IMDC: Chapter 2111 (Raw 2216): Seeking a Battle

Inside Secret Realm 97:

Xiao Chen opened his Heavenly Eye and looked around. The scenes within five hundred thousand kilometers immediately entered his vision.

Gong Liangyu!

Xiao Chen saw this person clearly. Gong Liangyu looked elegant and refined in dark-azure clothes embroidered with gold thread, appearing noble and extraordinary.

A massacre, a one-sided slaughter.

After Gong Liangyu pursued the other participants who tried to flee, he defeated them in at most three moves.

Was that too exaggerated?

Not at all. It was just that when one’s strength reached a certain level, one possessed a suppressive advantage.

It was just like how other Small Perfection Sovereign Personages would definitely die within ten moves against the current Xiao Chen. He could even crush regular Great Perfection Sovereign Personages.

This was merely a change in positions. This Gong Liangyu just stood at a much higher place among Sovereign Personages than Xiao Chen.

Gong Liangyu was not a simple Peak Sovereign Personage. The combat prowess he displayed far surpassed that of other Peak Sovereign Personages.

Even if Qiong Ying brought out his full strength, he might not last more than ten moves.

Cultivation was just one of the criteria for measuring a cultivator’s strength. Even within the same cultivation grade, there would be a world’s difference in strength.

Xiao Chen watched as a participant got slaughtered. While he checked his mental state, he considered countermeasures at the same time.

While observing with his Heavenly Eye, he noticed that those who ran faster, died faster.

Gong Liangyu’s Movement Technique appeared eerie. He would always be faster than the other party, catching up to them before mercilessly killing them.

“What Movement Technique is that? His speed is somewhat terrifying.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He had a feeling that it would not be good to go up against Gong Liangyu. Being in the range of this Gong Liangyu’s massacre inspired despair.

If Xiao Chen faced any of the other top ten participants, the situation might be better.

“I give up on fleeing! I’ll fight it out with him!”

Through the Heavenly Eye, Xiao Chen saw someone roaring in defiance after realizing that he could not flee and gathering ten-odd people to charge at Gong Liangyu.

They should have done that long ago. Instead of fleeing, they might as well make a desperate counterattack.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

When desperate, the potential one could burst out with could scare even oneself.

The ten-odd Sovereign Personages had nowhere to flee, so they turned around and charged at Gong Liangyu.

Various killing moves, mysterious phenomena, and boundless Dao Might appeared in Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Eye. These attacks should have sealed off all paths of escape for Gong Liangyu.

However, as Gong Liangyu faced the ten-odd killing moves from all directions, he merely stretched out his right hand without showing any emotion on his face.

Xiao Chen saw Gong Liangyu’s hand for the first time. It was as fair as white jade, even more beautiful than a woman’s hand.


The various killing moves neared their target. The sky changed color from the ten-odd Sovereign Personages’ desperate counterattack.

Various mysterious phenomena surged out endlessly. These attacks represented the peak strikes of these participants.

At this point, they could no longer hold back.

If it were Xiao Chen facing these attacks, he would retreat temporarily. There was no need to clash head-on with desperate killing moves.

Those attacking participants only sought to force Gong Liangyu back and not victory.

As long as they could force him back, they could flee.

However, Gong Liangyu remained expressionless as he spread the fingers on his jade-white hand and grabbed ferociously.

Something strange happened. The many mysterious phenomena in the sky fell like meteors. The weapons of many people also dropped to the ground.

The world spun, and the killing moves of many people lost their target, landing on the ground.

The space seemed to turn incredibly heavy. Gong Liangyu broke the boundless killing moves at this moment.

Earth Great Dao, this is a Dao Domain.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. He thought to himself, These people are all going to die.

The ten-odd Sovereign Personages paled in fright. Then, they turned to run. However, they were horrified to discover that their feets seemed to sink into mud despite being in the sky. They already pushed their Movement Techniques to the limits, but they appeared to swim slowly in the sky like clowns.

Gong Liangyu’s expression remained emotionless as he flicked his finger.

Dense black sword Qi tore through the sky as sword intent formed around a powerful sword move. Everywhere it passed, it instantly killed all the participants.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

It sounded like torrential rain pouring down. Those were the Faux God Spirit Jades continuously falling.

Gong Liangyu waved his hand and collected all the Faux God Spirit Jades in the air. His expression was still calm, as though he had only done something insignificant.

Xiao Chen dismissed his Heavenly Eye. Then, he closed his eyes and rested for a while before opening them again.

Leaving is out of the question. The faster I flee, the more likely Gong Liangyu will target me.

He grasps the Earth Great Dao and a strange Movement Technique. There is no hope of escape if he targets me.

Xiao Chen called out the little light figure and took a look at his ranking. It had already reached one hundred and thirtieth.

If this ranking list could understand what it meant, it would feel shocked, like Xiao Chen.

There’s no point in thinking so much. Since I can’t leave, I’ll just go all out against him.

I have more than six hundred thousand Faux God Spirit Jades. He cannot possibly let me off, as it would affect his final ranking.


Xiao Chen stabbed the Tyrant Saber into the ground and sat down cross-legged beside it. Then, he closed his eyes and adjusted his mental state. At the same time, he continuously used the copy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture in his mind to store up power.

He no longer thought about the Heavenly Alliance’s test.

Now, he only wished to fight with his full power against an expert like Gong Liangyu, not leaving behind any regrets.

Victory or defeat did not matter. As long as he did not lose in ten moves, it would be fine. If he could not bring out his strength before getting eliminated, it would be such a disappointment.

Xiao Chen only sought a hearty battle, to not leave regrets behind.


Yun Fei appeared among the crowd on the Desolate City’s Starry Heavens Dao Platform. He appeared slightly pale. In the end, after he made it into the top hundred with much difficulty, he ran into one of the top ten rankers in Secret Realm 98.

That person had not even given him a chance to execute the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords, instantly eliminating him.

“Second Brother, over here.”

It was Lei Hao’s voice. Yun Fei looked in the voice’s direction and saw Lei Hao waving at him from not far away.

“You were eliminated as well?” Yun Fei asked Lei Hao after walking over. Now, he could not help feeling even more depressed and self-reproachful.

The two of us got eliminated. It is over. None of the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s followers passed the first stage.

Lei Hao consoled Yun Fei, “Don’t blame yourself. This Heavenly Alliance’s test is too ridiculous this time. It is good that you came out alive. Furthermore, there is still the loser’s arena. Don’t be too sad.”

The loser’s arena?

The loser’s arena battles were even crueler. More than ten thousand people fought in a battle royal in each loser’s arena during the previous tests. Then, those that remained would undergo another battle royal. During this round, it would probably be one million people fighting for one hundred slots.

One should stop at just thoughts. A battle royal had too high a requirement on strength and luck.

“How’s Little Brother Xiao Chen? How come I don’t see him?”

Yun Fei looked around and could not find Xiao Chen on the Dao Platform.

Hence, he felt somewhat worried. Several people had died in this Heavenly Alliance’s test.

Lei Hao pointed to a light screen and said seriously, “Look there! Little Brother is gaining glory for Master. Even Lord Shangguan is full of praise for him. I heard that Little Brother grasped Martial and Soul as One and even defeated a Peak Sovereign Personage. Ten days ago, he made it into the top two hundred.”

Yun Fei was stunned on hearing that. He had exchanged moves with Xiao Chen before. Even though he knew that Xiao Chen had held back some trump cards, he believed that Xiao Chen should not be able to defeat him even after using them.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen was so full of life and even grasped Martial and Soul as One.

Lei Hao sighed, “Unfortunately, he is in Gong Liangyu’s territory. He will likely end up like us, entering the loser’s arena.

“Is this Gong Liangyu very strong?”

“He is very strong, of the same level as that Wu Meng in the secret realm I was in. He advanced to Peak Sovereign Personage two hundred years ago. He even grasps the Earth Dao. Things are not looking good for Little Brother Xiao Chen.”

Lei Hao genuinely hoped that Xiao Chen could defeat Gong Liangyu. However, reality told him that this was simply too difficult.

Gong Liangyu had reached the limits of Peak Sovereign Personage in every aspect. He had even attained a Dao Domain. Based on the mysterious Movement Technique he executed, he clearly had many chance encounters and possessed great Luck.

“It looks like he has targeted Xiao Chen.” Yun Fei’s expression changed slightly as he saw an azure figure approaching from a distance on the light screen for Secret Realm 97.

All the eliminated participants on Desolate City’s Dao Platform immediately focused their attention on the light screen for Secret Realm 97.

Even the many Sovereign Emperors stopped chatting at this moment and watched with focused expressions.

After all, Xiao Chen came as the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor’s follower; he represented the Desolate City test zone. No matter what, they all hoped that Xiao Chen would have a good result.

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