Chapter 1922

 Chapter 1922 (Raw 2023): Xiao Jinyu’s Hatred
 Xiao Chen coldly watched the Blood Dragon Guards bring Zhang Yunxuan away. He only thought in his heart, Serves him right!
 Zhang Yunxuan repeatedly sought trouble for Xiao Chen. If this were outside, he would not have gotten off so easily.
 The disciples who accompanied Zhang Yunxuan startled to their senses after being stupefied. Then, they quickly ran up to stop the Blood Dragon Guards.
 “Blood Dragon Guards, you got it wrong! Him! Him! Him! Xiao Chen is the one causing trouble. Our senior brother was only blocking him. You need to take a clear look at the situation,” Zhang Yunxuan’s upset companions insisted, pointing at Xiao Chen.
 “It is not your place to interfere when the Blood Dragon Guards are working. Scram!”
 The leader of these Blood Dragon Guards lost his patience. A scarlet flame immediately blazed in both his eyes, and he attacked directly.
 The palm strike he launched contained vast Veritable Essence Energy and Dragon Might as it surged out.
 This attack immediately scattered Zhang Yunxuan’s companions. Then, the leader of these Blood Dragon Guards shouted coldly, “If you still don’t scram, we will arrest you, as well. You are pretty bold to dare to obstruct the Blood Dragon Guards in the performance of our duty.”
 Seeing the fierce appearance of the Blood Dragon Guards, Zhang Yunxuan’s companions cowered and did not dare to say anything more.
 Zhang Yunxuan’s group’s bullying the faint-hearted and fearing the stouthearted got exposed.
 Many disciples were watching around the peak. When they saw this scene, they could not help laughing loudly.
 These core disciples who followed Zhang Yunxuan were normally very arrogant and despotic. However, because he had Yi Qianyun as a backer, no one dared to do anything to them.
 Despite getting bullied, the disciples could only put up with them.
 Now that Zhang Yunxuan was arrested by the Blood Dragon Guards, these disciples were incredibly delighted.
 As for Xiao Chen, the observers were clear on who was in the right and who was in the wrong.
 Regardless of the rumors, at the very least, Xiao Chen never used his core disciple identity to suppress other disciples or try to snatch away the cultivation resources of other disciples. He did not have any conflicts whatsoever with these people.
 Everyone could clearly see this and could differentiate right and wrong for themselves.
 At the very least, no one stepped forward to speak up for Zhang Yunxuan. Furthermore, no one stepped forward to censure or cause trouble for Xiao Chen.
 Of course, Zhang Yunxuan’s group was the exception.
 Even when the Blood Dragon Guards were far away, Zhang Yunxuan’s followers only dared to complain angrily but not take action. They vented their frustrations on Xiao Chen. “Just you wait. Senior Brother Yi already broke through to middle-stage Holy Venerate. He will definitely seek justice for Senior Brother Zhang.”
 However, when Xiao Chen looked up and appeared like he would attack, they quickly fled.
 They simply did not dare to linger and give Xiao Chen a chance to attack.
 “You all run rather fast.”
 Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart, dismissing these dancing clowns.
 Then, he called out the Demon Blood Vulture and flew straight back to his residence.
 Zhang Yunxuan’s followers ran over to Yi Qianyun’s residence in a fluster. Even before they arrived, they already started shouting, “Senior Brother Yi! Senior Brother Yi! Something major happened!”
 Yi Qianyun, who had been in closed-door cultivation, frowned slightly. When these people arrived, he shouted sullenly, “Speak properly. Don’t act like you lost your souls.”
 “Yes, yes.”
 “Senior Brother Yi, Xiao Chen beat up Senior Brother Zhang outside the Mission Hall again!”
 Yi Qianyun immediately became enraged. This Xiao Chen is truly going against me. Doesn’t he know that Zhang Yunxuan is my man?
 Xiao Chen repeatedly does not give me face, humiliating Zhang Yunxuan in front of everyone. How am I going to establish my prestige among the core disciples in the future?
 Wait, something’s wrong.
 Yi Qianyun stood up and remembered. Shouldn’t Xiao Chen be in detention right now?
 Yi Qianyun had forgotten about Xiao Chen long ago. At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen had broken sect rules and was detained. He would likely miss the heaven-class core disciple selection.
 If Xiao Chen could not become a heaven-class core disciple, he was as good as crippled, no longer a threat to Yi Qianyun.
 Why did he suddenly appear?
 Yi Qianyun ordered coldly, “Speak, what’s going on? Tell me everything you saw in detail. Tell me everything.”
 “Senior Brother Yi, this is what happened…”
 After Yi Qianyun heard their report, his expression turned grave. He thought hard and soon had a rough idea.
 Since the Blood Dragon Guards ignored Xiao Chen, it meant that Xiao Chen being in detention was just a cover story.
 This was rather normal. A talent with potential, like Xiao Chen, would always have major characters appreciating them.
 “Senior Brother, what should we do now?”
 Yi Qianyun replied coldly, “Stop causing trouble during this period. When I become a heaven-class core disciple, his good days will end. Now, scram.”
 With an unquiet state of mind, how could Yi Qianyun be bothered to think about Zhang Yunxuan’s fate?
 Now that a major character thought highly of Xiao Chen, the threat Xiao Chen posed to Yi Qianyun was several times stronger.
 After the group left, Yi Qianyun said, “I have to visit Elder Yun. There is only one heaven-class core disciple slot. Nothing must go wrong.”
 At the same time, Qin Yan, Xiao Jinyu, Fang Tianyu, and the other strong core disciples with deep accumulations—the ones who managed to gain the tutelage of a heaven-class elder—also received news of Xiao Chen returning to the Heavenly Dragon Palace with a strong show of force.
 Back then, these disciples of large clans had become core disciples together with Xiao Chen after passing three stages of a test.
 As Xiao Chen was a mixed-blood dragon, they had not cared about him at first. Now, they had to pay attention to him.
 However, these people were confident in their strength. In the short period they had been in the Heavenly Dragon Palace, they had put their accumulations to good use, and with an excellent master, they had improved rapidly.
 These people did not believe that they would lose to others. All of them had strong self-confidence, as Yi Qianyun did.
 Everyone believed that they would definitely become a heaven-class core disciple.
 However, there was only one heaven-class core disciple slot.
 At Xiao Jinyu’s residence:
 Clouds covered the sky and a strong wind blew. A sword intent dyed the surrounding five thousand kilometers like it was frost.
 A white mist veiled the surrounding mountains, looking like snow.
 However, when one looked carefully, one would discover that it was not white mist, frost, or snow but sword intent.
 It was the sword, an extremely pure sword intent. It moved with a thought, turning into frost and icing the tall mountains and lakes.
 A strong wind howled. If one listened carefully, one could hear armored horses and weapons clashing. The sky shook and raged. That was the sound of the Sword Dao.
 Inside the residence’s courtyard, pear blossoms fell, blanketing the place. Xiao Jinyu slowly descended, spiraling down from the air.
 Xiao Jinyu’s heart and sword were still. The pear blossoms flew into the air and gathered. By the time he landed, they had formed a pear blossom grave.
 Xiao Jinyu stabbed the sword in his hand into the ground by one centimeter. The sword buzzed endlessly, the sword intent like a powerful storm.
 However, that pear blossom grave did not move at all as if it was a true grave.
 “Xiao Chen!” Xiao Jinyu snorted coldly, and the image of the white-robed Xiao Chen appeared before him.
 In the past month, Xiao Jinyu had cultivated bitterly, Elder Tian Yun’s words echoing endlessly in his head.
 However, if you really lose to him, I will be too embarrassed. You will no longer be able to mix around in the Heavenly Dragon Palace.
 The echoing words grew increasingly louder. Xiao Jinyu could not help roaring to the sky in fury.
 “Dang! Dang! Dang!”
 The sword stabbed in front of the pear blossom grave shattered, bursting out with a horrifying sword intent.
 The sword shards stabbed into the surrounding peaks, chopping those peaks in half.
 Xiao Jinyu said coldly, “Xiao Chen, there can only be one of us in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Only I can become a heaven-class core disciple. You are not worthy!”
 A strong hatred caused Xiao Jinyu’s sword Qi to surge endlessly. As his heart raged, the sword Qi stormed and howled.
 Elder Tian Yun suddenly appeared in the residence and softly praised Xiao Jinyu, “Not bad.”
 Xiao Jinyun’s expression flickered. An intractable hatred flashed in his eyes as he bowed his head and said, “Master.”
 “Only with emotion can you burst out. However strong your hatred is, just bring it all out. I know about your ambitions. Your heart does not lie in this Heavenly Dragon Palace but the even greater Ancestor Dragon City. However, if you cannot even take the first step and fall to Xiao Chen, your entire life is over,” Elder Tian Yun said coldly, his face blank.
 “Disciple does not dare to. No matter my accomplishments in the future, I do not dare to forget about my gratitude to Master.”
 “Humph! What do I want your gratitude for? If you can become a heaven-class core disciple, then enter Ancestor Dragon City, the Dragon’s Gate upper echelon will reward me. Just remember not to make me lose face. So what, if you manage to get into a high position in the future? What does it have to do with me? This old man has lived long enough. Right now, I just want to fight for the present, not the future.”
 Elder Tian Yun continued seriously, “You must ruthlessly defeat Xiao Chen. Otherwise, I will personally chase you out of the Heavenly Dragon Palace.”
 Xiao Jinyu’s expression distorted slightly. Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen again!
 Why do you feel that I am definitely not comparable to Xiao Chen?
 He is just an insignificant, mixed-blood dragon, yet you use him to provoke me repeatedly. How hateful!
 When Xiao Jinyu saw Elder Tian Yun’s clear distrust of him, his hatred for Xiao Chen and Elder Tian Yun deepened.
 “Prepare well. There is still one more month. Your Sword Great Dao must break through!” Then, Elder Tian Yun waved his hand and disappeared.

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