had trained many himself, the Great Tang had more, and stronger, elite armies.

Now that these elite armies had appeared, Su Hanshan knew that Bahram and Xue Qianjun would be fine.

Su Hanshan called over one of his personal guards and gave an order. "Pass on my order! Form the second defense line! We'll be needing it soon!"


The guard quickly departed.

Plumes of smoke rose from the rear as Zhang Shouzhi's craftsmen team worked to repair the walls. Thousands of top-class craftsmen with materials ready at hand were able to repair the walls much faster than anticipated.

By now, the three gaps in the perimeter wall had been repaired, as had the formations in the walls.

The army retreated into the fortress in an orderly fashion.

Meanwhile, as everyone was focused on the battle at the front…


With a massive explosion, a figure plummeted out of the heavens and into the ground. The power of that strike was so great that the earth for several thousand feet around the impact zone blasted into the air.

Waves of energy sent dust roiling across the battlefield, dirt and debris mixed with snow shooting ten thousand feet into the air. The ground violently shuddered from the explosive shockwave.

For a moment, the battlefield became deathly still.

A cold and sinister voice came out of the depths of the sky like a crack of thunder. "Hmph, not knowing how high the heavens are or how thick the earth! You only recently broke into the Grotto Heaven realm. Did you really think that you could match this god?"

Everyone instantly recognized this as Genesis Supreme's voice.

If the one in the sky was Genesis Supreme, then the one who had fallen was undoubtedly…

"It's Wang Chong!"

Zhang Shougui, Zhangchou Jianqiong, Abusi, Bahram, Wang Zhongsi… all of the Great Generals on the Tang side felt their hearts tighten, their faces turning ghastly pale.

No matter how intense the battle was, it couldn't compare to the battle between Wang Chong and Genesis Supreme. That mysterious man called Genesis Supreme had far too many world-destroying abilities. There was no one besides Wang Chong who could deal with him.

"Su Hanshan, Li Siye, think of a way to stop the Yeluohe! I'll deal with Genesis Supreme!" A voice entered Su Hanshan's mind.

A moment later, Wang Chong's Divine Embryo 1 shot toward where the original body had fallen. At the same time, Divine Embryo 3 used Ice-Sealed World on the Khitan King, Yeon Gaesomun, and Ozmish Khagan so that it could break away from the battle.

The reborn Genesis Supreme was more frightening than anticipated. Even though Wang Chong had comprehended the laws of the Grotto Heaven realm, he still couldn't hold. The first priority was to assist the original body in dealing with Genesis Supreme. As for the Khitan King and Yeon Gaesomun, Wang Chong had already exhausted much of their Stellar Energy in the earlier battle, and they would find it very hard to present much of a threat to the Great Tang in the future.

"Hold them down! Don't let them get in Venerable Genesis Supreme's way!"

At almost the same time, the Divine Lords who had come with Genesis Supreme broke away from their own battles to do battle with Wang Chong's two Divine Embryos.

Su Hanshan and Chen Burang felt their hearts tighten, but there was nothing they could do but watch as they disappeared into the air.

"Genesis Supreme, don't celebrate too soon!" Just when everyone on the Tang side was frantic with worry, a familiar voice rang out in their ears.

Boom! A figure emerged from the center of the impact zone and flew into the sky—none other than Wang Chong's original body.

Unlike before, Wang Chong now wore a mysterious suit of black armor that was covered in enigmatic golden symbols. it rippled with the ancient laws of the world.

Samsara Battle Armor!

When Wang Chong was promoted to the Archon of Destiny, his Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor had also evolved to a higher form. It provided stronger defenses and buffs, and it was infused with the energy of spacetime.

The only problem was that using the Samsara Battle Armor consumed a large amount of Destiny Energy.

Genesis Supreme's attack just now had been inconceivably powerful, and he had needed the Samsara Battle Armor to save his life.


As Wang Chong shot into the air, Divine Embryos 1 and 3 appeared, placing their hands on his shoulders.

Streams of energy began to flow into Wang Chong's body.

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