IMDC - Chapter 2216 (Raw 2322): Great Increase in Strength

Having deduced that something changed with the Underworld God Guards, Xiao Chen and Lin Feng changed their aim.

They decisively chose to enter closed-door cultivation to break through, not hesitating at all.

Opportunities disappeared very quickly. If the two missed this chance and the Underworld God Guards returned, they might end up stuck in the Final Blood Battlefield forever.

Xiao Chen chose to refine the divine nature flame. Lin Feng decided to refine the Grade 9 Femme Fatale Peony’s lifeforce, trying to break through while treading the line of life and death.

Between the two, Xiao Chen’s breakthrough was much safer than Lin Feng’s; he just needed to refine the energy.

Lin Feng risked a rebound from the lifeforce. If he could not overcome it, he would suffer dire consequences.

By choosing the Death Dao Domain, Lin Feng had to pay an unimaginable price. However, this was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

Sitting cross-legged on the Ice Fire Lotus Platform, Xiao Chen closed his eyes and circulated his energy, using the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art to refine the divine nature flame.

This was a divine nature flame left by an ancient Demonic Sovereign. Previously, Xiao Chen fully recovered from his injuries by refining just ten percent of it, enough to return him to his peak.

Xiao Chen looked forward to the opportunities he would obtain when he fully absorbed and refined it.

The divine nature flame spread throughout Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool. The black flame blazed strongly; it was all that could be seen.

Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Divine Seal in the center of the Soul Pool frantically absorbed the black flame.

Time flew by; soon, one day and one night had passed.

As Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Divine Seal absorbed the divine nature flame in the Soul Pool, it flickered with light.

Sitting cross-legged on the Ice Fire Lotus Platform with his eyes closed, Xiao Chen appeared divine.

A holy light emerged around him, making it look like he bathed in Immortal rain.

The scene of Sun and Moon Shining Together looked very mystical.

Xiao Chen could distinctly feel his Soul Energy growing at an alarming pace, climbing continuously.


In Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool, the Azure Dragon Divine Seal flickered with light before exploding with a ‘bang’ and scattering into motes of light. Then, it quickly coalesced at an even faster speed, forming a new Divine Seal.

A ring of light appeared around the Azure Dragon Divine Seal, bathing the entire Divine Seal in divine light.

Before Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy made a breakthrough, his Soul Energy reached the level of a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor already.

Xiao Chen rejoiced. He still had the other half of the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s divine nature flame to absorb; this was just the beginning.

Indeed, Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy broke through again two days later, reaching the level of a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Another Divine Vein ring of light appeared around the Azure Dragon Divine Seal. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the strength of his Divine Seal bathed in the divine light of the two Divine Vein rings. Now, its strength was completely different from before, the contrast like night and day.

Aside from Divine Energy, the most significant difference between Sovereign Emperors and Sovereign Personages was that Sovereign Emperors could infuse their Divine Seal into their Dao Domains.

With the Divine Seal infused into the Dao Domain, it would be like the Dao Domains gained flesh and soul, possessing a completely different level of might.

Even now, Xiao Chen possessed the Soul Energy of a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Even if his cultivation were weak, at the very least, he could use his Dao Domain to clash with a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor without fear.

Of course, it was not over yet. He still had one-third of the divine nature flame left.

This final one-third was also the essence of that ancient Demonic Sovereign, the essence of a True God expert’s divine nature flame.

Whether Xiao Chen could succeed in breaking through or not depended on this.

After another three days, the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture above Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy Sea under his dantian suddenly erupted with golden light.

The dragons turned into beams of divine light, charged out of the Divine Energy Sea, and crashed into each other.

As a Sovereign Emperor, Xiao Chen’s physical body was already extraordinary, having undergone a rebirth. The body now had Divine Veins just waiting to be opened. Once they were opened, Divine Energy could smoothly circulate in them without any obstructions.

The Divine Energy would no longer be controlled by the meridians but the even stronger Divine Veins.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ten thousand beams of divine light continuously charged forward, and Xiao Chen’s bottleneck slowly loosened.

After entering Heaven Outside of Heaven for over a year, Xiao Chen had been making preparations. If there were no surprises, he would definitely open one Divine Vein within three years.

Now that he had this divine nature flame, his cultivation had also received a stimulus when his Soul Energy soared.

Such feedback was like how, when one’s physical body healed, one would become spirited as well. The soul’s increased strength would feedback into the physical body. One’s mind, spirit, and energy were one, after all; they affected each other.

Using this opportunity, Xiao Chen frantically charged at his bottleneck. This time, he felt victory was at hand. He possessed strong confidence.

He tried again and again, failing many times. He endured great pain with each failure.

However, Xiao Chen did not care. He believed that as long as he persisted and never gave up, there would be results.


After failing countless times, he heard an explosion in his Divine Energy Sea.

It felt like a door opened in his physical body.

One Divine Vein opened from the dantian to the heart, to the forehead, then to the Soul Pool, connecting to the Divine Seal.

Good things came in pairs. As Xiao Chen was feeling somewhat dazzled, his Soul Energy made another breakthrough.

Another ring of light appeared around the Azure Dragon Divine Seal, and his Soul Energy reached the level of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, revealing not pleasant surprise but confusion.

Breaking through to 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor made sense. After all, he had spent more than one year in preparation. Furthermore, he cultivated two powerful Cultivation Techniques, the Ten Thousand Dragons Art and the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. Even without the divine nature flame, breaking through would have just been a matter of time.

What confused Xiao Chen was the rapid growth of his Soul Energy. In a mere seven days, it had reached the level of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Xiao Chen had made incredible progress.

In reality, he had somewhat underestimated the divine nature flame. This was the divine nature flame of an ancient Demonic Sovereign—a True God.

How could it be as simple as Xiao Chen thought?

However, the real reason lay in his body. Due to the Thunder Cliff Tree, a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King that he consumed and refined in the Faux God World, he had built up terrifying accumulations.

Plenty of Medicinal Energy remained unactivated in Xiao Chen’s body. The Thunder Cliff Tree was a natural treasure that tempted even Faux Gods, after all.

The benefits that the Thunder Cliff Tree brought far surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations. Furthermore, his Soul Energy accumulations were quite solid as well.

All this resulted in that horrifying increase in Soul Energy. If it were any other person, their Soul Energy and cultivation would increase by only one vein even after refining the entire divine nature flame.

If it were a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor absorbing and refining it, the effects would be significantly reduced. It might not even have brought about a breakthrough.

“This is somewhat terrifying. I need to firm it up properly.”

Xiao Chen could not understand why his Soul Energy was improving so quickly, even after calmly analyzing it. He felt that this might not be a good thing.

If it were another person, that person would be in wild joy.

However, Xiao Chen had his own plans. How could he only target advancing beyond 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor? He set his sights much higher.

Xiao Chen held the entire Great Thousand Realms as his rival, which meant all the experts of the Martial Epoch. He was no longer the same Xiao Chen as before.

He leaped off the Ice Fire Lotus Platform and stretched his body. He felt that he could kick up horrifying waves in his Divine Energy Sea with a thought.

The surging Divine Energy flowed through his Divine Vein and gathered in his palm.

Even more mystically, this Divine Energy already contained his Dao Domain and Soul Energy without him needing to will it so.

That one Divine Vein linked the Divine Energy, Divine Seal, and physical body together. Only now did Xiao Chen truly enter the realm of Sovereign Emperor.


Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt a sharpness turning into a vast, overwhelming aura pressing over from the side.

He turned around and looked. That overwhelming aura immediately became like mud falling into the sea before him, vanishing into thin air.

Lin Feng made his breakthrough at this moment, successfully advancing to 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

When Lin Feng opened his eyes, he happened to meet Xiao Chen’s gaze. He immediately felt an enormous pressure; the feeling from his soul was like he was shorter than the other party.

What’s going on?

His cultivation is the same as mine. Why do I feel such intense pressure from him?

Shock flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes. After thinking about it for a long time, he could not figure it out.

“You broke through?” Xiao Chen asked softly after walking over.

Lin Feng nodded. He stared at Xiao Chen for quite some time before saying, “You seem…different.” 

Xiao Chen neither acknowledged nor denied this. His Soul Energy had reached the level of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Even without him intentionally doing anything, Lin Feng would still feel a pressure.

This was similar to when Xiao Chen faced Luohou Wang. Despite the other party not doing anything, Xiao Chen had still felt a pressure when standing behind him unless the other party intentionally withdrew and hid his Soul Energy.

However, doing that would be tiring. It would be like a fat person sucking in his stomach to pretend to be thin.

Reaching a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor’s level of Soul Energy was still somewhat preposterous. Xiao Chen did not intend to tell Lin Feng about it. He merely nodded and said, “Yes, the divine nature flame is much more extraordinary than I imagined.”

Lin Feng felt like he understood. So, that’s the case. He then said, “That is natural. It is from an ancient Demonic Sovereign, after all, a bona fide True God. Congratulations.”

Xiao Chen nodded, strong confidence shining in his eyes. “It looks like our deductions were right. The Underworld God Guards did indeed have another target and could not spare the effort to deal with us. However, with our current strength, even if we walk out openly, we won’t have to worry about them surrounding us.”


After greatly improving their strength, the two felt very confident in charging out of the Final Blood Battlefield.

Just at this moment, a flash of fiery scarlet light appeared before them; the Demon Blood Vulture had returned.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly as he looked at Lin Feng. “The Demon Blood Vulture said that it sensed the Underworld God Guards fighting with someone in the distance. It seems like the fight is very intense.”

Lin Feng immediately felt interested. He said coldly, “Let’s go and take a look. The Underworld God Guards’ enemy is our friend.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

In reality, the two wanted to teach the Underworld God Guards a lesson. After getting chased by them for more than one month, reduced to sorry states and trapped in the Final Blood Battlefield, how could Xiao Chen and Lin Feng let them off, given the two’s characters?

If there was a chance, they would definitely make a move to regain their face.

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