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Heading into Exams - Decreased Release Rate for Most of June

If you haven't realised already with the missing chapter today, I am heading into exams, so I won't be translating for a good two or three weeks.
I'll be relying on a backlog I've built up (and mostly diminished because of assignments ;-;) over the past month, except the backlog is not big enough to maintain 2 chapters a day when I'm not translating.
As a result, I have to decrease the release rate for most of this month (at least until June 27th, but hopefully I'll be back sooner) to one chapter every 2 days. It's a big drop, I know, but it's temporary. Things should go back to normal at the end of the month. 
If I encounter any other issues with releases, I will notify y'all through further announcements.
Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.