New Novel (EIF) and Approaching IMDC's End

Hi everyone,

We have a new novel from today onwards. It is Everlasting Immortal Firmament (EIF) by Guanqi, previously translated at Gravity Tales, but we will be starting from the beginning as it is a different translator (DragonInWhite, who translated IMDC), and the terms used would be different. We should catch up to the old translations in a couple of months. Meanwhile, DragonInWhite will be releasing EIF at a slower pace of 2 chapters/week until IMDC is fully released to the public (estimated 4th may). After a short break, EIF will be ramped up to IMDC's release pace, which would be 50 chapters/month.

With IMDC's completion, that makes the 2nd completed novel at Hosted Novel, but the first one that completed while on Hosted Novel (Shura's Wrath was completed at Gravity Tales before it was moved over.) 

Do come and check out both novels.

EIF (Everlasting Immortal Firmament)
Translator's introduction
EIF is a novel that focuses on the main character's intellect and strategizing abilities instead of using raw power to overwhelm his enemies. While cultivation, strength, and luck are still key elements, you will see more kingdom building and tricking of his enemies. In fact, the main character does not even cultivate for the first twenty chapters of the novel, only starting his cultivation journey after the first arc, which is about a war between two nations. 
Warning: There will be a small harem and dual cultivating (sex cultivating) in the future, if you are not into those, don't get too invested in the novel, but they don't come in until after the second book of the novel, I think
Recent Chapters