RHE - Chapter 2212: Strategic Withdrawal to the Fortress!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Stronger techniques consumed more energy, and wearing the Samsara Battle Armor consumed Destiny Energy with every moment. Although Wang Chong didn't need to worry about Destiny Energy for the time being, he had to find a way to actually deal with Genesis Supreme, as this couldn't go on forever.

"So even gods know how to run? Genesis Supreme, you're not afraid of this king, are you?!"

Wang Chong sneered as his mental waves swept out.

The world was silent, but soon, a cold grunt came out of the void.

Wang Chong coldly laughed, knowing that he had successfully provoked Genesis Supreme.

The Celestial God Organization had always styled themselves as gods. Even if he knew that it was intentional, Genesis Supreme still couldn't help himself!


Ripples appeared in the air as Halos of Spacetime centered on Wang Chong began to expand.

Wang Chong swiftly disappeared into a spacetime passage, but before leaving, he glanced at the ground and subtly nodded.

Zhangchou Jianqiong had mounted his entire army to ensure that it could arrive at the fortress in time. The entry of the Wushang Cavalry had also been somewhat effective at hampering the Yeluohe's advance.

As for Crown Prince's Junior Guardian Wang Zhongsi and Sassanid Great General Bahram, they were following the original plan and either retreating or pushing through the battlefield. Meanwhile, the soldiers with the lowest mobility—the infantry, spearmen, axemen, and master archers—were all withdrawing toward the fortress.

The battle had basically gone exactly according to the simulations he had played out with Wang Zhongsi and the others.

The battle had dragged on for some time. The Great Tang had established a fortress in the northeast, but the cold wave was coming. It had already engulfed the Turkic steppe and was pushing into the interior.

Without pastures, the countries to the north would not be able to pass the winter. Time was on the Great Tang's side.

This was why the alliance army was so anxious to attack.

I just need to think of a way to stop Genesis Supreme!

Wang Chong swiftly made up his mind.

Genesis Supreme was simply too powerful. None of the Great Generals could stop him, whether Wang Zhongsi, Bahram, Abusi, or Zhang Shougui. They wouldn't even be able to last a single blow.

Even the nearly one million soldiers around the fortress would simply be a target of his torture.

So long as Genesis Supreme were taken care of, the result of this war would become clear.



The ballistae thundered, their bolts flying across the battlefield. The Wushang Cavalry and the defensively formidable heavy infantry were both working to deal with the Yeluohe.

In this battle, the most outstanding performance came from the giant ballistae and the King Ape.

Not every bolt fired from the giant ballistae could be blocked, particularly in the middle of such an intense battle. That sort of coordination that the Yeluohe had displayed at first was no longer so easy.


Meanwhile, the King Ape was locked in fierce battle with the Yeluohe leader.

This last surviving Behemoth of the war of the northwest had singlehandedly drawn over the Yeluohe leader and a large number of Yeluohe cavalry. To contend with the King Ape and its enormous strength, the Yeluohe leader needed to borrow power from the other Yeluohe. This reduced the Yeluohe numbers on other parts of the battlefield, reducing the pressure on the Tang army.

Thump! Thump! Thump! The giant metal cudgel smashed down again and again, and even though it could do nothing to the formidable Yeluohe leader, the explosive shockwaves managed to strike the other Yeluohe, causing them to explode in mid-air.

"Behemoth Slayers, move out!"

On this battlefield that was dominated by the Yeluohe, another group of soldiers displayed an outstanding performance.

These men were all burly and stalwart figures, and they bulldozed their way through the battlefield. The Behemoth Slayers were all equipped with thick armor and giant swords. Though few in number, they were extremely strong.

Their heavy swords constantly swung down, each time cleaving through four or five Yeluohe.

These Yeluohe were far too bizarre. Even the Behemoth Slayers began to show thin layers of frost on their arms and shoulders as they fought.

This extremely cold energy was even seeping into their meridians.

But at this moment, no one retreated.

If they couldn't stop the Yeluohe, all of them would die!

After several years of bitter effort, Wang Chong finally began to reap the fruits of his labour. All of Wang Chong's numerous generals shared a tacit understanding, and his soldiers were some of the strongest on the continent.

In the Great Tang, so long as Wang Chong provided the plans and strategic objectives before the war, numerous generals would faithfully carry out his orders.


On the other side of the battlefield, the elite Aswaran Cataphracts and Abusi's Tongluo Cavalry pierced through the alliance army like two spears and successfully met in the center.

Cui Qianyou, Tian Qianzhen, and Tiechi Bileli had tried their best to stop them, but the repeated assaults of the Xuanwu Army, Azure Martial Army, Divine Martial Army, and Mo Saber Unit swiftly dismantled their attempts.

In the midst of these assaults, the elite Golden Wolf Army had lost half its number, and Youzhou had also lost numerous soldiers. This development left the hearts of Tiechi Bileli and Cui Qianyou bleeding in sorrow.

"Damn bastards! Is even this not enough to stop them?"

An Lushan couldn't help but gnash his teeth in anger, his eyes red.

Gao Shang had nothing to say to this.

The alliance had a vast army, but in the end, it was an impromptu union. Compared to a hegemon like the Great Tang that had accumulated decades of resources, it was still lacking.

This was even more so with Wang Chong, who had fully utilized all these resources and advantages.

Trying to defeat it with soldiers that had been trained up in a timespan of days was simply not plausible.

After some thought, Gao Shang provided some comforting words.

"Master does not need to worry. The advantage is on our side. The Great Tang's renowned Wushang Cavalry has sustained massive losses. Once we defeat them, we can have the Yeluohe deal with the Xuanwu Army and Mo Saber Unit, which will undoubtedly be an easy task.

"Wars are about the result, not the process. In this war, Master wishes to annihilate the enemy's main force and take the Central Plains. So long as we take the realm, it does not matter how many soldiers we lose. Isn't this what you said, Master?"

After a long period of silence, An Lushan unclenched his right hand.

It was true. So long as he could kill Wang Chong and wipe out the Great Tang, he did not care how many soldiers he lost.

Meanwhile, now that Abusi and Bahram had joined together, Xue Qianjun's force had an open path across the battlefield to the steel fortress.

"Great General, my thanks!" Bahram sincerely said to Abusi.

"General does not need to be polite. Our first priority is to return to the steel fortress as soon as possible. The Wushang Cavalry can't last for long," Abusi calmly replied.

"What? Those Yeluohe…" Bahram was alarmed to hear this.

Abusi simply nodded.

The Tongluo had fought alongside the Wushang Cavalry before, so he was well aware of how frightening this cavalry force was. The Mamelukes, the Mutri Great Cavalry, the Celestial Wolf Cavalry… these elite cavalry forces that had been renowned throughout the world had all been slain by the Wushang Cavalry.

But this powerful Wushang Cavalry had sustained massive losses against the Yeluohe. The thought of it made Abusi shiver.

If the Wushang Cavalry and their Meteoric Metal armor couldn't stop the Yeluohe, how long would the Tongluo Cavalry be able to last?

Abusi almost couldn't bear to think about it.

They were still surrounded by enemies, and now was not the time to let down their guard.


A moment later, the Tongluo Cavalry and the Aswaran Cataphracts began to charge toward the steel fortress.

Behind them, an army of tens of thousands followed.

"Go! Everyone, keep up! Don't fall behind!"

Xue Qianjun's every nerve was tense as he commanded his men to follow the Tongluo Cavalry and Aswaran Cataphracts.

Having served Wang Chong for so long, Xue Qianjun had gained some understanding of military strategy. Thus, he did not order his army to purely retreat, but also attack the enemies on both sides to sow chaos in the enemy ranks and reduce the losses to his own army.

While retreating, they could also weaken the enemy.

"Ballistae, support them!" Keenly aware of his surroundings, Su Hanshan saw that Abusi and Bahram had joined together, so he ordered the ballistae to fire in volleys, clearing the battlefield around them and reducing the pressure.

Zhangchou Jianqiong commanded the Divine Martial Army and Xuanwu Army to launch another offensive, scattering the forces of the alliance.

Through this joint effort, Xue Qianjun's men managed to cross the most dangerous northern part of the battlefield and enter the southern zone.

Seeing this, though they were extremely reluctant, Cui Qianyou and the others could only let Xue Qianjun's men go.

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