IMDC - Chapter 2199 (Raw 2306): Living in a Dream

Breaking the sky with one drop of water!

Qingyan Shangren used his 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation to drive the thousands of years of sect accumulations. Using the thirty-thousand-kilometer-tall peak under his feet as a sword, he shot hundreds of sword lights at Xiao Chen. This made the mountains, the rivers, the sun, and the moon lose color. If one of these sword lights struck Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen would fall.

However, Xiao Chen could slow down these sword lights by driving his Primal Chaos Divine Energy and bringing out the Taiji force field.

Before the powerful sword lights, Xiao Chen’s counterattack looked as insignificant as dust.

Xiao Chen just flicked out a drop of water, a drop of rain, a drop of sweat containing the Fiendish Saber inheritance.

The blazing sun tortured it for three thousand three hundred thirty-three years, the strong wind blew at it for three thousand three hundred thirty-three years, and lightning struck it for three thousand three hundred thirty-three years. 

Even after nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years of lightning, strong wind, and blazing sun, the droplet’s heart never changed.

What is a Fiend?

As lonely as me, passing ten thousand years hanging high in the sky alone.

What is a Fiend?

Just like me, filled with pride. Even heaven cannot contain my heart!

This was the Fiendish Saber inheritance’s second move, using one drop of water to break the firmament.

This one drop of water seemed insignificant. If one did not look carefully, one might not even discover it. However, if one discovered it, one would never forget it. It appeared ordinary and special at the same time. It was a Fiend.

“It’s a drop of water!”

“What is he doing by flicking out a drop of water?”

“It clearly is just a drop of water. Why do I have chills, and my legs stopped listening to me? Damn it! What happened?!”

“Damn it! What exactly happened?”

When they saw this drop of water, the Elders did not pay it much heed at first. However, they soon could not look away, and their legs stopped obeying them.

This felt startling, fiendishly strange!

Qingyan Shangren was stupefied. This droplet that Xiao Chen flicked out completely surpassed his understanding.

Although Qingyan Shangren was a Sovereign Emperor, his ken was limited. He had never heard of the Fiendish Saber’s name or seen this Martial Technique before.

Qingyan Shangren only knew that this droplet was extraordinary. However, he had no idea how to deal with it immediately.

It was not just for now; given his experience, even if he had all the time in the world, he would not be able to come up with a solution.

If not for Qingyan Shangren holding a geographical advantage and draining the sincerity accumulated from sect disciples for thousands of years, he could not have suppressed Xiao Chen earlier.

“I don’t believe that this insignificant droplet can do anything!” Qingyan Shangren shouted coldly and moved his hand towards the three sticks of incense burning on the incense burner. With a gentle swipe, the sect accumulations, which were running low, immediately emptied out.

With the sect’s accumulations driving its formations, the Heavenly Cloud Mountain’s main peak immediately became covered in sword lights. After all the sect formations activated, the light surged and came to life. It merged with the surrounding peaks and rivers becoming one and looking like a sword.

“Is there a point?”

Xiao Chen remained expressionless, appearing cold and showing no emotion.

That droplet approached, getting nearer in the eyes of the Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples. It silently pierced through many peaks and layers of sword screens, heading towards a pond in the sect.

Qingyan Shangren watched as the droplet pierced through the tall peaks and broke through the sword screens. However, nothing happened. Hence, he could not help laughing, “A false front. I nearly—”


Before Qingyan Shangren could finish, that droplet landed in the pond. “Boom!” The entire blessed land, not just the part where the Azure Smoke Pavilion was, exploded.

“No!” Qingyan Shangren roared hoarsely with a shocked expression. The foundations of the entire Azure Smoke Pavilion, built over several thousand years, were demolished, eliminated entirely.

However, the storm did not stop at that. The sea then started exploding, and spiritual water spurted out. Seven-colored lights spread out like fireworks.

These were the peak Spirit Veins that maintained the blessed land. They were all destroyed, as well. Everything that Qingyan Shangren could see was all wrecked.

Qingyan Shangren could only watch as the saber intent that the droplet gave off brought disaster to everything.

A drop of rain could destroy the firmament!

That droplet in the painting could have swept through the entire Ink Sea, destroying everything.

This killing move already surpassed human understanding. It could only be described as fiendish.

Xiao Chen stood upright with his hands behind his back and walked forward slowly. With every step, the broken mountains and rivers recovered. It was like time flowed backward. By the time he arrived before Qingyan Shangren, the entire blessed land had regained its original appearance.

“You… How ruthless! Even if I am in the wrong, just kill me alone. What sin did my tens of thousands of Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples commit? To think you killed all of them. You wrecked the several-thousand-year foundation of my sect.” 

Qingyan Shangren showed great grief, looking very haggard. Practically all of the killing intent that erupted out of that droplet had fallen on him.

That Inferior Grade Soul Tool incense burner had shattered.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “I did not kill them.”

“Old Ancestor!”

Many figures descended from the sky, showing confused expressions. They clearly were at a loss, not knowing what happened.

Xiao Chen intentionally controlled most of the saber intent from that droplet to land on the Azure Smoke Pavilion’s formations and Qingyan Shangren.

The instant the saber intent exploded, it knocked everyone else into the air. When they landed, they saw this scene.

These people did not know that their sect had been destroyed, and the entire blessed land was gone. Everything had happened too quickly.


Qingyan Shangren looked over and saw that the hair of all these sect disciples was now white. They also had wrinkles on their faces, having aged significantly.

This sight immediately rendered Qingyan Shangren speechless. Previously, he only thought of defeating Xiao Chen by drawing from the sect accumulations and had overdrawn on the sect disciples’ lifeforce.

If Qingyan Shangren had not done that, he would not have gained any advantage over Xiao Chen despite having opened a Divine Vein and using the sect’s foundations. He would have shown an opening after one strike; how could he have suppressed Xiao Chen?

“Old Ancestor, are you alright?”

The sect disciples did not understand what happened. However, they were all concerned about Qingyan Shangren’s injuries.

Only Luo Yun and the other Sovereign Personages understood. However, they did not know what to say. As they looked at Xiao Chen, who was coldly watching Qingyan Shangren, they became filled with horror, feeling very nervous.


Just as the sect disciples noticed Qingyan Shangren’s injuries, they suddenly heard a melodious saber hum. A saber light flickered, flashing briefly and appearing piercing and dazzling.

“What are you thinking of doing? If you dare to hurt the Old Ancestor, we will fight you to the death!”

As a Sovereign Emperor, Qingyan Shangren was a god-like existence to the Azure Smoke disciples.

This was especially so after the past two years when Qingyan Shangren led the Azure Smoke Pavilion to dominate this Ink Sea. All the sect disciples regarded him with extreme reverence, giving him great prestige.

When Xiao Chen drew his saber, these disciples all became flustered, shielding Qingyan Shangren.

“Move away!”

Qingyan Shangren knew Xiao Chen’s strength. These people would just be like paper before Xiao Chen, not of any threat at all.

“We are not moving!”

“I told you to move!” Qingyan Shangren roared furiously, pushing away all these disciples. Many figures immediately went flying like sandbags.

Xiao Chen held the Tyrant Saber and slowly approached. When he arrived before Qingyan Shangren, he raised his saber.

Luo Yun and the Elders instantly felt very nervous, under tremendous pressure.

In the end, Luo Yun could not bear it. He drummed up his courage and said while trembling, “Senior, just tell us what you want. Our Azure Smoke Pavilion will do as you say. Is it because of the Nine Cauldron Pavilion? We can hand over the profits we gained from the past two years. Just spare Martial Uncle’s life.”

This major character that ruled and dominated the Ink Sea showed so much fear now, feeling completely helpless.

Xiao Chen ignored Luo Yun. He only looked at Qingyan Shangren and said, “It is not easy to become a Sovereign Emperor in the Ink Sea. This was your opportunity; you should not have been cowardly. So what if you came from the Ink Sea? You managed to become a Sovereign Emperor in this tiny Ink Sea. What’s wrong with going to the Central Great Realm to make your mark?

“The path of a cultivator should be trodden with courage, never fearing difficulty. You just need to keep moving forward. However, you came to a standstill, just wanting to rule unchallenged in the Ink Sea and beat down the other sects, monopolizing all the resources of the Ink Sea. Today, I, the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen, will chop off one of your arms to punish you for bullying the Nine Cauldron Pavilion. Watch your conduct properly in the future.”

Xiao Chen swung his saber down, then sheathed it. After he chopped off Qingyan Shangren’s right arm, Qingyan Shangren cried out in agony. Saber intent lingered in the wound. This saber intent would remain there for a long time; even a Sovereign Emperor could not recover from it.

Xiao Chen refrained from killing the other party to preserve the balance in the Ink Sea. He also did so out of consideration for the Azure Smoke Pavilion disciples.

If Qingyan Shangren died, Xiao Chen could imagine that the sects they suppressed over the past two years would take revenge and kill off these disciples to vent their hatred, not leaving any survivors.

However, the most important reason was still to preserve the balance, allowing the various factions of the Ink Sea to catch a breather.

Even if a Sovereign Emperor lost an arm, he would still be much stronger than a regular false Emperor. However, he would be nowhere near his peak. Furthermore, with the sect grounds destroyed, the Azure Smoke Pavilion could only lay low for a long time.

Even if the Azure Smoke Pavilion rose again in the future, they would be fearful of the Nine Cauldron Pavilion, not daring to bargain.

This was the way to maximize the Heavenly Alliance’s benefits. Only then could the mission come to a perfect conclusion.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, turning into a purple light and disappearing.

“Boom!” When Xiao Chen left, his aura also dispersed. The entire blessed land broke and tore apart like a painting, restored to reality.


“The sect is gone!”

The disciples all felt stupefied and dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

Sect Master Luo Yun and the Sovereign Personage Elders already knew about this much earlier. The instant they were blown away, the entire sect grounds—no, the entire blessed land—was destroyed. 

When Xiao Chen’s aura dispersed, all the destruction returned. That sense of helplessness left a sour feeling in everyone’s heart.

If possible, it would be better to live in the painting, living in Xiao Chen’s aura.

At the very least, the sect would still exist. Even though they knew it was fake, it would be better than this rubble—this inspired pain and despair.

“We should have been content with just ruling this small area in the past few years. Dominating this Ink Sea was truly living like a dream… After waking up from this dream, only then did we know that this Ink Sea was never ours in the first place.” 

Luo Yun smiled bitterly and sighed softly. Now, he appeared very haggard.

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