Chapter 1916

 Chapter 1916 (Raw 2017): Falling for a Scheme
 Aside from on the ground, there were also countless ghostly beasts in the air. Each ghostly beast had a Flood Dragon Human standing on it.
 The Flame Dragon Legion was surrounded on three sides. Besides the front, there was nowhere to flee to.
 However, the front had the Rakshasa Race.
 If there were no surprises, the Rakshasa Demon army was currently rushing over to complete the encirclement and seal off all paths of retreat.
 General Feng looked around, and his gaze landed on the summit of a tall mountain in the distance.
 A Rakshasa Demon with regular facial features and a gray bone spike on each of his shoulders stood there. Next to this Rakshasa Demon was a Flood Dragon Human with a scar on the face.
 General Feng’s eyes turned sullen. Then, he said coldly, “Wu Ting, what are you planning by getting a bunch of trash to surround my army?! Could it be that you want to rely on this group of worthless rebels to surround and kill my Flame Dragon Legion?”
 Indeed, while there were many cultivators surrounding the Flame Dragon Legion, they mostly had weak cultivation. Not to mention comparing with the Flame Dragon Legion, they were not even comparable to the Rakshasa Demons at the resource node.
 Many of these Flood Dragon Human cultivators were not even Minor Primal Core Venerates. Calling them trash was justified.
 While the Divine Dragon Empire had fewer people than the dynasties, everyone had the Dragon Race bloodline. Their starting points were higher. Those that could enter the Flame Dragon Legion were at least Major Primal Core Venerates, half of which were elites, Star Venerates.
 Although the Flame Dragon Legion was surrounded, General Feng did not evince any worry.
 The Rakshasa Demon on the tall mountain was the Sovereign Personage Wu Ting. The one beside him was the Flood Dragon Human cultivator Yan Cangming.
 Wu Ting smiled faintly. “You are right. I am planning to use these Flood Dragon Humans to deal with you today. This plan is called using dragons to counter dragons. If you feel that they are trash, then you should look at the armor they are wearing first before saying that again.”
 “It is Demonic Dragon Armor!”
 The expression of the adjutant by General Feng’s side changed drastically when he clearly saw the armor.
 Demonic Dragon Armor was personally refined by the Black Dragon King. Aside from a strong defense, it also had an extremely strong suppressive effect on Dragon Race cultivators. The armor could cancel most of the might of a Martial Technique containing the Dragon Race bloodline’s Veritable Essence Energy.
 Against this Demonic Dragon Armor, the Flame Dragon Legion cultivators’ cultivation advantage diminished greatly.
 With the Flood Dragon Humans’ numerical advantage, being several times more than the Flame Dragon Legion, the situation turned bad.
 “Hahaha! Not bad. You’ve got good eyes. Although these Demonic Dragon Armor are imitations, useless after one use, that is sufficient to destroy your Flame Dragon Legion. Now, charge!”
 Wu Ting laughed maniacally, and the one-hundred-thousand-strong Flood Dragon Human army charged over without any fear.
 I fell for their scheme!
 General Feng’s heart skipped a beat. The other party might have deliberately summoned Rakshasa Tian’s clone in advance and were just waiting for him to bring out the army. Someone had already schemed all this long ago.
 “General, what should we do?”
 General Feng’s face sank. He ordered coldly, “Charge. Charge out before the Rakshasa Demon army arrives.”
 It was simply not worth fighting with this group of Flood Dragon Humans.
 To General Feng, the Flood Dragon Humans were extremely despicable. It was not worth exchanging the lives of Dragon Race cultivators for the Flood Dragon Humans In any of the layers of the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld, the Flood Dragon Humans’ position was always the lowest.
 Furthermore, as General Feng was a Dragon Race cultivator, he was very biased against these descendants of traitors.
 The situation before him was also one of the reasons why General Feng made this judgment. There was no need to think about snatching back the resource node.
 As long as the Flame Dragon Legion could charge out of the encirclement before it closed, preserving the lives of most of the Flame Dragon Legion members, that would be very fortunate already.
 With a sullen face, General Feng led the Flame Dragon Legion in charging straight ahead.
 The Flood Dragon Humans let out excited cries, starting a frenzied chase. Flood Dragon Humans continuously harassed the Flame Dragon Legion on two sides, impeding the Flame Dragon Legion’s progress.
 Wei Hongfei sensed that something was wrong, but with the urgency of the situation, he could not figure out what was wrong.
 Relying on their high mobility, the members of the Flame Dragon Legion ran forward frantically, not fighting the Flood Dragon Humans. After a while, they finally left the three-sided encirclement of the Flood Dragon Humans behind.
 However, before the Flame Dragon Legion had the time to catch a breather, the ground suddenly sank. Before anyone could understand what happened, endless streams of lava spurted out.
 A trap!
 Someone had anticipated General Feng’s move. That person guessed that he would not clash with the Flood Dragon Humans.
 The ground exploded, and the horrifying lava of the Abyssal Underworld burst out, tearing up the Flame Dragon Legion’s troop formation.
 Countless Flame Dragon Legion cultivators instantly died miserable deaths. Their cries of pain rang out as one.
 Several war chariots exploded. There was no place for the cultivators in them to hide, a cruel sight to behold.
 Instantly, countless Dragon Race cultivators died or were injured.
 A chaotic battle started, and the Flood Dragon Humans from three directions charged in, taking the risk of being blasted by lava. They wanted to make sure that the Flame Dragon Legion does not regain its order, keeping the situation chaotic.
 What drove the Fire Dragon Legion deeper into despair was the rumbling that came from the front. It was the black-armored Rakshasa Demon leading the Rakshasa Demon army, blocking up the opening.
 “Old Brother Yan, your scheme is truly exquisite. Hahaha! I will definitely remember your contribution. After this is over, I will ask Rakshasa Tian to give you a piece of land as your tribe’s territory.”
 Wu Ting laughed maniacally, strangely excited as he looked at the Flame Dragon Legion’s predicament.
 The Flame Dragon Legion was incredibly strong and had inflicted a lot of suffering on the Rakshasa Demon army. Now that the Flame Dragon Legion had this day, Wu Ting felt delighted.
 “Many thanks.”
 Yan Cangming was expressionless. He had laid this scheme, and although it looked like it was about to succeed, he did not appear joyful.
 It was easy to figure out why. A significant portion of his subordinates would die in killing this Flame Dragon Legion.
 The Rakshasa Demons only needed to block the front. However, the Flood Dragon Humans had to jump into the lava and fight the Flame Dragon Legion.
 The difference in treatment was clear with one look.
 However, Yan Cangming did not show any dissatisfaction on his face, not revealing any of it at all.
 As the chaotic battle continued, blood spurted everywhere, and miserable cries rang out.
 Everyone killed to the point where their eyes turned red and they went berserk. The battle was utterly chaotic.
 The more chaotic this battle became, the more advantageous it was for the Flood Dragon Humans because the Flame Dragon Legion could not bring out its advantage in organization and teamwork at all.
 “Haha! You still want to defy heaven and change your fate? I will come and test you!”
 Seeing that no one could block General Feng from trying to reorganize his troops, Wu Ting laughed maniacally and charged over.
 The two Sovereign Personages fought, instantly creating a large empty space in the middle of the battlefield.
 The strong auras deterred everyone from getting close. Anyone who did would die.
 Yan Cangming looked around, and his gaze landed on Wei Hongfei. A cold, murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he said, “Golden Divine Dragon! All of the Six Colored Divine Dragons should die!”
 Yan Cangming’s figure flashed. He entered the battlefield and landed before Wei Hongfei.
 Wei Hongfei appeared slightly stunned. This Flood Dragon Human before him actually had a somewhat dangerous aura.
 Yan Cangming showed a disdainful smile. The scar on his face twitched, making his face look incredibly scary. “You seem to be injured. In that case, I will use only half of my strength. Come, let me see how strong a Golden Dragon is.”
 “You are seeking death!”
 Rage immediately flashed in Wei Hongfei’s eyes at the other party’s disdainful expression. To think that a Flood Dragon Human dared to look down on him.
 The Flood Dragon Humans were the lowest existence in the Abyssal Underworld, yet this one dared to mock the Golden Dragon Race, the strongest existence in the Divine Dragon Empire.
 In the end, the two exchanged a palm strike. Endless Demonic Qi surged out from Yan Cangming’s body. His demonic Dragon Might felt like a vast and boundless sea.
 After Yan Cangming used some force, Wei Hongfei vomited a mouthful of blood and got knocked back.
 “You don’t even have the strength to force out my bloodline power. It looks like you were truly severely injured before this. How unfortunate. There is no pleasure in killing you like this.”
 Wei Hongfei quickly retreated over the surface of the lava sea. As he looked at the other party’s armor, he entered deep thought.
 Aside from his injuries, the bigger reason for his loss was the Demonic Dragon Armor that the other party wore, neutralizing most of his strength.
 In the battlefield within the sea of lava, most of the Flame Dragon Legion cultivators were in similar situations as Wei Hongfei’s.
 The Dragon Race cultivators simply found the other side’s Demonic Dragon Armor hard to deal with.
 Even though the Flood Dragon Humans were insignificant Venerates, when they wore the imitation of the Black Dragon Armor that the Black Dragon King made, they became troublesome opponents.
 In the distant sky, the Demon Blood Vulture traveled through the clouds while carrying Xiao Chen and Murong Yan.
 Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s and Murong Yan’s expressions changed at the same time.
 A heavy bloody stench drifted through the clouds and spread over, causing the two’s expressions to turn grave.
 It was the scent of Dragon Race cultivators’ blood.
 Many Dragon Race cultivators had to have died for the smell of blood to pervade the clouds.
 Xiao Chen and Murong Yan sensed that something major had happened. Furthermore, it was something terrible.

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