Chapter 1920

 Chapter 1920 (Raw 2021): Extra Reward
 With the resource node recovered, the mission formally came to an end.
 The surviving five all gained pretty good rewards. Just the mission reward was already twenty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills each.
 This was a large sum even for the core disciples for the Six Colored Divine Dragons’ outer palaces.
 After leaving Flame Dragon City, Xiao Chen, Wei Hongfei, Murong Yan, and the other two felt like this matter had taken a lifetime to complete.
 Before coming, no one expected that one mission could trigger so many chain reactions.
 Two of their kinsmen left their families forever, dying during the mission.
 The group also did not expect Xiao Chen to burst out with such horrifying strength, underestimating him and considering him a burden.
 “Xiao Chen, it looks like in the competition between the seven outer palaces, you will be a strong competitor,” Wei Hongfei, who was dressed in golden dragon robes, said seriously as he looked at Xiao Chen.
 The competition between the seven outer palaces was for the heaven-class core disciples of each outer palace to fight for the qualifications to enter Ancestor Dragon City.
 Nearly all of them believed that with Xiao Chen’s strength, his position as a heaven-class core disciple was guaranteed.
 “However, your cultivation is too low. All the heaven-class core disciples from the various outer palaces have extremely horrifying strength. The Heavenly Dragon Palace is no exception. They would rather go without a heaven-class core disciple than have a substandard one. In the end, your time in the Heavenly Dragon Palace is still too short.”
 Wei Hongfei did not blindly flatter Xiao Chen. Instead, he continued objectively, “It should not be difficult for you to become a heaven-class core disciple. However, it is still too hard for you to obtain the qualifications to enter Ancestor Dragon City.”
 Actually, these words were true. The strength that Xiao Chen displayed was far from sufficient to enter Ancestor Dragon City.
 However, what Xiao Chen showed this time was potential, one that would make a person’s eyes light up.
 Xiao Chen nodded, indicating his understanding. He was not arrogant to the point of thinking that his current self could sweep through the core disciples of all seven outer palaces. As for how he would fare against the heaven-class core disciples, that would be even harder to say.
 Just Wei Hongfei already felt like a tough challenge; he was very strong.
 “I hope to see you at the competition between the seven outer palaces. It is not easy to become a heaven-class core disciple in the Golden Dragon Palace,” Xiao Chen replied softly.
 Wei Hongfei smiled, confidence written on his face. “You will definitely see me. Goodbye.”
 The five took their leave of each other. Soon, only Xiao Chen and Murong Yan remained. Murong Yan said, “That fellow’s words are true. If we want to enter Ancestor Dragon City, we will all have to work hard. Goodbye for now. In the future, remember to come and visit me at the Red Dragon Palace. Just report my name when you are there. Hehe!”
 After patting Xiao Chen’s shoulder, Murong Yan soared into the air.
 The path ahead was endless. Xiao Chen still needed to put in a lot of effort.
 He was still a long way from entering Ancestor Dragon City. Right now, what he wanted to do was claim the rewards for these four missions.
 Killing Demonic Venerate Mu Yun was worth ten thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills. The Blazing Sun Berserk Ape was worth eight thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills. Killing the Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits was worth twelve thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills. Finally, snatching back the resource node was worth twenty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills.
 The rewards from these four missions were worth fifty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills—just barely enough for Xiao Chen’s needs.
 They were worth all the effort he had put into the missions and the risk to his life.
 This was especially so for the fourth mission. In hindsight, Xiao Chen felt that he was lucky. The two kinsmen that died were rather unlucky.
 Aside from the mission rewards, Xiao Chen also obtained the crystal that contained the wealth that the Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits collected over the years, Qin Aotian’s Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit, and Demonic Venerate Mu Yun’s storage ring.
 There was also the mysterious brocade box that General Feng had given.
 This trip out had garnered a bountiful harvest for Xiao Chen.
 There was no need to think about what to do after returning. He had to break through to late-stage Star Venerate and practice the Supreme Dragon Fist. He also had to further improve Firmament’s Rage.
 With resources in hand, Xiao Chen was confident of doing anything.
 “What exactly did General Feng give me? Should I open it now? Perhaps I should wait until I return to the Heavenly Dragon Palace. I should check out the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit first.”
 Xiao Chen took out the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit. With a thought, he put it on.
 He recalled that when the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit activated, many strands of Dragon Qi revolved around it. The patterns on the battle suit had glowed.
 In the end, Xiao Chen was somewhat embarrassed to discover that he could not activate the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit.
 It looked like only Dragon Race cultivators with the Golden Dragon bloodline could activate the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit.
 “Could this be a Dao Tool specific to a clan’s inheritance?”
 Xiao Chen pondered this and concluded that it was possible.
 If that was the case, then the requirements might be even stricter. Perhaps only the people of the Golden Dragon bloodline’s Qin Clan could use the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit.
 Had Xiao Chen known, he would have just taken away those rings of various attributes.
 However, Xiao Chen also thought about how this inherited Dao Tool was extremely precious. There had definitely been experts guarding Qin Aotian in secret. So, Xiao Chen could not have remained for long. Hence, he had left immediately after taking the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit.
 Based on today, it looked like he had lost out.
 Xiao Chen shook this head. Then, he put away the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit. He planned to find an opportunity to sell it off after he returned.
 Then, he considered the crystal that he obtained from the Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits.
 The crystal was cuboid and covered in patterns. It had a Dao hidden within it. If he was not careful, it might end up exploding.
 Xiao Chen was not an expert in refining tools or formations. He frowned slightly, at a loss as to how to unlock the crystal.
 “The Heavenly Dragon Palace is equal to a peak Rank 6 sect. There should be experts in these skills. I should go and seek out the Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master Li.”
 Xiao Chen did not worry about the crystal. He would definitely find a way after returning to the Heavenly Dragon Palace.
 After seven days, traveling at full speed, Xiao Chen finally reached the Heavenly Dragon Palace.
 Out of the two months Xiao Chen had, he had taken about forty days to complete the four missions.
 He still had another twenty days to prepare to compete for a heaven-class core disciple slot.
 That was sufficient.
 “I should go to the Law Enforcement Hall first.”
 Xiao Chen’s figure flashed in the vast and boundless Heavenly Dragon City, turning into a beam of electric light.
 After fifteen minutes, he arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall. After reporting his name, he quickly got a reply.
 Vice Hall Master Li personally came out to receive Xiao Chen, a wide smile on his face. “Little Brother Xiao! Hahaha! This old man knew that you would definitely return in time. Not bad, you returned even earlier than I expected.
 After walking over, Vice Hall Master Li asked in a soft voice, “Are the missions completed?”
 After all, Xiao Chen had to complete four Rank 1 missions in such a short time. Vice Hall Master Li also felt anxious for him.
 “If you have not completed them, I can help you figure something out. You don’t have to worry about the sect’s punishment.”
 Vice Hall Master Li was very straightforward. Since he thought highly of Xiao Chen, as long as Xiao Chen said something, he would deal with the problem for him.
 Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Thank you, Big Brother Li. Naturally, the missions were perfectly completed. With the rewards from these missions, the heaven-class core disciple slot will definitely be mine.”
 When Vice Hall Master Li heard that, he was slightly stunned. Then, he burst into praise. “You truly are a person this old man thinks highly of. Come, I will go to the Mission Hall with you. This old man has disliked that dog-shit administrator for a long time already. Now, I can show him that this old man’s judgment is absolutely right.”
 “I have the same thought, as well.”
 Xiao Chen smiled faintly and used the secret passageway to go to the Mission Hall under Vice Hall Master Li’s lead.
 When the Mission Hall’s administrator saw Xiao Chen and Vice Hall Master Li, his eyes lit up. He smiled and asked, “Isn’t this core disciple Xiao Chen? Why are you back so early? Have you finished the missions? Vice Hall Master Li, it is not that I am not giving you face, but if he fails the mission, he will need to receive punishment. This is very normal. The more failures, the heavier the punishment. Even I cannot change the sect rules.”
 The Mission Hall’s administrator had a deep impression of Xiao Chen. Back then, Xiao Chen took four Rank 1 missions in one go, putting him in a spot for a while.
 Now that the Mission Hall’s administrator saw that Xiao Chen had returned early, with Vice Hall Master Li in tow, he believed that Xiao Chen failed the missions. By bringing Vice Hall Master Li, Xiao Chen was hoping to avoid punishment.
 The Mission Hall’s administrator smiled coldly. Who told you not to listen to my advice, making things difficult for me?
 Now, it is your turn to beg me.
 Xiao Chen and Vice Hall Master Li exchanged looks. Then, Vice Hall Master Li laughed and said, “Who told you that they are not completed? Listen up. All four Rank 1 missions have been completed. Xiao Chen even received the commendation of the Flame Dragon Legion’s general!”
 The Mission Hall’s administrator could not help his expression changing greatly. “That’s impossible. How could he possibly complete four Rank 1 missions in such a short time? Give me the mission cards and the proof of completion. It is absolutely impossible!”
 Xiao Chen calmly took out the heads of Demonic Venerate Mu Yun and the Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits, the Blazing Sun Berserk Ape’s Beast Core, and the mission card that General Feng signed off on.
 The completion of all the missions was proven.
 The Mission Hall’s administrator’s face turned somewhat unsightly. When he saw the commendation General Feng had for Xiao Chen in the last mission card, his expression turned even more unsightly in disbelief.
 Vice Hall Master Li felt incredibly delighted. He laughed and said, “Stop delaying. Quickly bring my brother’s rewards over. Wait, that’s not right. Completing four Rank 1 missions at the same time is something rare. No matter what, there should be some extra rewards, right?”
 “This… This does not conform with the rules, Vice Hall Master Li,” the Mission Hall’s administrator stammered.
 Vice Hall Master Li snorted coldly. “Just do what I told you. Don’t think that this old man does not know that after Rank 1 missions are completed, you lazy bums also receive rewards from the Dragon’s Gate. Just give him twenty percent more. Stop wasting time!”
 The Mission Hall’s administrator felt bitter in his heart. Now he knew why Vice Hall Master Li came personally.
 Vice Hall Master Li was not here to beg for mercy for Xiao Chen. The Mission Hall’s administrator had incurred the displeasure of Vice Hall Master Li by being narrow-minded last time.
 Vice Hall Master Li was here for revenge.
 The Blood Dragon Guards are a group of bastards, the Mission Hall’s administrator cursed in his heart, forced to do as told.

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