RHE: Chapter 2028: The Nine Cauldrons of the Divine Land!

"If there's some problem, I, Lord Zhangchou, and the generals in the army will take the responsibility. There's no need for you to worry," Wang Chong indifferently said.

"This…" After some hesitation, Zhang Que resolved himself and firmly replied, "Yes!"

Time and time again, Wang Chong had used his intelligence to prove the correctness of his plans and his farsighted gaze.

If Wang Chong wanted to engage in large-scale production of ballistae, he undoubtedly had a reason for it, and there was undoubtedly a danger so great that it required going to such great lengths.

All Zhang Que could do was support Wang Chong to the utmost.

"Your Highness, I will go and mobilize the Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain teams to ensure that this news is kept secret," Zhang Que added after some thought.


Wang Chong nodded.

Zhang Que quickly departed, leaving Wang Chong alone in the hall with his thoughts.

A man of grand aspirations could not worry about minor details. There were too many obstacles in the Imperial Court, but what had truly hardened Wang Chong's resolve and made him discard all restraint were the dragon pearl An Yaluoshan had gifted to the 'Sage Emperor' at the Pavilion of Petal and Sepal, and the appearance of Genesis Supreme.

The country verged on destruction, and the disaster had already appeared. Extraordinary daring and skills were needed to protect the land and its people. Shrinking back would ultimately result in nothing getting done.

With the calamity imminent, Wang Chong needed ways to protect the people, and making the production of ballistae more efficient was an important step in this.

One last thing is left! Wang Chong quietly said to himself.


Wang Chong half-closed his eyes, and several thousand li away, Wang Chong's other consciousness awoke.


A roar resounded across the northwest. Several hundred li to the north of Wushang Village, deep in the mountains, a massive figure rose from the earth. The steely fur covering it and its savage white fangs revealed what this massive creature was.

The King Ape!

After defeating Khatabah and killing the High Priest, Wang Chong had gained ownership over the King Ape.

The King Ape was much stronger than the Behemoth from Talas, as was Wang Chong's control over Psychic Energy.

Thus, after the war was over, this peak Great General ape, possessing dense flesh, impressive defensive powers, and strength approaching the Subtle realm had survived.

But such a massive beast appearing in the interior would easily panic the people, so Wang Chong had moved it to the mountains, far from humanity, to be used when it was needed.

The King Ape was still extremely powerful, and it had been extremely helpful in the war. From a certain perspective, Wang Chong had already refined it into one of his clones.

But Wang Chong had summoned his giant ape clone for another matter!


The earth trembled under the ape's roar. The King Ape lowered its body, and then shot upward like a cannonball, jumping over the mountains.

The giant ape navigated the mountains at incredible speed.

To the King Ape, even these mighty mountains were rather small.

A few moments later…


In a gust of wind, the King Ape landed in front of a giant foundry.

The foundry was about the size of a small city, channels running along the ground and smoke boiling into the air. The sounds of hammering and the hissing of molten metal came from all around, and the foundry was protected on all sides by armored soldiers.

Each person had their own duty and position!

If the members of the smithing clans had been present, they would have undoubtedly been astonished, as this foundry was incredibly well-hidden, with no indication of its existence on the maps.

In other words, this foundry did not exist to the common people.

The people in the foundry were surprisingly calm despite the descent of the giant ape, continuing to work as if it had never appeared.

As a group of patrolling soldiers passed by, they lowered their heads in a slight bow to the ape before continuing onward.


The giant ape roared, a mental ripple spreading out from it.

"Is it done?"

It was Wang Chong's voice!

"Your Highness, all the inscriptions have already been inscribed!

"The formation's inner parts are also complete. In total, there were one hundred and twenty nine thousand, eight hundred formations. It is incredibly sturdy, and Your Highness can use it without worry!

"Everything Your Highness has requested is complete!"

In the center of the foundry was a heroic and valiant general holding a long spear who bowed at this moment.

He had been transferred here without any sort of notice.

But he did not question, did not ponder!

To serve Wang Chong was an immense honor for every general in the army


The general gave an order, upon which everyone began to step away. The dark smoke was thick at the center of the foundry, and one could faintly see a crevice that was one thousand feet in length. There seemed to be something inside, but it was obscured by the soil.


The Behemoth roared and jumped next to the long crevice. Its thick fingers plunged into the earth and pulled.

There was a massive boom as dirt rocketed into the air. A moment later, a giant metal cudgel one thousand feet in length broke through the earth to rest in the Behemoth's grip.


The King Ape shook its hand and then swung, instantly causing the air for several thousand feet to surge and shriek.

The King Ape's body was very similar to a human's, but it had had no suitable weapon for its immense strength, so it could not exhibit its full power. If it had a proper weapon, the King Ape could be strong enough to directly suppress Subtle realm experts.

Wang Chong had ordered a division of soldiers to forge a weapon specifically for the King Ape.

This giant metal cudgel was made entirely from Deep Sea Xuan Metal, and its internal structure contained more than one hundred and twenty thousand formations, making it extremely sturdy. It was the perfect complement to the Behemoth's strength.

But Wang Chong had not created this weapon purely to increase the Behemoth's strength. There was one other important matter.

"It's about ready!"

'Wang Chong' swung the weapon, finding it as easy to move as an extension of his body. He gave a slight nod and then gestured at the soldiers to back away.


The King Ape leaped into the air, swiftly leaving the giant foundry behind it.

Green hills flew past at an incredible pace, and after about an hour, the King Ape arrived at another set of mountains.

The mountains here were even steeper than those around Wushang Village, and even martial artists would find it difficult to traverse this region.

The King Ape's eyes swept across the surroundings and quickly settled on a green mountain.

This should be the place, Wang Chong commented to himself, his eyes turning pensive.

'Wang Chong' had appeared here not because of anything to do with the King Ape, but because of a treasure he remembered.

When the calamity arrived, Wang Chong, an ordinary person, was suddenly appointed as Supreme Marshal of the realm. In the early stages of the fight against the otherworldly invaders, humanity suffered devastating losses, many soldiers being annihilated. But later on, as the earth began to crumble, a treasure of the Central Plains hidden under the earth was exposed, and this treasure finally altered the situation on the battlefield.

This treasure was one of the Nine Cauldrons of the Divine Land!

In that battle, when the humans noticed the appearance of one of the Nine Cauldrons, they rushed toward it, and at great price, they finally managed to seize that bronze cauldron.

As the Supreme Marshal of the realm, Wang Chong had naturally been given this cauldron.

Through various tests, Wang Chong found that this cauldron had various special abilities. Through special formations, the power in the cauldron could be guided into the bodies of soldiers.

And this energy was vital to resisting the otherworldly invaders.

Wang Chong went to great lengths to find the way to use this energy, and he developed a special force that was specifically meant for dealing with the otherworldly invaders.

This force was much more efficient than any other force when it came to killing otherworldly invaders.

Alas, he had been given too little time to research the cauldron. By the time he was able to exert its full power, his forces were already out of supplies and at the end of their tether. In the end, the otherworldly invaders surged in and brought a complete end to the world.

Wang Chong had gathered together all the elites of the world to research the cauldron, and they determined that there was not just one. And based on their research, they concluded that this cauldron was likely to be one of the legendary Nine Cauldrons of the Divine Land.

The legends said that Emperor Yu the Great had forged the cauldrons through some secret method and hidden them in various places, under the sea, in the mountains, underground… They were used to suppress the earth energies of the Central Plains.

However, the elites of the world concluded that though Yu the Great was connected to the Nine Cauldrons, these cauldrons predated him. Yu the Great had not been the one to forge them. It was possible that he had simply obtained them from somewhere and then hidden them.

From what they could tell, each cauldron was hidden in a special place. Carelessly digging them up could shift the energy flow of the Central Plains and cause a major upheaval.

Thus, even though Wang Chong knew about this treasure, he had not gone to dig it up after he reincarnated.

These things could not be touched unless it was absolutely necessary.

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